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--Joseph Stalin

Friday, August 7, 2009

Democrats Block G.O.P. Move on Rangel (Continue to Support Corruption)

Will Malven

Well it looks like Democrats still believe corruption can only occur it the perpetrator is a Republican. For the third time, Democrats have blocked any move by Republicans to have Charlie Rangel (D-NY) removed as Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee...how about that folks? We have one of the biggest of the Democrat tax cheats heading up the committee in charge of taxing American citizens... the chief tax-cheat in charge of taxes...and Nancy "Culture of Corruption" Pelosi is four-square behind him (probably because she's worried that she will be investigated next).

Democrats continue to set the bar for corruption at levels Republicans could only dream of achieving.

The New York Times has this take on it (link in the title):

"Democrats Block G.O.P. Move on Rangel
By Carl Hulse

WASHINGTON – House Democrats on Wednesday blocked a Republican effort to force Representative Charles B. Rangel from the chairmanship of the Ways and Means Committee and instead referred the demand to the panel already investigating the New York Democrat.

As expected, the House voted 246 to 153 to essentially table the call for Mr. Rangel’s ouster by turning it over to the ethics committee. Representative John Carter, Republican of Texas, had sought Mr. Rangel’s removal in a resolution that said national attention to a series of financial lapses by the chairman of the tax-writing committee has “held the House up to public ridicule.”

Under rules governing consideration of such resolutions in the House, there was no debate on the proposal. But Democrats and a few Republicans said the House should take no action until the ethics panel reached a conclusion on Mr. Rangel’s belated disclosure of significant personal assets and initial failure to pay taxes on some income.

Mr. Rangel sat in the front row of the House chamber as the nine-page resolution recounting news stories and editorials on his financial miscues was read twice in full – a process that consumed about 30 minutes.”

Rangel recently amended his House financial disclosure forms to show $650,000 in previously undisclosed assets and he "forgot" about a $250,000 checking account. How? How is this in any way a credible lie to anyone other than an apologist for corrupt members of the Democrat Party?

This guy is one of those liberals who has never seen a tax hike bill he didn't like. He has advocated for usurious tax rates on "the rich" for pretty much his entire career, yet when called upon to pay his own taxes, he (conveniently) forgot $650,000 of income.

Now I don't know about you, but it would be pretty much impossible for me to forget almost three-quarters of a million dollars in income…especially if I was a United States Representative whose salary was $174,000/year. How do you forget what is essentially four times you annual salary in additional income?

Rangel has always been a clown (okay, I know...the entire Democrat Party leadership is composed of clowns and none funnier-or scarier-than Madame Speaker) and now we know that he is a very, very corrupt clown. So, the $650,000 question is (drum roll please) where is Nancy "Culture of Corruption" Pelosi on this? Pelosi issued a statement
proclaiming on Wednesday, February 1, 2006 that she was going to fight corruption:

“Democrats are leading the effort to turn the most closed, corrupt Congress in history into the most open and honest Congress in history,” Pelosi said. “The American people have been paying the cost for the Republican culture of corruption with a confusing, special-interest Medicare prescription drug program, higher gas prices at the pump, and skyrocketing home heating bills. Democrats will restore truth and trust to our government, and put the priorities of the American people first.”

Why is this woman, who declared war on governmental corruption, now keeping silent? Apparently keeping Charlie Rangel as the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee is part of her and her fellow Democrats putting "the priorities of the American people first."

Since January of this year, this has been the most corrupt, profligate, irresponsible, incompetent, and unaccomplished Congress and President in our nation's history.

With these continuing revelations about Rangel and the problems of Obama's cabinet nominee-tax cheats, Geitner, Daschle, Killifer, and Solis, is there anyone in the Democrat Party Leadership that isn't a tax cheat?

Given the tax difficulties of President Obama’s choices for members of his cabinet, it begs the question: Are all of President Obama's Czars tax cheats as well?

Is the reason he has chosen to use czars rather than filling the cabinet positions that remain open that czars are not vetted by Congress and therefore nothing is known about their tax records (or other aspects of their lives as well)?

Those are the questions that need asking...and answering.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!!

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