"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Is Treason the Only Policy the Democrats Have to Offer?

Will Malven

In America today, we have universities that suppress conservative organizations and views and promote Leftist socialist groups and ideals.  We have a great preponderance of university professors who are extremely Liberal, and a vast majority of whom support the Democrat party, and are intolerant of opposing views.  We have a large number of Left-wing organizations organizing protest marches against the war.  We have a large number of desperate Liberals stoking the fires of hatred because they feel that the nation is ignoring them and their calls for impeachment of the President. 

The majority of Americans still support the President and the policies his administration has pursued.  Sure, there are exceptions, the old Democrat/MSM cabal has managed to turn public opinion against the most reasonable revision of the Social Security system-private accounts-by their constant lies and fear mongering, aided by the highly partisan AARP which misses no opportunity to frighten the elderly in this nation by implying that President Bush’s plan would take away their Social Security checks, and have been successful in driving public opinion against some other administration policies.  But a majority of Americans still support President Bush.  Be that as it may, the anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-America drum-beat continues. The big question is; are we headed for, or already in, another culture clash such as we saw in the early ‘70s?  A lot of the signs are there, an irrational hatred of the President, a highly vocal anti-American anti-war protest movement, a complete refusal by the left to listen to, or even tolerate, opposing views, an abandonment of the moderate wing of the Democrat party, and a constant treasonous drumbeat of defeatism from the representatives of the Left in the congress aimed at undermining the American troops and the President. 

Forty five years ago, Nixon was the target of hatred by the Left for many reasons, even though he was, by most standards, a fairly liberal Republican.  The Left’s hatred for Nixon began in the fifties due to his successful pursuit of one of the left’s sacred cows, Alger Hiss (a confirmed Soviet agent who worked against the interests of America throughout his entire career).  With President Bush, the deep seated hatred appears to have a much more nebulous origin.  As far as I can tell the source of the hatred is two-fold, first he defeated the darling of the Texas Democrat party, Ann Richards, for Governor.  That alone is an unforgivable sin as far as the Left is concerned. 

Second, he defeated Al Gore for the presidency by electoral vote, not popular vote, and he had the temerity to stand up to the Democrat machine of Florida and their very biased State Supreme Court which abandoned the law as it was written not once, but twice.  Even after the U.S. Supreme Court told them that they couldn’t do it, they tried to force the state to continue counting votes in only a few counties thus forcing the U.S. Supreme Court to step in a second time and re-establish the rule of law and ending the tantrum thrown by the Democrats, allowing the State of Florida to certify the election results. For some reason, the fact that the Supreme Court required the lower court to adhere to the law as written outraged a large number of Democrats who apparently felt that the election should go their way regardless of both the vote count and the word of law.

With the Democrats, politics trumps all other concerns.  Their desire to defeat the Republicans takes precedent over all other concerns whether it be Homeland Security, Defense Expenditures, Social Security insolvency (you know the problem that didn’t exist for the Democrats until the Senate began debating judges and then leaped to the forefront of their concerns),  Medical liability reform, you name it, they’ll ignore it.  Proof:  where as Richard Nixon refused to challenge the election results “for the good of the nation” in the 1960 election (in spite of firm evidence of massive fraud by the Democrat Party apparatchiks), Al Gore felt no such affection for his nation; putting himself and his interests above those of the nation.  

As far as I am concerned, the Democrats must earn their bona fides and prove the legitimacy of their complaints. We all know from the “stolen” e-mails through which Dick “Dursban” and “Orca” Kennedy had been communicating, that the entire judiciary controversy was a politically motivated attack orchestrated by the Leftist special interest groups like People for the
American Way
, Common Cause, NARAL, NOW, and the Congressional Black Caucus, the goal of which was to damage President Bush’s re-election chances. 

Now we have the same Dick Durbin criticizing the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay in a hateful and, possibly, treasonous manner—equating the prison at GITMO to a NAZI concentration camp and Pol Pot’s killing fields—strictly in an effort to undermine the President and the dominance of the Republican Party. 

It is time for the Democrat party to prove that they actually do care about the nation, and not just about gaining political points in anticipation of the 2006 elections.  They have lost the right to criticize the President and his policies free from questioning as to their motives.  We can no longer assume that there is any validity to their criticisms because they have proven that they are willing to use important American issues for their personal political gain.

These people, both Democrat politician and the special interest groups who are pulling their chains are individuals who hate for no other reason other than they are not in control of the government.  They are motivated by their assumptions.  They project their own beliefs on and attribute their own motives to their opponents.  They assume that because they would act in a certain way, everyone else would act the same.  They have from day one of President Bush’s administration sought to destroy him by any means, fair or foul.  They read the Downing Street Memo as a fait accompli.  The memo says “the intelligence is being fixed around the policy,” and they say, “Hah! Proof that Bush lied,” Q.E.D.  I look at the same quotation and say that this could be of concern if by “fixed around” he meant “altered in order to support,” a stretch in interpretation to be sure, or it could be nothing if he meant “set in place or concentrated,” a much more reasonable interpretation based on conventional word usage.  A quick trip to your local unabridged Webster’s, reveals the following:

“fix, v.t.; fixed or fixt (fikst), pt.,pp.; fixing, ppr. [Fr. Fixer, from ML. fixare, from fixus. pp. of figere, to fix, fasten, drive in.]

