"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Death of a Nation?

Will Malven
March 29, 2008

The American people, once a proud, brash, uncommonly brave and restive populous who would never have submitted to rule by a government seeking dominion over every facet of their lives, have become so placid and sybaritic that they seem (at least a majority of them) resolved to living under the gentle ministrations of a paternalistic welfare state.
Intellectual vapidity and laziness have replaced intellectual curiosity.  Home entertainment systems have replaced intelligent conversation, reducing every living room to an opium den of family members subjected to ever increasingly crude and often barbaric activities being passed off as “entertainment” while numbing their minds and corrupting their values.
Networks serve up a menu of 24 hour/day pabulum.  Programs that survive require nothing of the individual who watches but their presence and attention. Programs which challenge our intellect, enlighten our minds, and enrich our souls fall into oblivion as passive “entertainment” based on voyeurism, humiliation and brutality become the rule.
Liberals, with their obeisance to teachers unions and the false principles of moral relativism and political correctness have so lowered the standards of our education system as to render the traditional “sheepskin” diploma more appropriately described as a “toilet paper” diploma.
The Leftist agenda of specialized studies such as “women’s studies,”  “black history,” and diversity have supplanted the traditional foundations of our educational system.  Mathematics and science, if taught at all, are taught by individuals who have taken more “education” courses than math and science courses.
Classes which require intellectual discipline and place demands on our children’s brains are being simplified and have become geared to the lowest common level.  Those who are “gifted” intellectually are forced to wait on those who lack even average ability. Genius is stultified and mediocrity rewarded.
Students who can’t meet the moderately demanding standards of our institutes of “higher learning” are given special considerations for coming from “disadvantaged environments.”  Merit is now less important than entitlement.
The same insanity that has almost destroyed our industrial base and our capitalist economy, the concept of management as a “portable skill” that is more important than is knowledge of the business being managed,  has now infested our educational system, teaching that being a good “skilled educator” is more important than is knowledge of the subject that is being taught.
This aspiration for mediocrity is evident in every sector of our society, as cash registers in fast food restaurants have had their numerical keys replaced with pictures of the customers’ possible choices.  Calculation has been replaced with “cartoon-ation.”
We have become dependent on machines to do our thinking for us.  Grade school mathematics classes today allow children who have not even learned to perform simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, to use calculators on their tests.  The natural result of this process is children who are incapable of understanding the purpose of those functions and answers which, while tremendously amusing, are simultaneously tragic and heart-wrenching.
Critical thinking is becoming rarer in our electorate as glitz and pomp have become the basis for choosing a leader.  Our citizens have become so preoccupied with their own ease of life that they select their leaders based on thirty-second sound-bites and glitzy advertising which candidates manage to squeeze in between the latest mindless reality show, rather than in depth knowledge of the issues and their candidates’ positions and qualifications.
This is easily seen in the current Democrat Party primary in which a man of little personal accomplishment beyond being a moderately successful black attorney who is a great orator, Barack Hussein Obama, is vying with a woman whose primary claim to the office of the Presidency of the United States is being the wife of a former (disinterested and incompetent) President of the United States and who repeatedly asserts the unsubstantiated and unsupportable claim of “thirty-five years of experience.
The mainstream press, which has ceased to become a watch-dog over our elective process and instead has become an active participant, has chosen to ignore these obvious shortcomings of the Democrat Party candidates in their enthusiasm for a Democrat Party victory this November.

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