"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

The Extreme Left: They Hate Bush, They Hate America, and They Hate the American Citizens

Will Malven

It can be very educational for those of us on the right to spend some time visiting the extreme left-wing websites. This morning I spent an hour or so at one of the most extreme and the biggest (most popular) leftist blogsite on the internet, the daily KOS.

Spend time reading the "Looney Left" comments sections; you will see just how much hatred for President Bush and America is out there. You will also find the normal contempt the Left has for the American voter and citizen in general. In a discussion following the announcement by Pat Leahy that "Bolton will squeak by," what follows is a fair sampling of what passes for "reasoned" discussion on that website. I apologize for some of the language."
  1. "How do we tell the world that we care about justice and working together, when we appoint Bolton to the UN? How? "
  2. "We don't have to tell the rest of the world a thing. Our actions for the past few years have shown them loud and clear what we think of them, and those quaint notions of justice and cooperation."
  3. "You can't. You can't tell the world that. Nobody would believe it about the Bush administration, by now, no matter who said it."
  4. "Bolton will undoubtedly cause trouble. He's the designated hit man. Bush wants him in place in order to hamstring the UN as much as possible, with threats and arm-twisting."
    "However the UN is an old and adaptable organization. It's used to the US acting like a cheap bully. This is just going to be a little -- okay, so a lot -- more obvious than usual. Generally speaking, the reaction of most countries there will be to roll their eyes, grit their teeth, and do what they can to minimize the damage."
  5. "the rest of the world has been on to what the US government is about for a long time now. The appointment of Bolton makes the lust for raw power considerably more obvious, but then again, everything about this particular White House makes this fact of life more obvious. The US has been subverting the UN for as long as the organization exists. Wonder why the UN has no teeth when it comes to enforcement? The US would easily use its Security Council veto to eliminate enforcement mechanisms (hence Israel, for example, continues to go along its merry way violating UN Sec. Council resolutions left and right as it continues its version of Apartheid against the Palestinians).”
  6. “Pull-eeze  The only thing america truly cares about is sitting their fat asses on couches watching lousy TV programs while dribbling Doritoes and Pepsi down their chest.
Yep , I said it, it won't be until the day that this becomes disturbed that america will wake the fuck up.  

Bullshit war= nothing
whole continent of africa dieing of aids and famine= nothing
media sold out to the highest bidder= nothing
our bill of rights being erased= nothing
our election being controled be a few biased companies= nothing
gap between have and have nots ever widening= nothing

keep em fat, lazy,  and stupid, welcome to the new dark ages”
  1. “No one in their right mind believes the Bush Admin
    After all the lies, arrogance, insulting behavior I doubt any government would take the Bush administration seriously about anything. I'm waiting for the American people to wipe their butts and flush this turd of a man down the toilet with the rest of this political diarrhea.”
  2. “I sort of like the idea of Bolton squeaking in Especially if it's bloody and corrupt, like the medicare vote.
Why?  Because I figure that Bolton will be an albatross around the neck of the Bush administration.  He will say or do something idiotic at least once a month.  The rest of the world will never, never take anything that he does seriously.  When Bush tries to do the lip-service thing at the UN in the pursuit of his Quixotic middle east plans, there's not a chance in hell that Bolton will be heard over the laughter.

(Invade Iran?  Invade Syria?  Have the UN equip an army of spider monkeys to take over security duty in Iraq?  Sure, asshole.  Go away!)

Politically, the worst possible thing to do is to allow Bush to put someone at the UN that has some international standing.  If I wanted Bush to advance any part of his agenda -- for the UN to listen -- I'd want someone with a smidge of integrity.  But to make sure that the UN is never again complicit -- even at the most peripheral level -- with the idiotic schemes of the Bush agenda, I'd say Bolton would do just fine.

