"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Friday, September 2, 2005

Hurricane Katrina: Granting a Grim Insight into the American Society of Excuses

Will Malven

It’s not pretty, it’s pretty grim. American society is only three days from barbarism.

Today we are seeing heroism and villainy in New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina is giving us a rare view into the psyche of our people. It is a view of sacrifice, voluntarism, charity, helpful neighbors, and tireless rescuers. But it is also a view of looting, assault, killing, anger, hatred, and, ultimately, anarchy. Today we see what happens when this “thin veneer of civilization” is stripped away from our society. A vast majority of our society is filled with people of good will who go out of their way to assist their neighbors during times of crisis, but there is also a sector of our society where chaos rules and the law of the jungle is held in check only at the point of a police gun. They are the looters and the shooters. They care nothing for anyone but themselves and everything they do sabotages the attempts to rescue the people who are trapped, including themselves.

There are also those of our society, those on the Left seem to shine at this, who believe that the best use of their time and energy is to attack the President and the Republicans for not solving everything by fiat. For them blame is the solution to all of the problems they see on their televisions. Note I say on their televisions, because those carping about the President not doing enough are firmly and comfortably ensconced on their couches watching their televisions or banging out their hate filled rhetoric at their computers while drinking their lattes and eating their croissants. Their total contribution to aid the victims is to blame President Bush and to try to figure out how to use this disaster for their own political advantage. Why doesn’t President Bush...I don’t know...stop the sea from entering the city, wave his hand and evacuate all of the people who are trapped, feed the hungry, heal the sick, give solace to the suffering, I had no idea that Liberals believed that President Bush was actually Jesus Christ reincarnate. And, of course, the usual suspects are busy crying racism. The people who are suffering are black so it’s racially motivated. Yes people, Hurricane Katrina, following orders from President Bush, deliberately targeted the black people of New Orleans. I will remind you that the affected area is approximately 90,000 square miles, an area the size of Minnesota, twice the size of Virginia. There is nothing anyone could have done to prepare for this eventuality.

Our society has been so permissive and tolerant of bad behavior, that it has become a right for some in which to indulge themselves. Mayor Giuliani demonstrated the error of adopting a philosophy of tolerance toward petty crime, when major crime dropped coincidentally with his policy of zero-tolerance. This society, led by Liberals in the ACLU, Congress, and our judicial system has for too long adopted an attitude of tolerance for rioting and looting by some segments of our society. It is in giving tacit approval to bad behavior, manifested in the form of tolerating the rioting and looting by blacks in Watts in the 1960’s, the Rodney King verdict riots (in which the police were subsequently more severely punished for subduing a resistant perpetrator than were the rioters who pulled a truck driver out of his car and severely beat him because he is white), recent sporting event riots(cities torn up in victory and in defeat), and today’s hurricane related rioting and looting.

By not punishing those involved, we have created an attitude of justified raging. It is an attitude to which those involved feel they are entitled because society hasn’t provided them with the material goods they feel they should have. This failure to punish, is accompanied by some sort of vague feeling that bad behavior by blacks (and make no mistake a vast majority of those involved in this behavior are blacks) should be tolerated because of slavery. It is a compulsive guilt feeling in Liberals which excuses behavior in some races which would never be tolerated in ones peers. Thus we again encounter the “soft bigotry of low expectations” referred to by President George Bush in addressing the educational shortcomings of our school system. In this case it manifests itself in saying “Well, they just can’t help themselves.” This is just a stealthy way of saying, “They are savages, only a couple of generations from the jungle. This kind of behavior is to be expected from ‘those people.’” The denial inculcated in such a statement is blinding. Confronted by their own words, the Liberals will uniformly refuse to see their own bigotry and accuse you of being intolerant and bigoted for suggesting punishment for the bad actors. After all, aren’t they being compassionate, tolerant, forgiving, understanding? Aren’t they just being reasonable in their reaction? They can’t see that low expectations are bigoted by their very nature.

