"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Karl Rove, Downing Memo, Tom DeLay, Desperate Democrats Try Out for Decapitated Chicken Role

Will Malven

Watching the Democrats today can give you whiplash. With the gradual realization that their agenda is no longer America’s agenda, the Democrats are desperately searching for “the issue.”  Their impression of the proverbial chicken with its head cut off is truly amusing.

The problem; there is no magical “issue.”  If your party’s agenda is bankrupt of ideas, or congested with old, worn out, failed, ideas, you have only two choices to attempt to revitalize your supporters; you can either modernize and modify your philosophy of governance, or you can bluff and bluster, whining about your opponents actions while offering no alternative in hopes of fooling the American people into believing your party would be the better choice. 

Unfortunately, the Democrats have chosen the latter path.  Their religious fervor for their worn-out socialist ideals in concert with their need to kowtow to their extremist string-pullers like Ralph Neas of People for the American Way, George Soros, and Joan Blades and Wes Boyd of MoveOnPac.org have doomed them to blunder along the feckless path they have been pursuing since they first lost control of Congress in 1994.  The problem is, Americans, in larger and larger numbers, are refusing to be swayed by the Democrat Party’s hot air.

As their grasp on the reins of government has progressively weakened, their voices have become more and more strident.  Desperation reigns supreme in the backrooms and dark hallways of the Democrat Party headquarters, the House floor, and the Well of the Senate. It exudes from their every pore.  It echoes in their every word. 

In their desperation, the Democrats are reduced to grasping at straws.  They bounce willy-nilly from one issue to the next hoping in vain to find some issue that will catch on with the public and bring down the Bush Administration, or at least severely damage the Republican Party, so that they can resume their proper place, their Divinely Ordained Place, as the leaders of our government. 

They don’t mind Republicans participating in government, so long as they know and keep their place.  They wish to bring down the current government without having a clue as to what their alternative policies would be beyond redistributing America’s wealth.

Note for the Democrats:  “Bush sucks!” and “We’d do a better job,” are not substantive policies.

This game of political hopscotch has been going on since the Democrats began their 2004 presidential campaign in January of 2001.  Their hatred of Bush runs so deeply that they are blind to all but their one goal in life, to prove that they were right and Republicans were wrongly “given” the White House by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Over the last several months, we’ve had:

  1. Prescription drugs.
  2. The Iraq “failure.”
  3. The “Minute Men” volunteers on the border.
  4. Alan Greenspan. (Remember when Reid called him a political hack)?
  5. Private Accounts for Social Insecurity
  6. The Iraq “failure.”
  7. Tax Cuts for the “Super Wealthy.” (Quote courtesy of Nancy Pelosi).
  8. Terry Schaivo.
  9. Tom DeLay
  10. John Bolton
  11. The Iraq “failure.”  (Did I mention that?)
  12. Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
  13. Judicial Nominees are too extreme.
  14. Gitmo Prison.
  15. Impeachment of President Bush. (Bush lied don’cha know?)
  16. The Iraq “failure.” (I really, really mean it this time!)
  17. The Downing Memo
  18. The Iraq “failure.” (See, they bombed London, I told you Iraq was a failure.)
  19. Karl Rove. (Rove leaked...something.  He had to have, honest.  I’m really serious this time!  I’m certain of it. I hope, I hope, I hope!)

With so many trial balloons in the air, it’s hard to keep track of all of them.  It reminds me of an eighties song, “99 Red Balloons” (original version “99 Luftbalons”) by Nena.  Maybe a better anthem would be “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me” (written by the late great Warren Zevon, sung by Linda Ronstadt). 

I’m doubtful there ever has been a time in American history that so much self-righteous self-pity showered down from one group of its citizens.

As to the multiple issues?  The sad fact, if you’re a Democrat, is that none of them amount to anything.  They are all phantasmal images. Each one vaporizes as the Left tries desperately to grasp it.
  • First, Karl Rove didn’t “out” Valerie Plame.  If he had, President Bush would know about it and if Bush knew for a fact that Rove did it, Rove would be out.  Bush keeps his word.  President Bush is more a man of his word than any I have seen in the White House, including Reagan.
  • The Downing memo is a non-starter, no one but the desperate and the conspiracy loonies believe that one, not even the Left-wing MSM.
  • Tom DeLay is not going to resign; he hasn’t broken any laws and has behaved at least as ethically as those calling for his ouster.
  • Iraq is not a failure, it is a success.  War is messy and forming a Democracy is even messier.  We are at least as far along in Iraq as we were in Germany this soon after major combat.
  • Bush didn’t lie, he was misinformed.  Every intelligence assessment in every major government agreed that Sadam had WMD’s.  Why is it so hard for Democrats to believe that the intelligence community got WMD intel wrong, and so easy for Democrats to believe they got it wrong in missing Al Qaeda’s  9/11 plot.  Now mind you, I said Democrats, not Conspiracy Loonies. 
  • The prison at Gitmo is not a “Gulag” nor is it a “Nazi concentration camp.”  It is a prison.  Prisons are not nice places, if they were, they wouldn’t be prisons.  Be that as it may, as far as prisons go, Gitmo is a luxury resort.  Prisoners are not being routinely abused; they are being treated very well.  Hell if I was running a prison to punish Islamist terrorists, I’d be feeding them Spam (Spam is pork shoulder and personally I like it) for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with some grits and greens.  I’d give them only Bibles to read, not the Koran and I’d have Coptic Christians broadcasting Christ’s message to them 24/7.  I would not be going out of my way to respect their customs and religion.  Even at that, I wouldn’t be killing them by the thousands, so the comparison would still be false.
  • If the judicial nominees were so “extreme” why would Democrats be willing to compromise on any of them?  That must mean they were not “unacceptable.”
  • John Bolton is sometimes rude, yeah and so?  We need an A-kicker in the U.N. not a boot-licker.

Answers to the rest are just as simple and common sense.  Space prevents me from continuing, besides, I’ve addressed them all in one form or another in my previous editorials. 

I’m telling you folks this merry game of whiplash generating, issue hopping will continue right up to and through the 2006 Congressional elections unless the Democrats can land upon a better strategy.

The Democrats would be far better served by finding a constructive message rather than beating the dead horse of “Your bad, I’m good.  Nah, nah, nah.”

Harry! Orca! Don’t you dare stick your tongues out like that!

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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