"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Enter the Administration of The Whiners

Will Malven

First it was the "gays" (well now they call themselves the "gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, trans-sexual alliance," or "GLBT"-as though it was some sick, perverted sandwich on a diner's menu) and their whining about Pastor Rick Warren's having been invited by President Elect Barack Obama to give the Invocation for his Inauguration ceremony.

What was Pastor Rick Warren's great "crime?" Giving voice to his support for the California voters' initiative (Proposition 8) restricting the definition of "marriage" solely to hetero-sexual couples. By standing up for his personal beliefs (precisely the same thing these whiners claim to be doing) and the teachings of the Bible, Rick Warren became public enemy No. 1 to, not just the "gay" community, but to the entire Leftist, elitist cabal.

It was not just Pastor Warren who was targeted by the whining, limp-wristed Left, but their messiah as well. President Elect Obama was viciously attacked by his own supporters in the media and on the internet for the heinous act of naming Pastor Warren. So an act of inclusiveness, something in which all of these individuals claim to believe, became a high crime in the court of Liberal elitism...so much for tolerance.

In the end and disappointingly if not unexpectedly so, the President Elect caved into the whiners and only yesterday announced that Bishop Gene Robinson of the (recently apostate) Episcopal Church, the only openly "gay" bishop in the Episcopal Church of Apostacy, has been named to give the invocation at the Inauguration's opening ceremonies on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

I bet old Abe is thrilled about that.

Okay, if this wasn't bad enough. Now it appears that the NAACP wants to get in on the whining...

"Waaaahhhh!!! It's not fair!"

Edward Vaughan, the head of the Alabama chapter of the NAACP is complaining because the state of Alabama chose to send the Mobile Azalea Trail Maids to represent them in the inaugural parade. His objection? They remind him of slavery. That's funny; if you are that atuned to the memory of slavery in America then I would think that for someone like you, simply looking in the mirror would be sufficient. After all, you are a black man and the slaves (or most of them) were black so have at it. Get mad...again and again and again...until it kills you, or get over it and yourself.

Well here's a link to the story from the WSFA 12 website:

Alabama NAACP criticizes use of Trail Maids in Inaugural Parade
Posted: Jan 11, 2009 10:52 PM CST
Updated: Jan 12, 2009 01:02 AM CST

Montgomery, Ala. (WSFA) -- They're part of a long standing tradition that will soon become a part of Presidential history.

The head of the Alabama NAACP, however, wants Mobile's Azalea Trail Maids to stay home on Inauguration Day, claiming the group reminds him of slavery.

"These are not just regular costumes. These are the costumes that remind someone of the plantation in Gone with the Wind," Edward Vaughn said in a phone interview.

Vaughn went on to say the group would be the laughing stock of the Inauguration. County leaders say nothing could be further from the truth.

I suspect this has far less to do with Mr. Vaughan's being offended than it does with him attempting to grab some of the spotlight now being focused on our President Elect. Mr. Vaughan, like most leaders of the NAACP is nothing more than a "race pimp."

Judging from the initial reaction on the extremely Left-wing dailyKos website, I doubt this whine will have the legs of the GLBT complaint. After all, as far as the Left is concerned, they have their "Black President" now so they are absolved from any further concern about the needs or feelings of those in the African American community...right guys?

Remember, these are the people who endlessly preach "tolerance" and "understanding" to any foolish enough to listen to their drivel. These are the same people who will endlessly harangue us about "freedom of speech" and "civil liberties."

The problem with their espousal of these noble principles, as it is with almost any topic for which they advocate, is that they understand little about the underlying principles of those causes they so devoutly espouse. Their ire and open, sometimes violent, hatred of those who oppose their advocacy is a revelation of what is meant by "A little education is a dangerous thing."

They are only willing to apply those principles, to which they so resolutely declare their allegiance, to those with whom they agree, and "devil take the hindmost." They do so with the firm and unshakeable belief that they are just in their hatred. Anyone who opposes the views of a Liberal is summarily guilty of being evil and therefore a just target of their contempt.

Time to move onward and stop kowtowing to these whiners of the Left. "It's not fair," is not a legitimate reason for making law or policy. "It's not fair" is nothing but a whine from those who want to oppress and suppress those with whom they disagree.

America has moved well beyond the concerns of our forefathers over the "Tyranny of the majority over the minority," into the dubious realm of the tyranny of the minority over the majority.

President Elect Obama has already proven that he lacks sufficient spine by surrendering to the clamor of the limp-wristed and naming the apostate Bishop from Oregon to open the ceremonies.

This does not bode well for our nation’s future.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!!

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