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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hyperbole Dominates Debate on Lieberman-Warner Global Warming Bill

Will Malven

Following close on the heels of the coldest year of this century and a growing "consensus" among non brain-washed scientists that man-made global warming is a Leftist hoax and in a continuation of the United States Senate's tradition of being a day late and a dollar short, that "august body" of mental defectives will begin debate on the Lieberman-Warner Global Warming Bill.

This bill is a mare's nest of faux science, half-truths and outright lies...beginning with the name of the bill. Properly it should be called the Boxer-Warner Bill as, according to
H. JOSEF HEBERT of the Associated Press, the bulk of the 500 page Leftist assault against capitalism and our economy was authored primarily by Senator Babs Boxer, not Joe Lieberman or John Warner. They are merely the chief co-sponsors. Why isn't Barbara's name on the bill...take a guess. How far do you think such a bill would get if it was sponsored by one of the dimmest bulbs in Congress and one of the most Liberal?

One of the stand-out features of the Lieberman-Warner Bill is a concept resurrected corpse of the McCain-Lieberman Stewardship Act which, happily, was defeated in 2003, the so called "cap and trade" (more properly called "bait and switch") policy dealing with so-called "carbon units."

The key of this proposal is that every corporation and other "entities" (that means you and I) would be given an base allotment of "carbon units" (or credits). Any of these "entities" that exceeded their base allotment of credits would be required to purchase additional credits from those "entities" consuming less than their base allotment. Or as described by the
PEW Center on Global Climate Change:

An entity that was in a covered sector, or that produced or imported synthetic GHGs, would be subject to the requirements of this bill if it (a) owned at least one facility that annually emitted more than 10,000 metric tons of GHGs (measured in units of carbon dioxide equivalents – MTCO2E); (b) produced or imported petroleum products used for transportation that, when combusted, would emit more than 10,000 MTCO2E; or (c) produced or imported HFC, PFC and SF6 that, when used, would emit more than 10,000 MTCO2E. Each covered entity would be required to submit to the EPA one trade-able allowance for each MTCO2E directly emitted. Each petroleum refiner or importer would be required to submit an allowance for each unit of petroleum product sold that, when combusted, would emit one MTCO2E. Each producer or importer of HFC, PFC, and SF6 would be required to submit an allowance for each unit sold that, when used, would emit one MTCO2E. The Administrator would determine the method of calculating the amount of GHG emissions associated with combustion of petroleum products and use of HFC, PFC, and SF6. [Emphasis added]

The net result of this con-game system would amount to a "carbon tax" on all American citizens. The beneficiary of this carbon-tax would, of course, be the United States government, which would then disperse these additional revenues to those industries favored by the environmental wackos (a.k.a. the EPA).

Reading further from PEW:
The Secretary of Commerce would determine the amount of allowances to be given away or "grandfathered" to covered entities and the amount to be auctioned. The Secretary's determination would be subject to a number of allocation factors identified in the bill. Proceeds from the auction would be used to reduce energy costs of consumers and assist disproportionately affected workers. [Emphasis added]

There you have it folks, classic socialism; the redistribution of wealth, as directed by the government, from the profitable to the unprofitable, or energy providers to the governmentally blessed "alternative energy" industry.

Just as it is for every problem facing America, the Left's solution to our energy problems then is "let the government provide the solution, not the free market."

The oil market is steadily tightening as the demand for the known oil supplies continues to grow. The obvious solution is to expand exploration and production. The obvious solution to high gasoline prices is increased refining capacity. Yet these intuitively obvious solutions somehow escape those on the Left.

Is the Left's response to this so-called crisis expand the oil supply? No, it's "let's find more difficult to develop, more expensive sources of energy," and let the government do it, not the free market. As a result, money will be diverted, by the government, to such useless endeavors as wind energy, bio-fuels, and solar power.

These sources would be developed as a natural result of market forces, by private industry, as soon as the expense of developing them became commercially viable. The problem with this sort of government imposed "energy plan" is that it encourages groups to spend tax-payer money to develop commercially unviable energy sources.
The natural result of these policies is the creation boondoggle projects at tax-payer expense.
Today's (Tuesday, June 03, 2008) floor debate varied from the patently dishonest - Bill Nelson (D-Fla) admitting that the markets and supplies are tightening but saying that additional exploration won't solve the problem - Go Figure), to the surreal - Diane Feinstein (another intellectual midget) giving a lecture on the science of "Anthropogenic Global Warming," warning us the Al Gore (now there's an expert opinion to hang your hat on) told her that "Greenland and Antarctic glaciers may melt sooner than expected and raise ocean levels by as much as 20 feet" ( Lions and Tigers and Bear. Oh my!) and Babs Boxerstein declaring in her opening remarks from the floor of the Senate (as related by The Canadian Free Press:
“Why do this [the Lieberman-Warner bill] now? We’re in a recession. Precisely because we’re in a recession is why we should be doing this. This bill is the first thing that brings us hope.”
Sheer genius Babs. Raise taxes and energy costs during the early stages of a recession and drive more jobs overseas. I am certain that your proposal will bring a great deal of "hope" to the workers in China and India as they are hired by companies which will no longer be able to afford to conduct their business in America.

For that proposal alone, Babs should be drawn and quartered. Anyone with half a brain - that let's Barbara Boxer and her fellow Liberals in Congress out - knows that raising taxes during a recession, or near recession will destroy the economy.

The auction of Carbon "allowances" Babs proposes will "bring in" $3.26 Trillion in revenue by 2050. No doubt that Liberals are salivating over this huge influx of tax-payer dollars. It gives them more money to buy the votes of the fools who believe what they are saying.
What? You think only corporations will pay these additional taxes? Where do you think those corporations will get the money for those Carbon Units? Higher prices of course; higher prices that you, the consumer, will pay and pay and pay. You will pay higher food prices, higher fuel prices, higher medical costs, higher clothing costs...well you get the picture.

Of course that $3.26 Trillion is only the beginning. “Madamn” Boxer expects that revenues will eventually reach twice that amount; all of it to be handed out by Congress and the government to those who can best help these slugs get re-elected.

This is the ultimate tax-payer funded boondoggle and it will destroy our economy.
We are safe this year, because President Bush will veto any bill remotely resembling the McCain/Lieberman/Warner/Boxer/Sanders/et al Bill, and congress lacks the votes to overturn a veto or even force a vote. Next year is not so hopeful.

With McCain falling prey to the wiles of Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, Americans will be forced to rely solely on the few strong Conservatives in Congress to obstruct and delay any future Global Warming Boondoggles coming from the Left.

What a bunch of crooks and liars. There is no redeeming feature in any of this legislative activity beyond the entertainment value of watching idiots like Boxer, Feinstein, and The Gigolo act like they know anything about what they are discussing.

There were a few bright spots in today’s debate, some heroes of the debate. Pete Domenici (R-NM) found the fire once more blasting the Democrats, freshman Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) put in a great performance and of course James Inhofe (R-OK) loosed a few broadsides.

The fun is supposed to last the remainder of the week. Some of the Senators will turn your stomach if you have a minimal understanding of the absurdity of the entire AGW scam, but there will be some very bright spots.

Break out the popcorn and enjoy the show. There should be (judging by today's debate) some real fireworks.


Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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