"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Fourth Estate and Their Democrat Party are Now the Terrorist’s Fifth Column

Will Malven

Michael Duffy of Time Magazine doesn’t believe that the press should take sides in the war.  He doesn’t care if the reporting that he and other people in the MSM are doing might endanger American lives either civilian or military.

We as a nation must understand what is going on now with the Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay Prison stories and the exploitation of them for political and financial gain by the Democrat party and the MSM. 

The press and the Democrat party are now actively betraying our nation.  They are now routinely “giving aid and comfort to the enemy while at war,” with their propaganda war against America and Americans. These traitors do not care if they put American lives at risk; they see dead American soldiers only as propaganda tools to be used for bashing the Bush Administration and the Republican Party so they may achieve their respective agendas. 

During the 2004 campaign for the Presidency, we were able to count on the Democrats and their advocates in the MSM for daily reports on the number of dead American soldiers. As the number approached one thousand, there was an almost gleeful anticipation of the “Big Event.”  We began hearing, almost nightly, the terms “approaching one thousand,” “almost one thousand,” “nearly one thousand,” or “close to one thousand American soldiers killed so far in the Iraq war.”  The purpose of this count up wasn’t to “inform” the public, it was to influence their perception of the war and its progress in hopes that it would drive them into the arms of the Democrat Party and their “American Gigolo” candidate, John Kerry-Heinz.

The left doesn’t care about the people; they care only for their agenda.  Oh, they will certainly protest that they care, it would be political suicide for them not to, but they don’t really care.  What, you don’t believe me?  Well then if you need more proof than the annual murder of one million unborn babies every year, or the Terry Schaivo case, just look at the record.

If the Democrats and their reporter friends truly cared about the sanctity of human life, they would not tolerate Ted Kennedy in their midst.  His crime against Mary Joe Kopechne is so heinous that for them to be concerned with John Bolton’s temperament, or Tom DeLay’s ethics questions, is laughable. For anyone other than a liberal Democrat, it would irretrievably disqualify him from serving in the Senate.  The fact that he has not been disowned by his party should tell you everything you need to know about the so called ethics of the Democrats and their handlers on the extreme left. 

After the initial shock of realizing that the attack on 9/11/01 had occurred, their first reaction was a political reaction. “Why couldn’t this have happened while Clinton was in office?”  Dang, he missed his chance. 

Look at the immediate reaction by the press. 

  • “Why did the president not immediately return to Washington D.C.? 
  • Why did the President just sit in front of the school children and continue to read after he was told of the tragedy? 
  • Was the President capable of dealing with the news, did he panic?” 
Politics was the single most important thought for the Press and the Democrat Party.

Following the President’s wonderful, heart felt speech at the memorial service, I casually mentioned to one of my Liberal acquaintances how moving and great I thought the speech was.  Her first reaction was “Well he didn’t write it!”  There was no acknowledgement of, or interest in the importance or solemnity of the occasion, only hatred.  There was only a desire to make sure that President Bush didn’t get credit for the speech, that he not be seen as intelligent, or capable, or competent.  When I then pointed out that all President’s use speech writers, I was rewarded with angry silence.  Such is the Democrat mentality.

The Democrats and their yellow press don’t care about the morale of the American people.  They don’t care about the morale of the American troops.  They don’t care about the image America projects overseas, and how the non-combatant Arabs perceive us.  They don’t care that, if they manage to make America’s will to pursue the war in Iraq and on terrorism appear weak, it will encourage the resistance.  They don’t care about the negative consequences of purveying these kinds of stories to the Arab world, and the threat they may be to our troop’s safety.  They don’t care that their talks of setting timetables for withdrawal of our troops only encourages our enemies to fight on.

They only care about scoring political points against the administration.

Yesterday on the floor of the Senate, the treason continued.  Dick Durbin spent an inordinate amount of time talking about the negative consequences this GITMO prison “scandal” was having on our image throughout the world.  Quoting the reports from Amnesty International, the ACLU, and useless propaganda rags like Time Magazine, he perpetuated these stories and lent them credence, when we know that occurrences such as those reported by Time are exceptionally rare, if they occur at all. 

He was supported by all of the usual traitorous Democrats, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer, and the rest. 

As far as the “ill treatment” these internees have received, it has been astonishingly mild as far as I’m concerned.  Of course I am much more concerned with sucking these monsters dry of any useful information they might have, than I am with how their being treated, but then, I am just a cruel, heartless, conservative, Republican. 

How could I possibly be in favor of “torture?”  What about the safety of our troops when they get captured?  Two things come to mind in response to that question, first, if we are successful in our questioning activities, we are much less likely to have any troops taken prisoner, therefore this “torture” makes the troops safer, not less safe.  Second, as far as I can tell, our treatment of the prisoners we have taken appears to have no effect on how our imprisoned troops or civilians are treated.  It’s hard to get worse than slow beheading with a dull sword.

The press has one additional enticement to drag these stories out and show little actual concern for the casualties Americans have suffered, and that is the economics of the situation.  More salacious material they can get the more copy they sell and the more advertising they can pull in.  For them, if the American public gains some insight or information on the war, that is well and good, but the main concern that they have beyond their political agenda is making money.

They don’t care, but if you care as I do, then you must get active and fight these Anti-Americans.  Oh yeah, it’s time we stopped molly-coddling these “detainees,” lets put them to work for us.  They want us to close down GITMO prison, where do we send them?  Remember they don’t want us to have any women around them, because it violates their space.  Hey, I know, how about Fire Island, or perhaps San Francisco?  At least there, their hand holding and “deeply affectionate” behavior won’t be so out of place.

Torture at GITMO or Abu Ghraib?  Give me a break.  We in the West have little or no expertise in torture, at best we are dilettantes in that game; it takes an Arab, Oriental—I mean “Asian”, or Indian—I mean “Native American” to truly bring the art of torture to fruition. 

At worst,  these prisoners are suffering from moderate discomfort, not mistreatment or torture, and for the Press or the Democrat Party members to suggest otherwise is treason, and need to be identified as such.

Beware the Fifth Column!

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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