This is the same broken philosophy which gave us the grossly mistaken programs of President Johnson’s “Great Society.” For decades, money was thrown at the “poor” and “disadvantaged” with the intent of helping them to raise themselves out of poverty and into the mainstream of society. Unfortunately, as forecasted by Conservatives, these policies had precisely the opposite effect. Instead of ending poverty and illiteracy, these policies entrenched those two blights of a democratic society within the poor white and black communities. People became seduced by the ease with which zero effort was rewarded. Men were no longer necessary to support the families; the state would provide sufficient income on which a family could survive. Men, in fact became a liability in those communities because a single mother could get more money than one who was married to a low-wage earner. This resulted in the break up of the traditionally strong black and poor white families.

There used to be such a thing as pride in these communities. It was an attitude of “I might not have much, but what I have I’ll take care of.” It was characterized by the adage, “too poor to paint, too proud to whitewash.” This attitude has now been supplanted by a culture that values material wealth over social and spiritual wealth. One is only thought to be of value if he has a lot of “stuff.” Having a wealth of friends and a close knit community is not as important as having a new pair of Nikes or a Big Screen Television. When you strip a man of his responsibilities, you strip away his self-worth and his pride. This fundamental lesson is one which has in the past and continues to escape the understanding of the Left. Liberals to this day, and in face of the abject failure of the Great Society programs, still believe that the way to solve poverty is to give poor people more money, free medical care and less responsibility. This is understandable coming from Liberals because they still believe that those in need are “just savages” and are incapable of managing on their own. The “great unwashed masses” need Government to take care of them. “Evil” Republicans and Conservatives are “unfeeling and uncaring” because they want these people to be responsible for themselves.

Real compassion is teaching people how to stand on their own two feet, enabling them to care for themselves; earn their income and stand with pride after a good days work. Self sufficiency enables people to feel good about themselves. Dependency strips people of the pride and self worth. Liberals have such contempt for the poor, that they see them as victims of their own inability to succeed. They encourage the belief in the poor that they can’t help themselves because the wealthy, corporations, Republicans, the “haves,” are keeping them down and they can’t compete with others unless they are given an advantage. It seems, to Liberals, that nature has short changed the non-white races on ability and intelligence. The Left and their MSM have been very successful in selling this belief to blacks especially, but the poor in general, to the point that many feel that there is no use in trying to better themselves. If you’re hopeless, you have nothing to lose. If you have nothing to lose, you are willing to do anything and you will be more likely to strike out in anger at whoever is nearby. Thus it is common to find higher crime in poor black areas, most of which is black on black crime, not black on white crime like television portrays and most people believe. The people most at risk from the looting and violence in New Orleans are the poor people who are the violent offender’s neighbors.

With all of the portrayal of looting and violence by the press, it should be remembered that a vast majority of the people suffering during this disaster are good people and have nothing to do with the violence. It is unfortunate that just a small percentage of evil people can mar the image of so many people already suffering from the aftermath of the storm. Desperation can eventually make animals of us all and it is difficult for one not in their shoes to know precisely what he would do in a desperate situation, but the collapse being witnessed by the world today in New Orleans occurred in the space of one day. The perpetrators of these acts are not unfortunate victims driven to desperate deeds out of need, these are evil subhuman creatures who make a career out of preying on their own. They rape, pillage, and commit random acts of violence because they can get away with them. They have no expectation of repercussions stemming from their actions. When a society repeatedly allows rioting and looting to occur and excuses these actions as understandable because the perpetrators are poor, that society is asking for precisely the kind of activity we see going on today in New Orleans.

Solving part of these problems requires stern measures. Whenever looting occurs, the police need to be given shoot on site orders. Adding personal risk to the perpetrator’s calculus when they are deciding whether or not to engage in this kind of behavior will drastically reduce its occurrence. For some people, violence is the only language they understand, and our authorities need to be willing to employ it.

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