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--Joseph Stalin

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Barack Obama: The Most Scripted President in History

Will Malven
February 15, 2009

Anyone watching President Obama's first "press conference" Monday night had to have been struck by one overriding fact, every reporter on whom he called was prescreened and on a list taped to the podium from which he read their names.

Can you imagine what the press would have said if former President Bush had held a press conference in which every reporter on which he called had been prescreened by his staff? Imagine the outrage. Imagine the snide remarks about "not being up to the job."

Instead, we have been subjected to fawning praise about how well his first press conference went; what a magnificent communicator he is.

We Conservatives have been talking about how inept Candidate-now President-Obama was when he went off script. Far from the studied eloquence he evinced in his pre-written speeches, his off the cuff remarks were always peppered by stuttering, pauses and a lot of hemming and hawing as he struggled to find suitable words and evaded providing any specifics in his answers.

I was immediately struck by his carefully scripted performance Monday night. No reporters were allowed to raise their hands to ask questions, there was none of the free and off handed give and take we witnessed not only with former President Bush, but with every single president we have had since press conferences became de rigueur for sitting presidents.

Say what you will about former President Bush, he never shied away from calling on reporters with no prior knowledge of what questions they might ask even during the toughest periods of his presidency. With the exception of that nasty little troglodyte Helen Thomas, who made her hatred of and contempt for President Bush public when she spoke at Bartos Theater at MIT in November of 2002, president Bush never shied away from any reporter or any question barring those which might compromise national security.

Barack Obama is a very different type of president, eschewing any venue which might tax his very limited ability to speak extemporaneously. Remember those ten town hall meeting he and John McCain held during the last election...oh yeah they didn't happen, after promising to participate, Obama backed out.

Why do I consider this important? It further illustrates how completely unprepared and ill-equipped Barack Hussein Obama is for the office he now occupies. How is it possible for this administration and this President to be so unprepared to deal with the problems that face this nation?

Barack Obama enjoyed the smoothest transition in years. Even his people were complimentary of how the Bush Administration assisted them in preparing to take over the reins of government. Compare this transition period with that with which President Bush was faced in 2001.

When President Bush walked into the White House, he faced extensive sabotage and theft by the immature Liberals which so characterized the Clinton Administration. He wasn't allowed the two months that most elected Presidents enjoy due to the unseemly attempt by his elective opponent, Albert Gore, Jr. to steal the 2000 election.

In addition to the efforts by Clinton Administration operatives to sabotage the Bush Administration's efforts to take the reins of government, President Bush faced a concerted effort by Democrats in Congress to delay and block President Bush's efforts to fill cabinet positions.

Again compare the way in which Democrats in Congress treated President Bush's nominees with how Republicans have treated President Obama's cabinet nominees.

With such an easy path paved by Republicans for the Obama Administration's transition to power, it is incredible to see the repeated missteps and inept handling of issues by President Obama and his band of young Turks advising him.

They seem incapable of finding enough capable Democrats who are untainted by corruption to fill his cabinet. Tax cheats seem more common among President Obama's administration than one might find in the federal prison system.

We now have a man in the White House who has to have people tell him what to say, must have all reporters asking him questioned screened, and it is highly probable given this screening, the questions submitted beforehand.

Are any of you naive enough to believe that Henrietta Hughes (the homeless woman who lives with her son out of a car) just happened to get a ticket to that event and just happened to be one of the questioners? For that matter does anyone believe that any of those questioning President Obama at any of these carefully scripted events was simply lucky enough to be chosen to ask their questions?

Democrats used complain about President Bush appearing at closed events the like Fort-Myers one, yet as far as I can tell, the only person who has managed to ask President Barack Obama an unscripted and unexpected question was "Joe the Plumber" and Democrats attempted to destroy his life. I wonder if the press will go after Henrietta and investigate her background the way they Joe.

The Secretary of the Treasury further added doubt to the competence of this new administration when he failed miserably to calm fears on Wall Street. Like all of the Obama Administration he seemed unprepared to deal with the current economic crisis and no clue as to what he will do with the monies Congress is now rushing to provide him in dealing with it.

This guy has an exceptionally long way to go to rise to the very low standards the Carter Administration set as the most incompetent presidency in living memory. It will be interesting to see how long it is before someone is able to ask him a question that isn't on his cue cards?

Long Live Our American Republic!!!!

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