"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Amnesty Bill: For Senate and President, Bad Legislation is Better Than No Legislation At All

Will Malven

Having observed the Senate debate and votes on the “Immigration Bill” and its many proposed amendments, one thing is patently clear, there is a greater desire to have a bill passed than there is to take the time necessary to make that bill a strong bill.

Their goal, as I understand it, is to get a bill-any bill-so that Senators can return to their constituents during the Memorial Day break and lie about how hard they have worked for them and how successful they have been in “solving” the illegal immigration problem.

Understand.  This is an amnesty bill.  It is the single largest sellout of the interests of the American people since President Jimmah Cahta divested us of the Panama Canal Zone.  Under this bill, as many as 120 million Hispanic immigrants will become legal residents and eventually citizens over the next 20 years.

I don’t object to their origin so much, but to their attitudes toward becoming American.  I have seen little inclination within the Hispanic community to assimilate into our collective American culture.

There appears to be a group of about 65 +/- Senators who with the cooperation of the President see action as being far more important than effectiveness and about 32 +/- Senators who take their obligation to the American citizens seriously and are interested in passing real and significant legislation aimed at actually solving the immigration problem.

The lie that is the current Senate bill is in truth an amnesty bill, very similar to that which was passed back in 1986 and was supposed to solve the problem of illegal immigration at that time.  Most of the provisions aimed at granting residency to the illegal aliens presently in America take effect before any of the provisions aimed at securing the borders take effect.  We have no guarantee that any of the enforcement provisions will be anymore tightly enforced than were those of the 1986 bill which, as we all know, solved the illegal immigration problem once and for all…Oh!  That’s right it didn’t.  That’s why we’re having to do this all over again.

Senator Specter, who is leading the charge on this toothless legislation, seems impatient with any attempts by some of the more conscientious Senators to impose some responsibility, either fiscal or legal, on this procedure.  He is aided by his cohorts in crime Senator John McCain (2008 presidential candidate) and Ted Kennedy (chauffeur to the young and deceased and “driving” force behind the original abomination of an immigration bill forty years ago) in this game of 3 Card Monte.  Well Teddy, since you completely screwed the whole thing up then, why shouldn’t you take the lead in this latest debacle.

This philosophy that legislative activity is more important than legislative responsibility seems to be a product of the Left and Moderate members of this “respected” body.

Kennedy and his brethren seem obsessed with “fairness,” fairness in the balance between the rights of skilled and unskilled immigrants.  I know you don’t care Mr. Kennedy, but what about “fairness” for the American citizen.  I was under the (apparently mistaken) impression that you were supposed to be working for the good of the American people, not for the welfare of the illegal immigrants. What about fairness to those who have obeyed the laws of our nation and have been waiting, some for 20 years (in the case of the Philippines), for a chance to immigrate legally?

I don’t believe Teddy Kennedy has any concept as to the meaning of “fairness.” If he did, he would be more careful about invoking the word.  In my book, fairness implies not just reward for the good one does, but also a reckoning for deeds done wrong.  Far too many people readily invoke the word fairness when they have no desire for true fairness.  Fairness would dictate that all of those who are in this nation illegally would be forced to leave the country in prison togs.  Fairness would dictate that all of those illegally in America would have to wait their turn to enter the borders, rather than receive special consideration allowing them to “jump line.”

As to the questions raised by Senators Sessions, Kyl, and others about the hidden costs which are associated in instituting the measures hidden in this bill, they were quickly laid aside by the bill’s managers and the robot rank and file members.  If the numbers are accurate, this bill is going to ultimately cost half a trillion-yes that’s trillion with a “T.” Problem is, since when has the CBO been known for accuracy in assessing the cost of any new federal giveaway program?  Judging from their past record, it might be wise to multiply their cost estimates by 2 or 3 times.  We already know that their estimates are based on a family unit of mother, father. and 1.2 children…1.2 children?  Yeah right.  As a resident of Houston and as someone who lives in the vicinity of these Hispanic “immigrants” I would correct that estimate to an average of 4.2 children.  You may call me racist if you like, I report only what I have seen, and the families that I have seen usually have 1 or 2 children in tow, one being pushed in a carriage and one in the oven.  The CBO estimates 1.2?  They have got to be kidding.

One of the not so publicized amendments to this bill, one which has been “conveniently” folded into a single “managers” amendment (meaning they do not have to be voted on individually), is the requirement that any new fence or wall erected by a community on the border must be preceded by “consultation” with the community’s counterparts on the other side.  I do not believe that this sovereign nation should be required to consult with the officials of a foreign nation before constructing an augmentation to our security.

The “Bum’s Rush” that this bill is getting from Senators Specter, McCain, Kennedy, and Graham is truly a spectacle.  It saddens me to see such a stampede toward bad legislation.

In passing this bill, the Senate has made a strong stand for political expediency and turned its back on the American citizens.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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