1.  to make stable, firm, or secure; to attach or fasten immovably.  2.  to established; to set; to arrange definitely; as, he fixed the rent at forty dollars.  3.   to set firmly in the mind.  4.  to set or direct steadily; to fasten intently; as, he fixed his eyes upon the judge.  5.  to direct one’s eyes steadily at.  6.  to transfix; to pierce. [Obs.]  7.  to make rigid.  8.  to make permanent or lasting; as, color is fixed in dyeing.  9.  to reach a decision about; find out with certainty; as, the city of Homer’s birth has never been fixed.  10.  to arrange properly; set in order, adjust.  11.  to repair; mend...”

One has to go all the way to the tenth definition provided to find a definition that could possibly be construed to mean that the intelligence was altered.  That, my friends, is a long way to go for water. 

I for one don’t find it reasonable to search so diligently for a reason to impugn the policies of our government just because I might not like our principals.  That is the sort of action that I would expect from our enemies, not our own Congressmen, Senators, and citizens. 

The definition of treason, given in the Constitution is “levying war against them [the United States] or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”  That is precisely what we now see happening on several fronts.  Senator Durbin, the number two Democrat in the Senate, and his fellows who either support or defend him, has through his statements comparing the U.S. to the repressive regimes of Stalin, Hitler, and Pol Pot provided cover for our enemy’s actions. 

The Congressmen (and women) who attended the “Democrat Judiciary Committee panel hearing on Impeachment:  John Conyers, Sheila Jackson Lee, Barbara Lee, Jim McDermott, Barney Franks, Charles Rangel, Lynn Wolsey, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters, Maurice Hinchey, Zoe Lofgren, Hilda Solis, George Miller, Marcy Kaptur, Gregory Meeks, Jan Shakowsky, John Tierney, Bobby Scott, Jay Inslee, John Tierney, Donald Payne, and Jim Moran have, in their actions against this President and our war effort, adhered to our enemies and taken up their arguments for them.  The witnesses attending:  Ray McGovern (former CIA agent), Joe Wilson (former Ambassador to Niger), John Bonifaz, Cindy Sheehan (mother of slain American soldier) have through their testimony, given aid and comfort to our enemies.  All of these people are guilty of treason to one extent or another.  They are grandstanding for political reasons on the backs of our soldiers. 

Further treasonous speech occurs with these straw men that the Left keeps bringing up, about how occurrences like those alleged to have occurred at GITMO are recruiting more terrorists than we have imprisoned. This complaint is contingent on one thing, the amount of propaganda the Democrats provide to the terrorists in their continuous carping about the behavior of our American soldiers.  Between the Terrorist sympathizers represented by the most vocal war critics within the Democrat party (you know, those who are being repeatedly quoted by al Jazeera and other anti-American propaganda outlets) and their cheerleaders in the MSM, I would be surprised if there wasn’t an increase in the number of people overseas and specifically in the Middle East who hate Americans.

Giving “aide and comfort” to the enemy takes many forms, one of which is providing political ammunition for the very people with whom we are at war. 

Very much the same thing is occurring with the John Bolton nomination.  Biden, among others is very fond of talking about how Bolton’s reputation will be so damaged that he will be unable to do his job. 

Well “Plagiarizer,” if it is so, you and your buddies in the Democrat party will be at fault for it.  Of course this is no surprise to you because that has been your only goal from the very start.  You and the others who worship at the alter of U.N. are deathly afraid that this last bastion of World Government-Think may at last be turned into a useful tool for resolving international disputes while respecting national sovereignty rather than moving to the imposition of a One World Government dominated by a socialist economic model.

Yes, in answer to all of those who ask the question, “Is it treason simply to speak out against the current administration and its Iraq policy?”  In a time of war, it is treasonous to do so.  According to the Constitution any action that gives “aid and comfort” to the enemy is treason.  That’s it, pure and simple. 

The time for these questions and investigations is after the conclusion of the war, or prior to the onset of hostilities.  Once the war has begun, any actions initiated against our government’s policies are treason.  The fact that this “war on terror” is a very prolonged conflict perhaps lasting beyond this administration is irrelevant. 

Of course the fact that this war has not been officially declared by the Congress does give those of you who are traitors to your country legal cover, but not moral cover.  You have the legal and even constitutional right to speak out, but I would rather be with the good guys than the bad.  And I would rather support our troop’s efforts than seek to undermine them and endanger their lives.

You see, I love this country, warts and all.  I see it for the good that it is.  I believe in the rightness of our cause.  I know that no country in history has done more good, given more of its blood and money to help other nations than America. America is the best, most generous, most selfless nation in history.  We have never sought to dominate a nation for our own financial gain.  We have never colonized any other nation. 

As to those nations in which we have maintained strategic military bases, when asked by their government to leave, we have abandoned those bases without hesitation.  No other nation in history has done so voluntarily.  We are the “good guys” and I for not going to forget that.

If indeed we are headed for a repetition of the division of the nation like that which occurred in the 70’s, I know on which side I fall.  If you disagree, I respect your right to do so, but I don’t respect your opinion and deny its legitimacy.  In my eyes you will remain anti-American and treasonous in your actions.

The enemy within, from the Cold War era, has not been vanquished, he has merely been driven further underground and must eventually be dealt with.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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