"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Friday, April 22, 2005

Democrat’s John Bolton Confirmation Strategy: Clarence Thomas Redux.

Will Malven

To quote the late Burl Ives from Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: 
What's that smell in this room? Didn't you notice it, Brick? Didn't you notice the powerful and obnoxious odor of mendacity in this room?”


Senator Voinovich, by delaying the vote on John Bolton’s confirmation, has provided the Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee additional time to manufacture more “newly discovered” witnesses like this latest one, Melody Townsel, a Democrat Activist and member of Mothers Against Bush, who has a very questionable history at her job. 

Rich Lowry of National Review Online refers us to the following letter addressed to committee chairman Richard Lugar anent Ms. Townsels credibility from a co-worker, one Bharat Bhargava http://www.nationalreview.com/doc/BhargavaLetterRevised.doc .

In other words, Senator Voinovich is enabling a repeat of the unconscionable acts that ocurred in 1991 with the whole sale character assasination of Justice Clarence Thomas by the Democrats using the trumped up testimony of Anita Hill. 


For those of you who were too young to pay attention, or who don’t remember clearly, I’ll refresh you memories.  Clarence Thomas was nominated in 1991 by George H.W. Bush.  In the most disgraceful display of hatred, racism, and partisanship, the Democrats “discovered” a witness against Justice Thomas, who worked with Thomas in the Department of Education, and later at the EEOC. 

After leaking a confidential FBI report referring to allegations of sexual harassment by Anita Hill, she was summond to testify before the Senate confirmation hearings which were broadcast on television.  Although the veracity of her allegations, was very questionable (not only did she wait to bring the charges until ten years after the supposed events, but during that intervening time she followed him when he moved to the EEOC renewing their working relationship), Ms. Hill’s allegations were given credence by the Democrat lackeys in the MSM. 

These public allegations permanently damaged Justice Thomas’ professional and personal reputation.  He referred to the hearings as a “high-tech lynching of uppity blacks.”  He and his wife suffered intolerable pain by having to weather this storm of lies and hatred. 


I am forced to repeat; this is the modus operendi of the Left.  If the facts are against you— if you are faced with a man of honor—then disparage, insult, and slander. In spite of the fact that almost all of the women who worked for or with Justice Thomas supported his nomination and had witnessed no such improper behavior, his nomination was almost scuttled.

So now we find ourselves back in the same situation.  The Democrats hate President George W. Bush, and seek at every turn to obstruct and destroy his endeavors, not because he is wrong, but because the want power.  They seek to block his judicial appointments because, in addition to domination of Academia, they see an Activist Judiciary as their last, best, hope to retain power over the people of the United States of America.  They have been defeated in the Legislative Branch consistently since 1994, they have been defeated in the Executive Branch twice now in this new century. 

The Liberals are fully aware of the fact that their agenda, if given a fair hearing by the people, would wither and die on the vine.  They know that only through “back door legislation” via the unaccountable, appointed Judiciary, is there any chance of successfully pursuing their agenda.

One of the crown jewels in the Democrat agenda is the mysteriously discovered, judicially imposed, phantasmal right of a woman to kill her unborn child, lying undiscovered for a century and a half in the constitution.  This single issue is considered sufficient justification to destroy any person, any party, and any thing that stands in the way of its continuation.  Blocking President Bush is their current means of accomplishing this agenda.


In John Bolton, the president has nominated a brilliant, tough, statesman who will attempt to bring some order and reason into the floundering U.N.  The Democrats don’t dislike him because he is not qualified, or because he might be short tempered. The ugly truth is that they dislike him because he was appointed by President Bush.  That, my friends, is his only crime; that and the fact that he might make changes in the operations of the U.N. 

For the Democrats, the U.N. is the way of the future—a new “shining city on the hill—” a beacon of Secular Humanism, unencumbered by the concerns of Religion, morality, or nationalism.  It is a world where the Liberal dream of a new French Revolution (the Left love the French) will lead the poor, unwashed, unenlightened, ignorant, masses (that’s the rest of us) to a great Socialist Paradise.  

Liberals promise the dream of “a chicken in every pot, and a Lexus in every garage—”a world where excellence is penalized, where inspiration is discouraged, where any threat to universal equality is eliminated—in short, a world of the lowest common denominator.

The glasses of the Left must be tinted with an unusual rosiness; a shade that filters out the corruption, perversion, and criminality that permeate the U.N. culture.  The U.N. is a seething morass of corruption, in short, a bureaucrats dream.  Much like the civil service of most western governments, it is a refuge for incompetence. Uninspired, uncaring, people seemingly more interested in their careers, than in the people they are supposed to be serving.  It is an international employment agency for career bureaucrats, diplomats, and their relatives.  Nepotism is rampant and ineptitude is the rule. 

