"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Friday, June 3, 2005

Democrats: Not Just the Party of No, Also the Party of “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!”

Will Malven

Well, there at it again.  The Democrats were in full voice at the “Take Back America” conference yesterday. 

What did they say?  Basically they said “gimme, gimme, gimme (well actually it was give you not give me).” The enthusiasm of the “poor us” Democrats in the audience was truly inspiring.  You could just feel the enthusiastic grasping and salivating as the speakers talked of opening up our pocket books for their largess.

“Lassie” (John Edwards) gave the keynote yesterday and all I can say is boy he sure is generous with our money.  The ten-millionaire couldn’t contain himself in speaking of how much of our tax money he was willing to spend on issues like universal healthcare, universal college education, universal unionization, and universal HDTV.  Well alright, I made that last one up, but just barely.  

Apparently, because they are incapable of convincing a plurality of voters to elect them on merit, they are simply going to attempt to buy their way into the White House.  Their goal is to bribe the American voter, with our tax money, by giving them more.  More what, you say?  More everything, more Pell grants, more Medicaid, more minimum wage, more teachers salaries, more NEA (arts), more, more, more, well, you get the picture.

For Democrats, entitlements are aptly named; they believe that they are “entitled” to your tax revenues.  They don’t believe in a meritocracy, they believe in an “entitletocracy.” 

If you are wealthy (oh yeah, and conservative), you are evil. You possess more than your “fair share,” and you didn’t “earn” it fairly, otherwise you wouldn’t have it.  If you earned it fairly, you would be a liberal actor or sports figure or newspaper owner (or a trial lawyer, eh Lassie?). 

Conservatives, in the Democrat mind, only believe in oppressing the indigent and “undeservedly” poor in order to maintain their wealth.  It’s not their fault that they are poor; it’s the wealthy conservative’s fault.  Since you obviously are rich by immoral means, you “owe” it to them to give them their fair share. 

Republicans only get rich by engaging in such nefarious acts as “capitalism,” or “free trading.”  Shame on you! You evil Republicans you should know better than to have such evil character traits as drive and ambition.  They can make you stand out from your more mundane Liberal peers. 

We all know that the only noble professions for the ambitious types are acting, law, and educating (indoctrinating young minds with socialist ideas). Oh yeah, and Liberal politics one mustn’t for get Liberal politics-giving other peoples money out to the “less fortunate.” 

To listen to them, you would think that Republicans were the ones who were in favor of killing millions of unborn babies each year.  We “prevent” them from getting a “living” wage, and want old people to die in poverty and misery.  For Democrats, we Republicans are either, all rich (and therefore evil), or deluded in our ignorance, or just not sufficiently informed as to what their message is.  It is inconceivable to them that you can be middle class, or “working class,” and believe in Republican ideals. 

I have liberal friends who consistently tell me that I am not rich enough to be a Republican.  They are completely incapable of understanding how someone who is not wealthy could possibly not want the government to give them assistance.  How could I possibly be well informed, and not want my “fair share” of someone else’s money?  How could I possibly believe in capitalism when I should know that I’m being oppressed by my wealthy masters? You see, in their eyes, I just don’t get it, I’m “voting against my own best interests.”  I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard that from the Liberal talking heads on the news-opinion shows. 

The Democrats have a great strategy for “taking back” the government from us evil Republicans.  Their going to do the same thing they’ve been doing for the last ten years, only more so; more telling us that we’re stupid, that we can’t make it without government assistance, more telling us that we are being oppressed by the evil capitalists, more telling us not to worry our little heads about anything, that they will take care of us, more telling us not to try too hard because it’s useless, more…well you get the idea. 

The really sad thing is that millions of our fellow citizens believe this clap-trap, and will continue to believe so.  The more the Democrats are successful in making us dependant on government assistance, the more control we are willing to give them over our lives.  Gee if we all would just listen to the Democrats and vote the way in which they want us, we could be just like France.

We too could have 35-hour work weeks, six weeks of vacation,  9.9% unemployment, a 20% VAT on all goods and services except food, medicine and transportation on which there is a 5,.5% VAT (remember a VAT is added at each stage of production in which value is added to a product).  Union led shut downs of public transportation every six months, farm union led shutdowns of the highways every six months, trucking union led shutdowns of the highways every six months. 

Gee, think what fun we could have.  I bet if we really tried, we could all learn to smell from not bathing as often and if we really, really tried we could learn to be rude to everyone. Hey, that could be the Democrats new campaign slogan; “This Time Vote Democrat, We’ll Make America Just Like France!”  OOH! It gives me goose bumps.  We could even elect John François Kerry-Heinz to the Presidency just like we should have last time (we could have had a four year head start).

Voulez vous Democrat?

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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