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--Joseph Stalin

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bolton Vote Delayed: Are They Republicans or Are They Doormats?

Will Malven
04/19/ 2005

 I guess I should be used to it by now, but it amazes me just how naive (or is it just stupid?) our Republican Senators seem to be. They are still obsessed with not being criticized by the MSM.

Today in a great show of Republican solidarity, the Democrats won a delay on the Bolton appointment vote. Senator Voinovich proved to be the spoiler, by his absence from the hearings, and by giving too much credence to the questionable objections of the Democrats against this nominee, he felt that he was unprepared to vote for Bolton at this time.

It turns out that politeness to ones subordinates is one of the most important qualities of a United Nations Ambassador (at least as far as Senator Voinovich is concerned), not whether or not he will be a good advocate for the American Agenda. Senator Lugar strove valiantly to push a vote through. Every time the Democrats would bring up one of their objections, Senator Lugar would patiently, but with growing frustration, explain to them that he did not trust them to agree to end the hearings in any sort of timely fashion.

However, once it became clear that Senator Voinovich would vote against the nomination and the result would be a tie, Senator Allen asked the important question, does a tie kill the nomination, and if so wouldn't it be better to let Senator Voinovich get the time he needed to reassure himself on the nominee. At that point, Senator Lugar was forced to oblige his Democrat adversaries, and yield to them the time they needed to trump up more charges against this honorable man.

I must admit Senator Lugar, you impressed me. I have always thought you to be a bit wobbly, but you certainly did your stand up duty today. You have nothing but my sincerest respect and appreciation.

I have observed the behavior of the Senate, for a very long time, and the one thing that I know for sure, is that you don't get extra points from the Democrats for being nice to them. Much like our enemies abroad, the Democrats view compromise and comity as signs of weakness. When Democrats were in charge, they rode rough shod over the Republican minority, only tossing them an occasional bone to appease their loudest critics.

Even as the minority party, let me repeat that, THE MINORITY PARTY, (Gee, I love the sound of that.) they act and expect to be treated as they were when they were in the majority. They still don't recognize the legitimacy of the Republicans being in the majority.

The problem is that the Republicans appear to have played second fiddle for so long, they don't recognize their own legitimacy as leaders either.

Mind you, unlike the House of Representatives, the Republicans have held the majority on a number of occasions over the past fifty years, but they still have the mind set of a minority party. They worry too much about the press they are going to get.

Well let me clue you in guys, it will be negative. It always has been negative, and until the MSM changes (don't hold your breath) it always will be negative. So get over it!

Ronald Reagan succeeded because he didn't care what the press was saying about him; he had a vision of the America in which he believed, and that was what he presented to the world. The American people loved him for it. He won because of his beliefs, not because of his press.

George Bush has succeeded for the same reason, he doesn't care what the press says about him, he just does what his heart tells him to do.  The American people love a man of conviction. The American people also love a conservative, a courageous, un-apologetic conservative. It has been proven time and time again.

Senator Hagel is a man who I used to respect, but these days, cannot seem to make up his mind whether he is a Republican or a Democrat. He is, as I like to call them these days, a Repocrat. You know Repocrats, after years of watching them; you begin to wonder if they are more interested in doing that which is good for America, or in doing that which is most likely to be applauded by the MSM or polling data.

Among the unreliable "distinguished" colleagues are: Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and Lincoln Chafee, all of whom, coming from a more traditionally Liberal Republican Northeast, have better excuses for their questionable (as far as I am concerned) voting records than do some of the other spineless Repocrats.

John McCain is a conundrum. At times, he can be an amazingly effective Republican advocate, as in his magnificent speech at the Republican National Convention. At other times, John McCain is, well, all about John McCain. I believe that he is his own favorite hero and politician. His dedication to his own anointing became nauseatingly clear during the Republican primaries of 2000. His mentality is amazingly similar to your typical Democrat politician. He tends to be so sure of the rightness of his own opinion, that he will, on occasion, torpedo his own party's agenda out of spite. He is obviously a hot-head, and I personally do not want his hand near "the button."

The Right Honorable Chuck Hagel is a far more perplexing individual. I can remember when he used to be somewhat of a stalwart of the party. He used to be a man that conservatives could count on to stand up for what was right. In recent years however, I cannot recall a time that I could call him a strong Republican. It appears to me that when he went "whole hog" for McCain, and McCain went down to George Bush, something snapped in his brain, and he has allied himself with the other Repocrats. He is more likely to be seeking approval from the MSM, than from his own party.

Congressional Republican leaders do not have a sterling record of understanding their power.

First there was "Jumping Jim" Jeffords (kudos to you Rush); after carefully crafting a "shared responsibility" for leadership, the Republicans were quickly rewarded with a slap in the face by the Democrats when "Jumping Jim" made his move.

When Trent Lott was negotiating his shared leadership with the Democrats, all I could think of was the was how Congressman Livingston resigned as an example for Clinton, and the only result was that we lost a great conservative congressman. What is the point of leaving a clue for the permanently clueless?

Why would any thoughtful Republican negotiate with the Democrats? Why is it that Republicans can't learn from their mistakes? Haven't they had their faces rubbed in the mud enough for them to "get it?" As I have said before insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

Get this straight Republicans; you are the muscle bound guy on the beach, it is your obligation to kick sand in the faces of Democrats. I wish Republican Congressmen, in both Houses, get a bit of backbone, a bit of sanity, and quit laying down to be walked on by the Democrats.

Hey Guys! It's O.K. to be a winner once and a while.
Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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