"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The American Dream Is Not A World-Wide Entitlement!

Will Malven

Alright people let’s get something straight, if you are living in some foreign country, say Mexico for example, you are not automatically entitled to come to this nation and achieve “the American Dream.”

The following comment from a protestor in Phoenix who was one among the estimated 10,000 protestors marching on Senator John Kyl’s office:

"They're here for the American Dream," said Malissa Greer, 29, who joined a crowd estimated by police to be at least 10,000 strong. "God created all of us. He's not a God of the United States, he's a God of the world."

Excuse me Malissa Greer, you’re right, God did create all of us, but he did not create all of us in America.  Access to the American Dream is not a God given right; it is a privilege of those of us who are rightfully, lawfully, citizens of this nation.  In our wisdom, we have found it to be mutually beneficial for us to allow a limited number of immigrants to come to this nation and we have passed laws on how that is to come about.

Among those laws one will not find “Just come on in where and when you choose to.” The members of Congress, on both sides of the aisle, are in danger of completely misreading the tenor of the American people on this issue. The laws they are currently discussing are not what the average American citizen believes to be acceptable.

Rarely have I seen Americans so exercised about an issue.  Illegal immigration and Congress’ failure to deal effectively with it is rapidly becoming the issue.  I called this issue in my September 28th editorial.  Over the past 6 months this issue has steadily escalated to become the big issue of the election.  It will almost certainly eclipse the Iraq war as the most central issue of the 2006 election, and the party which grows the backbone to properly deal with this issue will have a lock on Congress. The party whose member cowers in fear hoping to gain the Hispanic vote is going to end up losing.

At every coffee bar, in every conversation, the questions of what to do about illegal immigration and the possible destruction of our nation and our culture, always arises.  Here in Texas, it is always accompanied by the “duck and peek” maneuver so typical of our politically correct society.

Before bringing up the topic of Illegals, the speaker will always duck his head and peek out of the corner of his eye to see if someone of Hispanic heritage is nearby.  Americans are tired of having to worry about the future of the nation and their children’s future.

The real problem here is a problem of respect, or lack of respect, for the law.  How can you expect people to obey the laws, when they see millions of non-citizens flaunting the law in broad daylight?   We have police men who are not allowed to detain non-citizens for being here illegally by City ordinance.

Local law enforcement is told that it is not their problem, so they simply ignore the small groups of “day-laborers” who gather at various locals throughout the community.  These “day-laborers” are Illegals who are waiting for people; mostly contractors who need unskilled labor, to come by and hire them.  If you spend any time watching them, you will see them rush to congregate around each pick-up truck that pulls up; each bidding against the others to get a job.

This is not a situation conducive to respect for the law.  Former New York Mayor Rudi Giuliani proved that tolerance of smaller crimes leads to more serious crime when he cracked down on the panhandlers and street crimes in the Big Apple, New York went from being one of the most crime-ridden cities in America to one of the safest.

The current proposals in Congress, in which illegal immigrants are required to pay fines, pay back taxes, and take English language lessons, are not credible.  How can you expect to force compliance with the new law, if you haven’t shown the will to enforce the current laws?  What would possibly compel these Illegals to do what is necessary to become citizens? 

To be sure, most of the illegal immigrants are decent folks just trying to get a piece of the American dream, but as I said before, that dream is not an entitlement.  We already have provided a path to that dream, it’s called legal immigration.

What we are dealing with here are people who are not willing to wait in line to gain access to citizenship.  We also are dealing with businesses that are making higher profits by having access to below minimum wage workers, rather than being forced to pay competitive wages that would attract citizens to those jobs.  It is true that some of those jobs like agricultural jobs will probably not attract American citizens regardless of pay, especially in this society of entitlement.

The only reason farmers cannot draw American citizens to do this work is because citizens aren’t forced to work.  If the choice was between performing backbreaking agricultural work and starvation, there would be no difficulty in attracting legal residents to work the fields.

The only workable system is one of enforcement first.  Fine and jail employers who are found to employ Illegals, then round up and deport the illegal immigrants.  Then and only then will you be able to have a credible policy. Until then there is no incentive for them to obey the laws. 

Many Illegals themselves will tell you that they come across the border because “everyone else does.”  So it doesn’t make sense for them to wait to do it legally.
 Contempt for the law is bred by the failure to enforce our current laws.

That truism is universal, not just an illegal immigrant’s truth.  We see it in our society regardless of the population.  Enron and WorldCom occurred because of failure to sufficiently monitor and enforce the existing laws for corporate accounting practices.

Contempt for all law always follows a failure to enforce the smallest of laws.

Until President Bush, Congress, and the INS find a way to enforce our current laws, there will be little reason to believe that new laws will solve this problem and this is a problem which must be solved.

I truly believe that should the government fail to deal with this problem, there will be such a build-up of resentment and hatred among the American populace, that it will boil over and violence will ensue on a large scale. 

Frankly, I would prefer not to see that happen, but Thomas Jefferson did admonish us that:

 “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

“Scientific” Creationism is Neither Scientific Nor Christian.

Will Malven

[Note:  This is one of my reposts.  The date is approximate.]

I really hate to get into this discussion, because I will be slammed from both sides. One side (the pro Separation side) will say “See I told you so.” The other side will accuse me of being a heretic (which I am) or anti-Christian or some such nonsense. But…Here I go.

Today I heard one of our self appointed “Guardians of American’s Souls” arguing for the teaching of the so-called “Scientific Creationism” in concert with the scientifically accepted theory of evolution. Puhleeez! Will somebody get a net?

