"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Friday, June 10, 2005

The Democrat Danse Macabre: Slow Ritual Suicide

Will Malven

Did any of you witness the unmitigated hubris of the Democrat leadership during Thursday’s debate on Judge Pryor?  They simply have no shame.

They spent the bulk of their debate time, not on running down Judge Pryor, a nice change of pace for the character assassins, but in whining about the lack of Senate action on the “pressing issues” of the day.

The Democrats have spent the last four years blocking the circuit court judges that President Bush nominated.  Now they are whining that time is being spent on debating judges rather than working on high gasoline prices, accessible healthcare, solving social security’s problems (you know, the “non-existent” ones) and the other “pressing business” of the Senate. 

Patrick Leahy spent 90% of his time bemoaning the floor debates taking place over “these life-time appointees to $200 thousand a year jobs” while the average American is “suffering” with gasoline prices “nearly twice as high as when President Bush took office.”  He even had a graphic showing average gas prices at $1.45 when Bush took office and at $2.12 now…hmmm 2 X 1.45 = 2.90 . . . good math there, Senator.  Yep folks, that’s right, he stood there for his entire allotted twenty minutes babbling on about the Senate wasting time.

Before Leahy, it was Dick Durbin’s turn.  He too spent his entire allotted time whining about the Senate wasting time, as did Harry Reid.  Yes sir, the Democrats spent every single second of their allotted debate time . . . every single second . . . whining about wasting time on these debates. 

What I didn’t see, was anyone holding a gun up to their heads forcing them to filibuster these fine judges, forcing them to run their cake-holes for hours at a time; nope, they did that of their own volition.  These judges could have all been passed by a voice vote a couple of years ago, and then these selfsame Democrat Senators could be working their little hearts out doing the “people’s business.” 

All it would have required is for the whiners to cut the puppet strings controlling them from their handlers-P.F.A.W., MoveOnPac, C.B.C., Alliance for Justice, N.A.R.A.L., N.O.W., and the rest and vote to end the debate.  It probably wouldn’t take them twenty minutes to clear the entire slate of nominees.  Then, if their really serious about saving the people’s time, they could drop their opposition to the eminently qualified John Bolton’s nomination to the U.N. allowing him to be approved.

Bam! Just like that the Senate could “return to the people’s business.” suitably interfering with private industry, imposing additional taxes, spending more money on pork-barrel projects, and generally making a nuisance of themselves for the American people. 

I really have to admire the Democrat leadership for today’s strategy, it takes a lot of gumption to stand in the well of the Senate wasting time complaining about wasting time.  If it wasn’t so pitiful it would have been funny.

What we are seeing in the Democrat Party is its slow self destruction—suicide by “Chinese word torture.” 

Drip, “Republicans are evil,”
Drip, “Out of the mainstream judges,”
Drip, “universal healthcare,”
Drip, “stolen elections,”
Drip, “failed Iraq policy,”
Drip, “doom and gloom,”
Drip, “party of white Christians,”

It is the most amazing thing I’ve seen in forty years of watching politics. For them to be so vicious in their hatred of a well liked President, so intemperate in their actions against mainstream reasonable judicial and political appointees, so absent any message beyond “No!”, “Gimme!”, and “You stink!” is truly astounding.  Now we see their newest strategy, yelling “Impeach the President.”

Democrats seem to lack a basic understanding of what constitutes an impeachable offense.  They believe that simply because they dislike the policies of the President they ought to be able to impeach him.  The mantra is “you impeached Clinton for lying about sex; Bush lied to get us into a war for oil. Impeach him!  Impeach him!”

It’s like a Monty Python movie:  “She’s a witch! Burn her! Burn her!.”

Of course the problem with this argument is the complete absence of any impeachable offense, in fact the complete lack of any offense beyond their having a disagreement with the policies of the Bush administration.  I understand that Senator Kerry-Heinz has joined the loonies like John Conyers (What is it about liberals named John…Edwards, Kerry, Conyers, McCain?) in the impeachment movement.

Wait! What about the “secret Downing Street Memo?” 

“Yawn,” I merely say read it with your eye,s not with desires to see President Bush brought down.  There is no there, there.  No implications, no evidence, no “smoking gun,” nothing, nada, zip, de rien, zilch, not a thing. You can try to twist the words, but it just doesn’t say what the hyperventilating “impeach Bush” advocates wish it said. 

A simple search for “impeach Bush,” for those with a strong enough stomach, can be truly very amusing.  The pitiable excitement over each new announcement of a “smoking gun” is amazing.

It’s alright, these poor souls have so little to be excited about, let them have their moment of fun before reality breaks in on their revelry.  These are the irretrievably deluded conspiracy junkies who see a plot behind every (pardon the expression) Bush. Each word of every government document is carefully examined for signs of our government’s evil plots against the world or the people, or for hidden evidence of assassination.

This delusional behavior is certain evidence of the gradual decline of the Democrat party.  Absence of logical thought, lack of intelligent alternatives, lack of integrity, hatred of opponents, lack of self control, lack of sanity, death of ideals, death of the party.

Got your tin-foil hat?  Then you too can join the Democrat Party.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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