"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Religion of UN: Dems. vs. Bolton

Will Malven

Watching the Senate hearings on Secretary Bolton's appointment as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. is almost more than this conservative can stand.

The "honorable" Democrat senators, Biden, Sarbanes, Dodd, Kerry, Feingold, Boxer, and Obama, missed no opportunity to bully, harass, insult, and distort the record of John Bolton.

Let there be no doubt as to who are the architects of the atmosphere of hatred, rudeness, and malevolence in those once "hollowed" halls.

That the U.N. is the source of all political wisdom is a basic tenet of the Left. That John Bolton has the temerity to challenge their beliefs is his heresy (well...that and his having been chosen by President Bush). When I heard "Babs" Boxer's three minute tape of a Bolton statement, and my first reaction was "Yes! That is the man for the job."

For those of us on the Right, the faults of the United Nations have been visible for more than forty years. This weakness should not be a surprise to anyone who knows even a little about American Political History and the Cold War.

The U.N. Charter was, to a large extent, the brainchild of Alger Hiss, a proven Soviet agent implanted high within the Roosevelt and Truman administrations. Hiss was outed by Whittaker Chambers, who was in turn immediately set upon by Hiss' Democrat defenders (typical of Liberals, they always are more interested in killing the messenger, than in ascertaining the facts).

Adlai Stevenson, whom Senator Obama mentioned during his questioning, vouched personally for Hiss. The senator touted the former ambassador as an example of a well moderated advocate for America's position during the Cuban Missile Crisis (as opposed to the anger that John Bolton has on occasion evinced).

As I recall it, Ambassador Stevenson was anything but composed when confronting the Soviet Ambassador with the photographic proof of the missiles in Cuba. I believe the line was shouted:

"Answer the question Mr. Ambassador. Don't wait for the translation. Answer the question!"

I am bowled over by his calm demeanor. As a matter of record, he was celebrated for his performance, and is a prime example of how a strong backbone in the American U.N. Ambassador is a good thing.

Since its inception and through the intervening years, the U.N has been to most lucid, objective observers, recognized as at best a marginally effective organization that, on rare occasions, pulls itself together to perform some useful function. By and large, however, it has long since devolved into a forum for American and Israeli bashing, and a political refuge for rogue states and terrorist nations.

For the "honorable" Senators' to imply that Ambassador Bolton's remarks regarding the U.N. reflect anything less that reality is nothing if not absurd.

A prime example of not just ineptitude, but true malevolence, is the child-rape that is being visited upon African nations by so called U.N. Peacekeepers. They are victimizing the very people that they are supposed to be protecting.


Are you so devoted to your "Religion of UN" that you are incapable of understanding the evil that exists within the U.N?  

Do you turn a blind eye so that you can go on with your criticism of Am. Butler's statements?

I can only assume that your Liberal political agenda is of more importance that the corrupted and destroyed lives of a few "unfortunate" children.

I can only assume that the Democrat agenda is so important that they will gladly excuse the abuses of the Oil for Food Scandal orchestrated by Saddam Hussein, and his French, Syrian, and Russian allies and their co-conspirators within the U.N.

Apparently, the fact that hundreds of thousands of children suffered malnutrition because of it and that America was accused of being the cause of this (mostly by those on the left) doesn't offend your sensibilities, but the fact that John Bolton criticized the UN, that, that offends you.

Your party’s dedication to humanitarianism and patriotism is blinding.

What is Secretary Bolton's sin?  Daring to say that there is no "United Nations,"  that, instead, there is an organization of sorts, but they remain essentially ineffective unless brought to life and led by the United States and (my personal favorite) that you could lop off the top ten floors of the U.N. buildings 38 floors, without hurting anything.

Never truer words have been spoken.

That, of course, is John Bolton's greatest sin, daring to tell the truth. Bolton dares to state that the "emperor has no clothes." That is what so offends these "defenders of liberty."

It must make you Democrats proud that your supporters have no sense of decorum and are willing to deny others their freedom of speech by invading the Senate hearings carrying banners and shouting inane slogans, in an attempt to disrupt the peoples business.

Of course, we are all aware of the Left's absolute devotion to freedom of speech. If you doubt me just ask Ann Coulter, or Pat Buchanan, or David Horowitz, or any of the other that have been physically attacked by these Liberal devotees of "freedom of speech."

What noble examples of brave patriots these liberal haters are.

There is no objectivity in the minds of the Democrats, no warmth in their hearts. These are not people who love their country beyond all other allegiances; they are apparatchiks of a Democrat Party whose sole aim is to obstruct, delay, interfere, and destroy, by any and all means, the policies and actions of the President of the United States and his administration.  They don't care how much damage they do to the Nation or to the American people.

Hear me people, the Democrats’ only concern is the re-attainment of power by any means fair or foul.

Throughout the 2004 Presidential election, these “compassionate” people touted every soldier's death and injury, they cheered every piece of bad news about jobs, they reveled in the myth of the bad economy, and they rooted for every economic data point to be negative.

I have genuinely begun to believe, that their greatest anger and regret about 9/11/2001 is not that it occurred, but that it occurred under President Bush's watch, not their own darling Bill Clinton's. Never have I heard a single positive statement about this nation, its President, or its policies from the Left, except when immediately followed by negative exceptions.

I generally don't hate anyone, I may hate their policies and their actions, but it is exceedingly rare that I feel genuine hatred for another human being. These self-aggrandizing, malicious, evil, hateful Democrats are really trying my Christian beliefs.

When I see Barbara Boxer, or John Kerry or Chris Dodd, or Joe Biden behave in the manner in which I witnessed in these hearings, I begin doubt that they care about anything but their Democrat Party and its agenda. Stalin would smile if observing their behavior.

I truly believe that their Polybian dreams lead them to press for the demise of the American government, with the expectation that they will be the benefactors of the resulting ochlocracy and restructuring of the political system into, with their help, a Marxist-Leninist dictatorship.

That is the true dream of the American Left, and if you don't believe this, then you are dangerously naive, and in deep denial. Remember that, in the Democrats' minds, only they are capable of making the wise and weighty decisions necessary to run your life. That left to your own devices, you would ruin your own life.

Not since the Judge Bork hearings have I witnessed such despicable performances. It has been too long since I last sat and watched these "gentlemen and lady" at their work. I wasn't aware that in the job description for U.S. Senator, that lying, insulting, browbeating, and grandstanding were among the qualifications.

The worst of it is that they think that we, the American people are stupid enough to buy into their transparent, overly saccharine, obeisance to Mr. Bolton's as a person and a professional, just prior to the famous "but."

There is an old saying, "everything after "but" is bull__t.

" "Secretary Bolton, I have the greatest of respect for you, but..."

"Mr. Secretary, I don't like to do this, but..."

"I want to be completely fair with you, but..."

Among them, they seem incapable of making a single true statement.

They have no "fairness" of mind, no objectivity, no willingness to listen. Their minds are closed and their decisions are made. They spend their research time, not in search of the facts as they exist, but for facts that they can bend to their will to support their already made decision.

Their agenda is obvious, and their "Patriotism" suspect at best.

Their only loyalty is to their party and its agenda. To them the truth is what they want it to be.

Yes, Yes, the "Religion of UN," truly frightening.


Hey Babs, Joe, I don't think so.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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