Let me say right here and right now, there is nothing-I repeat-NOTHING scientific about “Scientific Creationism” beyond the name. It is a pseudo-science just like the astrology, or alchemy of Leonardo daVinci’s time. I’m sorry folks, but those are the cold hard facts.

“Scientific Creationism” is a vain attempt to reconcile the extensive scientific evidence that supports evolution with the verbatim account of Genesis in the Bible. The two have nothing in common. If your faith in God is so weak, that you require a trumped-up, pseudo-scientific, explanation of how life got here; if your faith is so shallow that the mere probability is a parable (remember, Jesus used many of them in his teachings), rather than a day-by-day, step-by-step account of how God made the world, then I suggest that you have a whole lot of praying to do.

John Calvin defines faith as, “a firm and sure knowledge of the divine favor to us, founded on the truth of a free promise in Christ, and revealed to our minds and sealed in our hearts by the Holy Spirit...That assent itself is more a matter of the heart than the head, of the affection than the intellect.” [My emphasis]

The Bible, in Hebrews 11:1-3 defines faith as, “…the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen…Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”

In other words, don’t look for evidence to support your faith outside of yourself; it comes from God, directly to you.

True spirituality requires faith, not proof. There is a reason that all proofs of God’s existence require the lens of faith. Spirituality requires work. God does not spoon feed us. He will help us accomplish great things if we are willing to work for them. Our degree of spirituality is in direct proportion to our faith. Faith, true deep in your soul, to the tips of your toes faith, requires work and encompasses doubts. Without doubts, we would not be human, because as humans, we are not perfect. We may only aspire toward perfection. For me, if I make a little progress in that direction each day, that is enough. Afterall, as far as I know, only one presence, here on earth, has ever known Perfection.

Biblical teachings like Genesis do not belong in public school science classes; they belong in the home and in church. Failure to recognize this is tantamount to attempting to do the one thing in the interaction of religion and government that our Founding Fathers forbade. I quote, “Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof…” By attempting to force a government entity to introduce patently Christian doctrine into a taxpayer supported organization (i.e. school), these “guardians of our souls” are attempting to do just that, establish a state religion.

Most of those reading this have gone all of the way through school without having been taught this pseudo-scientific garbage and managed to hang on to their beliefs and faith, including, I might add, these panhandlers of creationism. As far as I am concerned, these guys are just con-artist looking to put a donated buck in their own pockets, that might be better spent supporting a minister in Africa or Asia.

Folks, if someone tries to sell you proof that God exists, while claiming to be speaking from the in-dwelling Holy Spirit, better check your wallet.
Anonymous said...
It's unbelievable that this even has to be discussed in 2005, but you're right on. Some may think this a matter of trivial importance, and a harmless way to indoctrinate children, but it's far from it. Teaching both scientific fact and the kind of reasoning that is valid in science is crucial for the long term competitive advantage of America in an increasingly technical world. Teaching creationist nonsense like "ID" and the like is ultimately self-defeating, as you end up with a populace that can't distinguish science from ad hoc wishful thinking; not only are these people unfit to work in scientific fields, they are susceptible to falling for every snake oil scam that comes down the pike (the comparison to astrology is quite apt.) The (re-)rise of creationism is a disaster for America.

-your friendly neighborhood biologist
Herman Cummings said...
Both Creationism and Evolutin are in error!!

School boards neglect to consult the leading expert on the book of
Genesis. The Cobb County School Board in Georgia needlessly lost
their "sticker" case because they chose to bury their heads in ignorance,
rejecting the opportunity to successfully defend their position. Their
attorney, Linwood Gunn, chose not to listen to the line of questioning
that would have proven that the exclusive teaching of evolution is

The Dover Area (York County, PA) school board and the law firm they
hired both failed to respond to the letters sent to them offering help
concerning the upcoming law suit. They refused to accept that "ID"
is an inferior concept, and the board does not want to teach
historical reality.

The Kansas State Board refuses to invite that same Genesis expert to
correct their misguided attempt to offer an alternative to evolution.
Intelligent Design does not teach the students about the life and death
of past life forms on Earth. Yet the Kansas State Board invites those
that do not understand the Genesis text to speak, and plans false
"hearings" which are really a charade of "fact finding" inquiry.

The fact is, Genesis is not about "Creation Week" as creationism and
theology have taught mankind. God revealed a certain concept to
Israel (Moses) in 1598 BC, that modern science did not discover for
another 3000 years. However, the world of creationism has incorrectly
interpreted Genesis as giving a description of how God created the
Earth, and that is not what early Genesis is about.

On the other hand, Charles Darwin examined physical data around the
world, and came to the wrong conclusion. In an effort to explain the
appearance, disappearance, and reappearance of life forms over the
course of the 4.6 billion year history of Earth, the false doctrine of
evolution has been zealously embraced by secular science.

Various school boards (GA, KS, PA, AL, TX, etc.) across the USA
have repeatedly refused to learn the facts about the observations of
Moses. Some boards want to teach the inept doctrine of "Intelligent
Design", thinking that is their best chance of having creation introduced
into the curriculum. Others only want to teach evolution, thinking that
it is the only possible answer, and that Genesis is just "religious junk".

The present track record of school boards in courts of law that
try to question evolution, is very poor. You'd think that they would
soon learn to obtain all available factual information before confronting
the secular world of science. The school board members that favor the
exclusive teaching of evolution fail to understand that they are promoting
the religion of atheism. Doesn't that fail the so called "Lemon Test"?

Both sides are in ignorance, and seem not to have the desire to teach
students all available truth, giving the students closure on the
origins of life on this planet. Avoiding the truth is denying reality, and
those who deny reality are generally called "insane".

Herman Cummings
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