"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Thursday, June 9, 2005

No More Kid Gloves: Evil Thy Name is Democrat

June 9, 2005
Will Malven

Listening to the Janice Rogers Brown nomination debate, I am forced to conclude, against my will, that the Democrat Leadership and their handlers on the Left are truly evil. 

The Democrat Party Leadership embodied by Christopher Dudd, Barbara Boxhead, Schmuck Schumer, Dick Dursban, Hateful Harry Reid, Orca [the killer whale] Kennedy, Leaky Leahy, Plagiarizer Biden, and Lurch Kerry are an absolute disgrace to the Senate, to its chambers and to the American Government at large.  They deserve to be ridden out of town on a rail. They complain about the loss of comity, yet they themselves defile the word every time the utter it.  Their hatred of the truth, of honor, and of courteous discourse reveals itself every time they take the well to speak.  They cannot be trusted to keep their word on agreements and will reward trust with betrayal every time. 

Witness the Tax/Spending agreement with G.H.W. Bush in which they agreed to control spending if he would relent on his “no new taxes” pledge.  The ink wasn’t even dry on the agreement before they broke it.  Witness the “power sharing” agreement in 2001.  They whined and complained that they were not getting a fair shake in the Control of the Senate, as soon as Jumpin’ Jeffords switched parties, they acted like they had a twenty vote mandate, and treated their Republican “brothers” as pariah to be tolerated, and made no effort to “accommodate” the needs or wishes of the Republicans. 

They repeatedly, unrepentantly lie, distort and twist the truth with every word they utter. The truth is of no value to them except as it may, on some rare occasion, serve their purpose. To me betrayal of trust, deception, lying, hatred, hypocrisy, these are the tools of evil.

Hateful Reid stood in the well this afternoon and railed about Justice Brown’s rejection of stare decicis (legal precedence) quoting her as stating, that a judges “hands should not be tied by established law if it is bad law.”  To Hateful Harry this is an ultimate evil, not being bound by precedence. 

Yet most of the “established law,” which Harry says she is against, is law in which an activist court went against precedent and the Constitution in order to create, violating stare decicis with impunity.

Where is the consistency in this Harry? 

He reviles her as an activist judge because she believes in the Constitution as it was written in 1787, not as it has been re-written in the Twentieth Century by men like Justice Black— who was instrumental in finding a legal basis for increasing governmental control of the economy in support of Roosevelt’s New Deal and who, by snatching a little regarded letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danville Baptists out of relative obscurity, single-handedly erected the mythical “wall of separation” between church and state, or Justice Douglas— who struggled to find a source for Griswald’s “right to privacy,” finally landing on the twisted logic that “specific guarantees in the Bill of Rights have penumbras, formed by emanations from those guarantees that help give them life and substance” and Justice Blackmun—who vainly searched for precedence in Roe v. Wade and finally ended up issuing an opinion weakly echoing that of Douglas’ “penumbras” opinion, and in essence admitted that there was no basis for the decision.

Reid then criticizes Justice Brown repeatedly for dissenting with the majority opinion of the California Supreme Court several times, yet rails against her for taking issue with Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.’s dissent in the Lochner vs. New York case.  Excuse me Hateful Harry, is dissent bad or is it good?  Make up your mind Mr. Reid. 

What we are talking about in a judge like Justice Brown is not necessarily a reversal of societal policy by an activist jurist, we’re talking about a return to a process in which laws, such as the overtime laws, the enactment of Social Security, the establishment of a forty hour work week, child protection laws, and all of the other “socially protective” laws of the “New Deal” and the “Great Society,” as well as Roe v. Wade, can be re-enacted in a constitutional manner by the legislature—by will of the people—rather than by judicial fiat from on high by the will of the courts. 

Democrats fear above all else, that power seized by the courts will be returned to the legislature, as set out in the Constitution.  The only reason to fear that is if you know that your agenda is “outside of the mainstream.” 

Their’s are the agenda and the beliefs that are “extreme.”  They fear “the will of the people.”  They are elitist by nature and cannot bring themselves to trust the average voter whom they deem to be dumb and uninformed; incapable of making the “right” decision.

But…even worse than pure evil . . . is evil when compounded with stupidity.  A few in the Democrat leadership fall into this category. Barbara Boxer, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry-Heinz immediately come to mind.  It is in this form that petty meanness can reveal its true nature.  Because they are incapable of even the smallest of logical thoughts, they resort to vicious personal attack, pervasive and pernicious in its nature. 

Incompetence is not available to them as an argument, so their opponent must be portrayed as evil and dangerous.  Senator Boxer accuses Justice Brown of calling the New Deal “the triumph of the American Socialist Revolution.”  Guilty as charged.  Is it wrong to state the truth? 

Boxer decries Justice Brown’s statement that seniors were “cannibalizing” their grandchildren.  Once again, Senator Boxer repeats this statement as if she believes that Justice Brown is referring to the actual eating of flesh when, of course, she is talking metaphorically about consuming the moneys extorted from in the form of taxes to support the entitlements being paid to the elderly. 

In my April 20th editorial, I discuss my opinion that Babs Boxeris dumb.  I stand by my original assessment.

Because of all the above, I have been forced to my conclusion that these people are evil. 

I don’t, as a rule, allow myself the dubious pleasure of hating or judging someone as evil.  As a Christian, I believe that there is good in all of us and that we are but the results of the cards we were dealt.  There comes a time however, that intentional and repeated bad faith, in words and deeds, conducted without remorse or apology, must be called for what it is. 

You cannot call yourself “good” if you break your word every time you give it. 

You cannot call yourself “good” if you lie about and slander those you oppose in an effort to bring them down. 

You cannot call yourself “good” if you use lies to engender fear in a group of people (be they black, brown, white, elderly, young, rich, or poor) in order to deceive them into taking your side. 

You cannot call yourself “good” if you work against your country by undermining their military capabilities, undermining their intelligence capabilities, and undermining their support among allies, solely for political gain.

Apparently, you cannot call yourself good if you call yourself a Democrat Leader.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

Copyright 2005 Will Malven

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