It is into this miasma that our new U.N. Ambassador will walk.  At a time in which America and Western Civilization itself is at risk from an amorphous, dedicated cadre of terrorists seeking destruction on a massive scale, let us hope that the man sent to represent America is a strong determined, competent, man capable of leading and cajolling our fellow nations in doing what is right and just, not what is popular with the yellow press. 

I hope that his primary qualification is not that he “works and plays well with others.”  I would rather it be “kicks butt and gets things done.”

The Republican Party and their Republican Senators must give no umbrage to their wavering, fearful brethern.  Senators like Voinovich, Chafee, Hagel, Snowe, and Collins must have their collective feet held to the fire.  This is not just a battle for political dominance within the colloquial environs of Congress; this is potentially a battle for our continued existence as a Nation, a Civilization, and a People. 

For the American people, failure of our foreign policy and security efforts could very well mean the death of thousands.  The time for concern about ones political reputation in the MSM is past.

Bolton has a long and distinguished history of performance.  He was the individual responsible for making the U.N. drop the anti-Zionism resolution. He is a perfect choice for America at this time.  The fact that Secretary Bolton (notice the title Secretary, he has been confirmed once before) doesn’t suffer fools and incompetents lightly is not, even remotely, sufficient reason to deny the President a vote in the full senate on Bolton’s appointment.

Republican Senators must remember the old saw, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”  Senators Voinovich, Chafee, Hagel:  DON’T BE FOOLS!  I can assure you you will regret it come election time. 

Men of principle excel, men of expedience fade into history’s mist of mediocrity.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bolton Vote Delayed: Are They Republicans or Are They Doormats?

Will Malven
04/19/ 2005

 I guess I should be used to it by now, but it amazes me just how naive (or is it just stupid?) our Republican Senators seem to be. They are still obsessed with not being criticized by the MSM.

Today in a great show of Republican solidarity, the Democrats won a delay on the Bolton appointment vote. Senator Voinovich proved to be the spoiler, by his absence from the hearings, and by giving too much credence to the questionable objections of the Democrats against this nominee, he felt that he was unprepared to vote for Bolton at this time.

It turns out that politeness to ones subordinates is one of the most important qualities of a United Nations Ambassador (at least as far as Senator Voinovich is concerned), not whether or not he will be a good advocate for the American Agenda. Senator Lugar strove valiantly to push a vote through. Every time the Democrats would bring up one of their objections, Senator Lugar would patiently, but with growing frustration, explain to them that he did not trust them to agree to end the hearings in any sort of timely fashion.

However, once it became clear that Senator Voinovich would vote against the nomination and the result would be a tie, Senator Allen asked the important question, does a tie kill the nomination, and if so wouldn't it be better to let Senator Voinovich get the time he needed to reassure himself on the nominee. At that point, Senator Lugar was forced to oblige his Democrat adversaries, and yield to them the time they needed to trump up more charges against this honorable man.

I must admit Senator Lugar, you impressed me. I have always thought you to be a bit wobbly, but you certainly did your stand up duty today. You have nothing but my sincerest respect and appreciation.

I have observed the behavior of the Senate, for a very long time, and the one thing that I know for sure, is that you don't get extra points from the Democrats for being nice to them. Much like our enemies abroad, the Democrats view compromise and comity as signs of weakness. When Democrats were in charge, they rode rough shod over the Republican minority, only tossing them an occasional bone to appease their loudest critics.

Even as the minority party, let me repeat that, THE MINORITY PARTY, (Gee, I love the sound of that.) they act and expect to be treated as they were when they were in the majority. They still don't recognize the legitimacy of the Republicans being in the majority.

The problem is that the Republicans appear to have played second fiddle for so long, they don't recognize their own legitimacy as leaders either.

Mind you, unlike the House of Representatives, the Republicans have held the majority on a number of occasions over the past fifty years, but they still have the mind set of a minority party. They worry too much about the press they are going to get.

Well let me clue you in guys, it will be negative. It always has been negative, and until the MSM changes (don't hold your breath) it always will be negative. So get over it!

Ronald Reagan succeeded because he didn't care what the press was saying about him; he had a vision of the America in which he believed, and that was what he presented to the world. The American people loved him for it. He won because of his beliefs, not because of his press.

George Bush has succeeded for the same reason, he doesn't care what the press says about him, he just does what his heart tells him to do.  The American people love a man of conviction. The American people also love a conservative, a courageous, un-apologetic conservative. It has been proven time and time again.

Senator Hagel is a man who I used to respect, but these days, cannot seem to make up his mind whether he is a Republican or a Democrat. He is, as I like to call them these days, a Repocrat. You know Repocrats, after years of watching them; you begin to wonder if they are more interested in doing that which is good for America, or in doing that which is most likely to be applauded by the MSM or polling data.

