"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Friday, June 17, 2005

Liberals and Conservatives: Can’t We All Just Get Along? NOT A CHANCE!

Will Malven

“Be kind.”  “Be nice.”  “Be polite.”  “Don’t stoop to their level.”  “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” I get this in Conservative comments sometimes, and I hear it from the wagging tongues on television and radio continually.  This attitude stems from the mistaken belief by Conservatives that kindness begets kindness when dealing with the Left. 

I too used to believe this fallacy.  It would be nice if it was true, but when a conservative dares to expose his thoughts in a public venue, he will soon find himself in the crosshairs of the typical, highly vocal, wildly abusive, verbal sniping of the Left.  There is no kindness in their attacks, only hatred.  This is understandable, because verbal abuse is always the refuge of those who are incapable of defending their beliefs with reason and truly, Liberals rarely have a good reason for their opinions. 

A Liberal takes a position on a subject because they believe it is true.  The unfortunate truth about human nature is that quite often we hate what we do not understand, and Liberals do not understand Conservative thought.  The very concept which will arouse contempt in them when applied to God is the source of their beliefs in Liberalism, faith. 

Hint to Liberals: “Because I say so!” is rarely acceptable as a legitimate argument in the arena of debate.  It rarely convinces anyone to accept your side of an issue and usually will have the opposite effect. The same goes for these incessant ad hominem attacks you launch at your political opponents.  Calling someone an “a**hole” will rarely convince them to adopt a position sympathetic to your own.

In addressing this kind of Liberal approach one can take a lesson from the means by which one handles any kind of obnoxious person.  We know from history that the enemies of freedom see any kind of olive branch as a sign of weakness to be exploited to their advantage.  Six months after Hitler signed the 1938 Munich agreement (Chamberlain’s famous “peace for our times” agreement), he invaded Czechoslovakia. 

The Soviet Union repeatedly took advantage of our proffered olive branches to better their geopolitical position in the world.  The removal of the missiles in Cuba did not occur as the result of a proffered hand, but as the result of a proffered mailed fist. 

The end of the Cold War was not caused as the result of the ill advised, Leftist led, unilateral nuclear disarmament movement, but as the result of a concerted arms build up and an inflexible stand by America, led by the late President Ronald Reagan, in recognizing the Soviets for the evil they were.  The fall of the Soviet Union was precipitated by our determination to oppose them at every turn. 

For decades now, the Republicans have been playing the “nice guy” to the whiney left and getting sucker punched as a reward for their politeness.  One example is when President Bush (41) broke his “no new taxes” pledge in an agreement with the Democrats in Congress, in which they pledged control spending.  The ink wasn’t even dry on the agreement when the Democrats broke it. 

A more recent example comes from the United States Senate.  After brokering an “equitable power sharing agreement” with the Democrats in which the Republican, in an effort to be seen as fair and accommodating, surrendered a substantial amount of administrative power to the Democrats.  When, in June of 2001, Jim Jeffords “jumped ship” to become a Democrat leaning “Independent,” the Democrats took over control of the Senate and ran it as if they had a twenty vote margin. 

From historical examples, one can see that playing nice, nice, with the Democrats will get you nothing but contempt from them for being weak.  They fail to see the advantage in behaving equitably with their enemies (that is how they see us, as enemies, not as adversaries or competitors).  Their politics is cut-throat, and they see conservatism as an evil better eliminated from the playing field.  Their mission is as destroying angel intent on killing conservatism by any means fair or foul. 

We have a current example playing itself out in D.C. right now with the Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts.  The Left is unable to find any substantive reason to oppose him so they are going after his wife.  She is “pro-life” Oooh! (It is a sad state of affairs when the term pro-life becomes a derogatory epithet to those of the Left.  Of course the obvious corollary is that the Left is “anti-life.”). 

Robin Givhan has a hit piece in, of all places, the style section of the Washington Post. She is critical of the way the Roberts family was attired for the announcement of Roberts’ nomination.  Although she and her article are insignificant, they are reflective of the sneering arrogance of the left.  Sneer, deride, insult, and attack, that is the modus operandi of the Left.  Ask a Liberal for facts, and you will get opinions and blind faith in them.

When one is confronted by this kind of hatred and intransigence, the only reasonable response is one of firm opposition rather than appeasement.  “Fight fire with fire” goes the old adage.  This doesn’t mean that we necessarily lower ourselves to their iniquitous level; it simply means that we don’t shy away from using strong, opinion laden language. 

Orin Hatch this week gets my gold star for his description of Chuck Schumer’s list of questions for Nominee Roberts as “dumbass questions.”  When asked by Schumer if he would like to revise and extend his remarks, Hatch replied

"No, I am going to keep it exactly the way it is. I mean, I hate to say it. I mean, I feel badly saying it between you and me. But I do know dumbass questions when I see dumbass questions."

Bravo Senator Hatch.  It’s about time that we Republicans quit kowtowing to the niceties of mannered behavior and speech while the Democrats are allowed a free run to vilify and insult fine and decent people with impunity.  In that environment, kindness has little purchase.

When you have the Democrat Minority Leader Harry Reid in the Senate describing the President of the United States as a “loser” and the “Honorable” Senator Dick Durbin comparing our terrorist detention center at GTMO to the gulags of the Soviet Union, what is called for is not a reasoned, measured, response it is a quick, strong, slap down.

People who talk like that are not deserving of our respect, they are deserving of our contempt and rebuke.  It is astounding the depths of depraved language these Liberals will plumb in their effort to refute a Conservatives arguments.  Unable to compete on the field of fact and reason, they are forced to resort to obscenity and invective to support their argument. 

We need to confront this pitiful tactic by throwing it back in their faces. Forcing them to acknowledge their own language and calling them down on it in public is the first step to defeating them in the public fora.  We must make clear to the voting public the bankruptcy of their arguments and the absence of any real solutions to the problems confronting America. 

Hint to Democrats:  “We’ll do a better job!” is not a policy platform.

The time has long since come for Republicans to remove their gloves and prepare to do battle in the trenches (sewers in some cases) with these haters.  We must not give them a pass on their rude and unacceptable behavior.  When we see hypocrisy we must call it for what it is.  When we are confronted with lies (the preferred milieu of the Left) we must counter them with uncompromising truths. And when confronted with shadowy insult, we must respond to it as it deserves, with the back of our hands and the light of day. 

I am tired of the Republican legislators and candidates being polite and being steam rolled for it.  It is time to call liars, liars.  We can afford no more verbal niceties, no more polite deference to their honored positions as representatives of the people, by their conduct; they have already dishonored their roles as Members of Congress.  Respect must be earned and all the Left has earned is our contempt.  It is sad to say that “kindness has left the building.”  Let us hope that at some future date, it returns.
Nothing emboldens sin so much as mercy.~ William Shakespeare, Timon of Athens. Act III, scene v

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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