"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bill O'Reilly: Pompous Ass

Will Malven

There comes upon occasion, an obligation to take to task one of our, (in my opinion) far too many, self-important talking heads to task when their egos allow them to stray from simple arrogance to condescension.

Last night, the usually boorishly bloviating Bill O'Reilly over stepped the bounds of what is generally classified as simple, ill-informed arrogance into the realm of pure unfettered elitism.

After spending considerable air-time and energy, on his own program, discussing the inevitable and very real revelation, by Liberal darling and presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama, that he (Obama) is nothing more than a typical Left-wing elitist and Marxist, the egregious Bill O'Reilly then appeared on Greta van Susteren's program, whereupon he provided a closer glimpse into his own arrogance.

Mr. O'Reilly, being confronted with Ms. van Susteren's innate Liberal desire to explain away, or otherwise excuse Candidate Obama's elitist revelation of contempt for all in which the American people believe, fell back into his own elitist nature by confiding to Greta that, (paraphrasing here) “Of course people like us have the intellect and curiosity to delve into what Barack Obama said and discover his "true meaning," but those morons out there in the voting public lack that intellectual capacity to understand nuanced speech and hear only that people are bitter and clinging to their guns and religion because the economy is bad.

Here is a transcript of the relevant portion of Bill O’s appearance on

van Susteren: “But how do we know though? How does a voter know if he really meant that or if it was just a slip?”
O’Reilly: “But the voters don’t care Greta.”
van Susteren: “I know but it does make a difference, it does make a difference if it was just a poorly phrased something or whether or not he really meant it.”
O’Reilly: (talking over) “To you and I Greta.
To you and I it makes a difference, to you and me it makes a difference, whatever is grammatically correct… “
van Susteren: Me.
O’Reilly: “Okay. And I, and I respect that about you, and I do it too. I want to know what he meant, I want to know what the (garbled fade out)...but the casual person watching three hours of American Idol every week, just hearing stuff in the wind, Greta, they’re not interested in psychoanalyzing Barack Obama.
They know that he's got a nutty preacher friend; they know that his wife said something controversial, and now they know for some reason he dragged guns and church into an economic debate.
Greta, come on, this is the President (sic) race, and people are just going to go "Aaa!.”
van Susteren: (talking over) “But it doesn't matter. I mean in some ways it sounds like you are dismissive of it and maybe it doesn't matter, but do they matter...”
O'Reilly: (talking over) “Of course it matters, like I just said, He just handed Pennsylvania to Clinton...”

Mr. O'Reilly is a "comi-tragic" figure in this because he fails to see his own pomposity even as he denigrates his viewers, the American voters.

Now, I know that Bill O'Reilly has always been a pompous ass, even his television program's subtitle; "The No Spin Zone" exposes his over-inflated opinion of himself.

True to his claim, when confronted with any guest of sufficiently low social status, he feels comfortable in bombarding them with his "Holier than thou" attitude and will leap to confront and expose them in their efforts to "spin" a story, but anytime Bill O. is facing a guest that meets his twisted definition of an intellectual equal (although, in truth he doesn't believe anyone approaches that standard) or any guest of sufficient celebrity status, Bill O'Reilly suddenly becomes meek as a kitten.  He transforms from being Fox News' Thomas de Torquemada into the obsequious Mr. Collins of Pride and Prejudice, hoping to ingratiate himself with his celebrity guests. 

Like many in the entertainment field, "The Mighty Bill O'Reilly" will never confront anyone of genuine celebrity status, no matter how absurd and contemptible their claims.  Perhaps it is because he knows if he alienates them, they will refuse to appear on his television and his ratings will be adversely affected, or perhaps it is just an innate desire to "be one of the crowd."

Hence this Lion of the television talk-show world is quite often bearded in his own den. By refusing to confront Liberal luminaries directly and forcefully, O'Reilly betrays not only his elitism (spawned from his overwhelming desire to be seen as one of the celebrated) but his loyal audience.

There have been numerous occasions upon which I have previously salivated at an upcoming appearance of some hypocritical Liberal luminary on Bill O'Reilly's program, only to be disappointed as his normally ferocious defense of American mores and customs declines into a sycophantic effort to cajole and humor his celebrity guest.

Having been disappointed upon so many occasions, I now no longer look to Bill O'Reilly to "ask the tough question," as he claims to do, when his guests are his Liberal "buddies" like Charlie Rangel, Reverend Al Sharpton, Bill Maher, or the like.

I no longer eagerly anticipate any "heroic verbal duals" when big named Left-wing celebrities come on his program, I expect what I see, a "civil" discourse, in which none of the most controversial topics come to be discussed, or if they are, will result in little of that confrontational positing for which O'Reilly's is famous and to which his less well known guests are subjected.

O'Reilly's intolerance for "spin" evaporates and is replaced with a sort of cordial "agree to disagree" accord.  After all, the Great Bill O'Reilly can't afford to alienate the big-named guests who generate his high ratings...I mean ratings is what his program is all about.

Hey Bill! Here's a clue...Barack Obama is a Harvard educated lawyer. He knew what he was saying; he didn't "misspeak.  This wasn't a simple slip of the tongue, it was an intentional statement, carefully considered, directed to a select audience, intended to elicit a desired reaction.
The only problem here is that his carefully considered and chosen words were recorded and leaked to the press. We know he believed in what he said, because he reaffirmed his belief in his first feckless defense of his statements. His claims of confused understanding and misinterpretation came only after that first bold claim of affirmation occurred...and bombed.
There can be no doubt as to what Barack Hussein Obama intended to say, we have his own words...and as we now know..."words do matter."
Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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