Among the unreliable "distinguished" colleagues are: Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and Lincoln Chafee, all of whom, coming from a more traditionally Liberal Republican Northeast, have better excuses for their questionable (as far as I am concerned) voting records than do some of the other spineless Repocrats.

John McCain is a conundrum. At times, he can be an amazingly effective Republican advocate, as in his magnificent speech at the Republican National Convention. At other times, John McCain is, well, all about John McCain. I believe that he is his own favorite hero and politician. His dedication to his own anointing became nauseatingly clear during the Republican primaries of 2000. His mentality is amazingly similar to your typical Democrat politician. He tends to be so sure of the rightness of his own opinion, that he will, on occasion, torpedo his own party's agenda out of spite. He is obviously a hot-head, and I personally do not want his hand near "the button."

The Right Honorable Chuck Hagel is a far more perplexing individual. I can remember when he used to be somewhat of a stalwart of the party. He used to be a man that conservatives could count on to stand up for what was right. In recent years however, I cannot recall a time that I could call him a strong Republican. It appears to me that when he went "whole hog" for McCain, and McCain went down to George Bush, something snapped in his brain, and he has allied himself with the other Repocrats. He is more likely to be seeking approval from the MSM, than from his own party.

Congressional Republican leaders do not have a sterling record of understanding their power.

First there was "Jumping Jim" Jeffords (kudos to you Rush); after carefully crafting a "shared responsibility" for leadership, the Republicans were quickly rewarded with a slap in the face by the Democrats when "Jumping Jim" made his move.

When Trent Lott was negotiating his shared leadership with the Democrats, all I could think of was the was how Congressman Livingston resigned as an example for Clinton, and the only result was that we lost a great conservative congressman. What is the point of leaving a clue for the permanently clueless?

Why would any thoughtful Republican negotiate with the Democrats? Why is it that Republicans can't learn from their mistakes? Haven't they had their faces rubbed in the mud enough for them to "get it?" As I have said before insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

Get this straight Republicans; you are the muscle bound guy on the beach, it is your obligation to kick sand in the faces of Democrats. I wish Republican Congressmen, in both Houses, get a bit of backbone, a bit of sanity, and quit laying down to be walked on by the Democrats.

Hey Guys! It's O.K. to be a winner once and a while.
Long Live Our American Republic!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Religion of UN: Dems. vs. Bolton

Will Malven

Watching the Senate hearings on Secretary Bolton's appointment as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. is almost more than this conservative can stand.

The "honorable" Democrat senators, Biden, Sarbanes, Dodd, Kerry, Feingold, Boxer, and Obama, missed no opportunity to bully, harass, insult, and distort the record of John Bolton.

Let there be no doubt as to who are the architects of the atmosphere of hatred, rudeness, and malevolence in those once "hollowed" halls.

That the U.N. is the source of all political wisdom is a basic tenet of the Left. That John Bolton has the temerity to challenge their beliefs is his heresy (well...that and his having been chosen by President Bush). When I heard "Babs" Boxer's three minute tape of a Bolton statement, and my first reaction was "Yes! That is the man for the job."

For those of us on the Right, the faults of the United Nations have been visible for more than forty years. This weakness should not be a surprise to anyone who knows even a little about American Political History and the Cold War.

The U.N. Charter was, to a large extent, the brainchild of Alger Hiss, a proven Soviet agent implanted high within the Roosevelt and Truman administrations. Hiss was outed by Whittaker Chambers, who was in turn immediately set upon by Hiss' Democrat defenders (typical of Liberals, they always are more interested in killing the messenger, than in ascertaining the facts).

Adlai Stevenson, whom Senator Obama mentioned during his questioning, vouched personally for Hiss. The senator touted the former ambassador as an example of a well moderated advocate for America's position during the Cuban Missile Crisis (as opposed to the anger that John Bolton has on occasion evinced).

As I recall it, Ambassador Stevenson was anything but composed when confronting the Soviet Ambassador with the photographic proof of the missiles in Cuba. I believe the line was shouted:

"Answer the question Mr. Ambassador. Don't wait for the translation. Answer the question!"

I am bowled over by his calm demeanor. As a matter of record, he was celebrated for his performance, and is a prime example of how a strong backbone in the American U.N. Ambassador is a good thing.

Since its inception and through the intervening years, the U.N has been to most lucid, objective observers, recognized as at best a marginally effective organization that, on rare occasions, pulls itself together to perform some useful function. By and large, however, it has long since devolved into a forum for American and Israeli bashing, and a political refuge for rogue states and terrorist nations.

For the "honorable" Senators' to imply that Ambassador Bolton's remarks regarding the U.N. reflect anything less that reality is nothing if not absurd.

A prime example of not just ineptitude, but true malevolence, is the child-rape that is being visited upon African nations by so called U.N. Peacekeepers. They are victimizing the very people that they are supposed to be protecting.


