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--Joseph Stalin

Monday, December 29, 2008

Congressman Kucinich Please Shut Up!

Hamas Bears Responsibility for Palestinian Casualties
Will Malven
Dec 29, 2008

I really get tired of the endless refrain of moral equivalency coming from American politicians, mostly those on the Left, like Dennis Kucinich (D-OH).

Today Representative Kucinich had the effrontery to send a letter to United Nations Secretary General Ban ki-Moon requesting, "an independent United Nations inquiry on Israel’s War in Gaza."

Here is the announcement from his
Congressional web page:
“Today I sent a letter to Secretary General Ban ki-Moon urging the United Nations to establish an independent inquiry of Israel's war against Gaza. The attacks on civilians represent collective punishment, which is a violation of Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention (http://www.unhchr.ch/html/menu3/b/92.htm). The perpetrators of attacks against Israel must also be brought to justice, but Israel cannot create a war against an entire people in order to attempt to bring to justice the few who are responsible. The Israeli leaders know better. The world community, which has been very supportive of Israel's right to security and its right to survive, also has a right to expect Israel to conduct itself in adherence to the very laws which support the survival of Israel and every other nation,” Kucinich said.

Israel is leveling Gaza to strike at Hamas, just as they pulverized south Lebanon to strike at Hezbollah. Yet in both cases civilian populations were attacked, countless innocents killed or injured, infrastructure targeted and destroyed, and civil law enforcement negated. All this was, and is, disproportionate, indiscriminate mass violence in violation of international law. Israel is not exempt from international law and must be held accountable. It is time for the UN to not just call for a cease-fire, but for an inquiry as to Israel's actions.”

According to published news reports, since the commencement of aerial strikes, over 300 Palestinians have been killed and approximately 1,400 have been wounded. The dead include 20 children under the age of 16--nearly half of them killed while on a school bus, according to the United Nations--and 9 women. The attack aggravated a humanitarian crisis wrought by the Israeli-imposed blockade of food, fuel, and medical supplies. With a population of 1.5 million people, the Gaza Strip is among the most densely populated territories in the world.

Either Congressman Kucinich is pathetically uninformed, stupid, or intentionally lying in his appeal. What we see here is a perfect example of "moral equivalency" of the same type to which Israel was subjected in Southern Lebanon, and to which we Americans and our troops were subjected in Iraq, by the same bad actors.

Mr. Kucinich uses hyperbole, distortion and intentionally inflammatory language; all of it aimed at Israel while barely acknowledging that their attacks have occurred in response to extensive and repeated rocket attacks by Hamas against civilian Israeli targets. I suppose that one should be happy that an anti-semite like Kucinich is willing to acknowledge that any attacks against Israel have occurred at all.

I seem to have missed his repeated calls for U.N. action against the terrorist organization Hamas over the past 6 months for their nearly daily missile attacks intentionally directed against civilian targets in Israel.

What I cannot miss are his statements like "
the attacks on civilians represent collective punishment..." as if the Israelis are through their IAF specifically targeting civilians for elimination. Such lies cannot be allowed to go unchallenged.

1.     Israel has not been launching "attacks on civilians," that particular activity lies in the province of these terrorist organizations.
2.   Israel did not "create a war against an entire people," to the contrary, their attacks have been surgical in nature and where possible civilians have been warned ahead of time about the upcoming attacks. Again it is Hamas, like other terrorist organizations that have "created a war against an entire people."
3.   Israel is not "leveling Gaza," only specifically targeted building which have long been associated with Hamas military activities.
4.   Israel never "pulverized south Lebanon," again they used surgical strikes against known Hezbollah strong holds.
5.    Israel never attacks "civilian populations." Again that is the sole province of Congressman Kucinich's terrorist friends.
6.   "Countless innocents" have not been killed or injured, the numbers are pretty well known, although we do also know that in South Lebanon there were attempts by Hezbollah to grossly inflate the casualty numbers for propaganda purposes.
7.    The attacks by Israel have been anything but "indiscriminate." They have been very carefully and specifically targeted at Hamas military strongholds.
8.   Of the "over 300 Palestinians" killed, we know that a vast majority of them are Hamas terrorists, not civilians.
Yes, civilian casualties do occur. In war such unfortunate events do occur, but any attempt to draw moral equivalency between inadvertent "collateral casualties" caused in the course of attacking clearly military targets, as has happened in Israel's attacks and the direct and intentional efforts by Hamas and other terrorists organizations to inflict civilian casualties using suicide bombings and indiscriminate rocket attacks against civilian targets is beneath contempt.

Just as American pilots used particular care to avoid civilian casualties in attacking Iraqi targets, even to the point of endangering their own lives to do so, members of the IAF have gone out of their ways to avoid civilian casualties including sending text messages to the cell phones of civilians who reside inside of targeted buildings warning them of the upcoming attacks.

Mr. Kucinich lies with all of the ease I have come to expect from those on the Left. He knows quite well (or should if he doesn't) that members of Hamas as did members of Hezbollah in South Lebanon, intentionally locate their headquarters and armories in areas heavily populated with civilians with the sole intention of causing high civilian casualties for use as propaganda.
In attacking Israel for the resulting civilian casualties, Mr. Kucinich is working hand in hand with these terrorist organizations against an ally of America, just as he and his supporters worked to enable our enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is dishonest, it is amazingly cynical, and it is despicable and deserving of public reprimand.

Kucinich and his followers have a long history of blaming America and Israel for doing accidentally what groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and al Qaeda do intentionally. This cynical attempt at moral equivalency is unbecoming of a member of Congress and should be soundly and loudly criticized by his fellow members.
Mr. Kucinich, sit down and shut up. You are an embarassment to your nation and are working against our nations established foreign policy.
Long Live Our American Republic!!!!

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