"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Estate Tax: Legislated Envy

Will Malven

There is nothing more revealing of the liberal’s mindset than any casual discussion of taxes and taxation.  Such a discussion inevitably devolves into an argument about “fairness” and “greed” as in the “greedy rich people” never have to pay their “fair share” of the tax-burden.  “The middle class and the poor bear the lion’s share of the tax burden, while the wealthy don’t pay any taxes at all.”  The persistence of this myth, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, can be maddening to those of us who live in the real world.

Liberals remain convinced that no one can achieve success and wealth without “lying, cheating, or stealing” or being “unduly lucky” in some way.  It simply is not “fair” that some people are wealthy while others in our society live in poverty.  It remains a matter of faith for liberals that success is evil.  It is inconceivable to them that an individual, through hard work and intelligence, could be successful without resorting to some sort of flummery. There is no villain in society more reviled than the successful businessman.  In their narrow view of life, private enterprise is the most corrupting influence in America.

The American liberal’s sad adherence to the failed philosophies of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, and Joseph Stalin causes them to see the natural occurring disparities, evident in any society based on “capitalism,” between the wealthy and the poor not as due to inherent differences in an individual’s industriousness and frugality, but more as due to inequalities of opportunity inherent in a society that rewards evil behavior with wealth.

Liberals, sitting on their coffee breaks pontificating on the “sad lack of fairness” in the world, eye each hard working individual with suspicion and arrogantly label any industrious coworker as a “brown-noser” or a “suck-up.”  They view the small businessman who spends 16 hours a day struggling to make his business successful as greedy and suspect that he can’t possibly become successful unless he “cheats” in some way.

In their idealized union environment, liberals tell the hard workers, “Back off!”  Those who chose to do more than their allotted measure of work, are chastised and coerced to limit their work.  Over performance, they are told, makes their brother workers, who only do what they are told and no more, “look bad.”  Over performance leads “management” to expect higher productivity from all workers.

Envy is one of the tenets of faith in the Religion of Liberalism.  When they see an individual of wealth, rather than being inspired to achieve more, rather than saying “I will work hard so that I too may become wealthy,” they wrap themselves in robes of envy.  “It’s not fair,” they cry.  “They have more than their fair share,” they whine.

Having made this determination, it is only natural that the solution they offer is to “level” the playing field through a confiscatory tax system.  That is the origin and purpose of our “progressive” federal income tax system.  The thought behind this progressive system is not simply, “You have prospered from living and working in our nation and using its infrastructure so you should pay your “fair share.”  It is “You have prospered “unfairly” and “disproportionately” from living and working in our nation so you should pay more than other, less industrious, people.”

What follows from that belief, that success should be punished through a progressive and confiscatory system of taxation, is the belief that no one should be able to profit “unfairly” from the industry of their forbearers.  “You didn’t earn the money; your parents did, so why should you benefit from their work.”  This is nothing more than a new way of whining, “It’s not fair.”

One caller on C-Span, the inspirational source for this editorial, thinking himself to be very “clever,” I’m sure, attempted, in sarcasm, to ridicule those of us who oppose any form of inheritance tax.  He adopted the role of a wealthy inheritor saying, “Why shouldn’t I profit because my father was smart enough to buy “XYZ” stock at $50 and sold it at $1000?  Just because other people weren’t smart enough to do the same thing is no reason that I shouldn’t profit from my father’s success.”  Of course the implication of such a call was that the caller would get rich without having earned it. 

So what, like…this is supposed to be a bad thing?

I wonder, how many of these envy ridden liberals would be so conscientious as to turn down an inheritance under these circumstances.  “No thank-you, I didn’t earn this so I want the federal government to have it all…” Riiihgt, I believe that, it happens all the time.  I wonder how many of the “fastidious Liberals” gamble.  I wonder if they pull the handle down hoping that they lose.  I wonder if they play blackjack hoping the dealer wins every hand.

I wonder how many of these “conscientious liberals” play their state lottery each week hoping to win $40 million in unearned income.  Oh, of course, they buy the ticket hoping to lose.  I’m sure there are some, a very few, who are so heavily indoctrinated into the culture of Marxism that they would refuse wealth no matter what the source, but most would switch their opinions and arguments overnight were they suddenly to find themselves in possession of wealth. I have seen this “miraculous transformation” personally in one of my closest liberal friends.  The sudden inheritance of unexpected wealth brought about a convulsive tranformation turning a “McGovern Socialist Liberal” into a “Reagan Conservative.”

That is the proof of envy. 

If you are among the very few who would refuse wealth were it offered to you, congratulations, you are a true believer—a fool—but a true believer nonetheless. 

If you would accept wealth if it was offered to you as, I suspect, 99% of these self-righteous prigs would, then you are nothing but a faddish socialist, a hypocritical jerk, and envy is your only motivation.

The “Death Tax” is an Envy Tax, nothing more.  It is based on the tired, old, failed, economic system of socialism.  The more you earn, the more successful you are, the more you should have to pay.  Success is evil so it must be discouraged at any cost so that the rest of us won’t feel stupid or inferior because we aren’t successful.

Perhaps, using this philosophy of “fairness,” we should handicap all citizens so that those of us who are “too-fill in the blank” are brought back down into the realm of the “average.”  If you’re “too smart” then you should be given a “stupidity pill.”  If you’re “too athletic,” you should have some portion of your body removed so that you will no longer think yourself better than others.  That is the ultimate result of the fairness argument.

Envy is a sickness.  It is a disease of a warped sense of morality.  It is, according to the Bible, a sin.  No one who indulges themselves in envy and jealousy can possibly be happy.  How can one enjoy what he has got, what he has achieved, if he is too preoccupied with making sure that others don’t have more than he does?

The so-called Death Tax is a bad idea and the time has come to eliminate it entirely.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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