Are you so devoted to your "Religion of UN" that you are incapable of understanding the evil that exists within the U.N?  

Do you turn a blind eye so that you can go on with your criticism of Am. Butler's statements?

I can only assume that your Liberal political agenda is of more importance that the corrupted and destroyed lives of a few "unfortunate" children.

I can only assume that the Democrat agenda is so important that they will gladly excuse the abuses of the Oil for Food Scandal orchestrated by Saddam Hussein, and his French, Syrian, and Russian allies and their co-conspirators within the U.N.

Apparently, the fact that hundreds of thousands of children suffered malnutrition because of it and that America was accused of being the cause of this (mostly by those on the left) doesn't offend your sensibilities, but the fact that John Bolton criticized the UN, that, that offends you.

Your party’s dedication to humanitarianism and patriotism is blinding.

What is Secretary Bolton's sin?  Daring to say that there is no "United Nations,"  that, instead, there is an organization of sorts, but they remain essentially ineffective unless brought to life and led by the United States and (my personal favorite) that you could lop off the top ten floors of the U.N. buildings 38 floors, without hurting anything.

Never truer words have been spoken.

That, of course, is John Bolton's greatest sin, daring to tell the truth. Bolton dares to state that the "emperor has no clothes." That is what so offends these "defenders of liberty."

It must make you Democrats proud that your supporters have no sense of decorum and are willing to deny others their freedom of speech by invading the Senate hearings carrying banners and shouting inane slogans, in an attempt to disrupt the peoples business.

Of course, we are all aware of the Left's absolute devotion to freedom of speech. If you doubt me just ask Ann Coulter, or Pat Buchanan, or David Horowitz, or any of the other that have been physically attacked by these Liberal devotees of "freedom of speech."

What noble examples of brave patriots these liberal haters are.

There is no objectivity in the minds of the Democrats, no warmth in their hearts. These are not people who love their country beyond all other allegiances; they are apparatchiks of a Democrat Party whose sole aim is to obstruct, delay, interfere, and destroy, by any and all means, the policies and actions of the President of the United States and his administration.  They don't care how much damage they do to the Nation or to the American people.

Hear me people, the Democrats’ only concern is the re-attainment of power by any means fair or foul.

Throughout the 2004 Presidential election, these “compassionate” people touted every soldier's death and injury, they cheered every piece of bad news about jobs, they reveled in the myth of the bad economy, and they rooted for every economic data point to be negative.

I have genuinely begun to believe, that their greatest anger and regret about 9/11/2001 is not that it occurred, but that it occurred under President Bush's watch, not their own darling Bill Clinton's. Never have I heard a single positive statement about this nation, its President, or its policies from the Left, except when immediately followed by negative exceptions.

I generally don't hate anyone, I may hate their policies and their actions, but it is exceedingly rare that I feel genuine hatred for another human being. These self-aggrandizing, malicious, evil, hateful Democrats are really trying my Christian beliefs.

When I see Barbara Boxer, or John Kerry or Chris Dodd, or Joe Biden behave in the manner in which I witnessed in these hearings, I begin doubt that they care about anything but their Democrat Party and its agenda. Stalin would smile if observing their behavior.

I truly believe that their Polybian dreams lead them to press for the demise of the American government, with the expectation that they will be the benefactors of the resulting ochlocracy and restructuring of the political system into, with their help, a Marxist-Leninist dictatorship.

That is the true dream of the American Left, and if you don't believe this, then you are dangerously naive, and in deep denial. Remember that, in the Democrats' minds, only they are capable of making the wise and weighty decisions necessary to run your life. That left to your own devices, you would ruin your own life.

Not since the Judge Bork hearings have I witnessed such despicable performances. It has been too long since I last sat and watched these "gentlemen and lady" at their work. I wasn't aware that in the job description for U.S. Senator, that lying, insulting, browbeating, and grandstanding were among the qualifications.

The worst of it is that they think that we, the American people are stupid enough to buy into their transparent, overly saccharine, obeisance to Mr. Bolton's as a person and a professional, just prior to the famous "but."

There is an old saying, "everything after "but" is bull__t.

" "Secretary Bolton, I have the greatest of respect for you, but..."

"Mr. Secretary, I don't like to do this, but..."

"I want to be completely fair with you, but..."

Among them, they seem incapable of making a single true statement.

They have no "fairness" of mind, no objectivity, no willingness to listen. Their minds are closed and their decisions are made. They spend their research time, not in search of the facts as they exist, but for facts that they can bend to their will to support their already made decision.

Their agenda is obvious, and their "Patriotism" suspect at best.

Their only loyalty is to their party and its agenda. To them the truth is what they want it to be.

Yes, Yes, the "Religion of UN," truly frightening.


Hey Babs, Joe, I don't think so.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!