Let the Republicans twist the arms of their own members to get Bolton into office.  Then, keep shouting to the world every damn day about how much of a turd the man is.”
  1. “It can't get much worse i.e. the civilized world could not hate us much more no matter what other evil we do as a nation. Our new ethic of pre-emptive attack and theft are well known and understood, further action only succeeds in affirminf what other countries and their people already suspect we will do.
Let's just say they don't actually hate our freedon, they hate itg when we take away their freedom.”
  1. “For three more years, the Bush administration IS America (politically), and Bolton will (probably) be America's bullying voice in the UN. When Bush stole the election from Gore in 2000, the rest of the world felt sympathy for the American people. Now that a majority of the American people have elected Bush for a second term - in spite of all his lies and evil doings - there will be no slack given to the US. Though of course, most world leaders will bide their time and hope that America will elect a less incompetent and evil (or perhaps even a competent and good) leader in 2008.
As for people reacting to terror attacks in their own country, well: the previous government of Spain lied to its citizens and supported Bush's invasion of Iraq. As a result, Spain got hit by the biggest terror attack ever on European soil. The reaction of the Spanish people was then to immediately vote the crappy, Bush-ass-kissing liars out of office. In the US though, the reaction was the opposite: to re-elect Bush. “
  1. “who's a lame duck? really???...and what if Bush declares a national emergency (by invading Syria?) and grants himself those emergency powers to stay in office long after his term is over?  He WANTS to be dictator and said so!
Or maybe ol' Jeb (a long time supporter of the New World Order) will run for President, with George P. coming up behind as soon as they get the training wheels off him.

Can we say "empire"?

We give ourselves hope by assuming that we'll be done with the Bushes in '08, but I doubt if the Bushes are done with us!

  1. “google 'Moorer Radford Affair' for some Nixon era history.
This scandal, which predates Watergate, involves the JCS (Admiral Moorer) spying on the NSC (Kissinger). While probing a leak, Nixon's plumbers stumbled into discovery of this spying and totally exposed the spy ring. Nixon did nothing about the spying because the JCS was also the conduit for unofficial backchannel communications to other nations, effectively bypassing the State Department.

So fast forward to today. Under what authority does Bolton get NSA intercepts, not of other governments, but of people in the US government?

My own feeling is, drawing largely on the parallel of the Moorer Radford Affair, is that Cheney has set up a secret parallel executive branch that is accountable to no one but himself and Bolton is just part of Cheney's network.

The request for NSA intercepts is just the tip of the iceberg. There has to exist a secret backchannel communications network between Cheney and all his neoCon stormtroopers.”

Wow!!!  Can you say: Paranoid, Hateful, Fearful, Anti-American, Arrogant, Ignorant?

One would think that if they hate America as much as they appear to, they would leave and move to one of those socialist paradises they worship like France or Denmark. These are the “Blame America First” crowd.  Anything America does to protect itself, or out of self-interest is evil.  If we oppose anything the U.N. or Europe wishes to do, we are evil.

For anyone who has been paying attention, none of this should come as a surprise, this attitude is nothing new; it’s what they’ve been saying about America and Americans for decades.  What is new is that now one can see the evidence of this anti-American attitude so easily. 

These are your “Deaniacs,” your “MoveOnPac” members, and your “People for the American Way” members.  These are “mainstream Democrats” here. 

They may sound like extremists, but that is precisely what I have been saying.  The mainstream of the Democratic Party is Way, Way Left of Center.  They embrace the extreme ideas of the socialist movement, the ascension of the state over the individual, without batting an eye. 

They seek not to vanquish their foes, but to annihilate them through ad hominem attack.  They are so morally committed to their Leftist ideals that they would rather President Bush be a dismal failure so that they can win the next election, than they would have him succeed for the benefit of the nation.  They preach hatred and fear to persuade you to vote as they would have you vote.  They don’t respect you, they fear and revile you.  For them, you are a vote, a tool, to elevate them to power.

They represent the next wave of Hitlers, Lenins, and Stalins, and they desire to control your lives.

If you weren’t aware of this before, time to wake up and smell the coffee.  If these people have their way, America will end up in the sewer alongside France, Great Britain, and the rest of Europe’s socialist “paradises.”

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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