"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Enough with the Birther Business

Will Malven

Now that we’ve seen the infamous Long Form Birth Certificate, it’s time to move on.  I was willing to play the “what if” game as long as their remained a reasonable doubt—and taking two and a half year to do what was but a moments effort is justification for having reasonable doubt about Obama’s “natural born” status.

But that is all over now.  The birth certificate has been produced, it has all the right information and, except for a few die-hard fringe conspiracy nuts, the question is finally and beyond any doubt over.  Time to move on.

There is plenty enough about President Obama for one to be dissatisfied without resorting to beating the dead horse of the birther movement.  Obama is alien, but his alienage is not because of his place of birth, but from how he was raised and with whom he was raised.

Judging from President Obama’s speeches, agenda, and policies, any newly minted American citizen has a better understanding of American culture and society, and a better grasp of American exceptionalism than he.  It appears that growing up dirt poor in a third world nation provides one with a better comprehension of “The American Dream,” than being born with a silver government teat in one’s mouth.

In Obama’s world, it’s “The American Dream” versus “Dreams from My Father.”

One would think that, having been the beneficiary of so much generosity from our government and from those more fortunate than he, Obama would be grateful for what he has received, but instead of gratitude, we get resentment, anger and disdain for all that has made America the great nation it is (and remains—in spite of his best efforts).

Clearly, being forced to work hard and compete for the privilege of becoming an American citizen engenders far greater appreciation for the privileges that accompany that treasured status than does being handed it by birth.

Obama’s contempt for America and our Constitution is a matter of record.  His description of our Constitution as “a charter of negative rights,” tells one all he needs to know about Obama’s opinion.  His public statements about redistributing wealth, the unfairness of our system, the bitterness of small town Americans who “cling to their religion and their guns,” speak far more eloquently of his true feelings than any of his myriad of teleprompter driven speeches.

His choice of which churches he has chosen to attend is also informative of his opinion of his native nation.  Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church, in which black liberation theology and a constant stream of anti-American rhetoric is standard fare, was his chosen place of worship for over two decades. 

Whereas Christ’s message was about unity, love of one’s fellow man, and tolerance, this Easter President Obama chose to celebrate by attending Shiloh Baptist Church where Dr. Wallace Charles Smith’s Easter message was good old down home racism, envy, and hatred of others—as practiced by the African American community.

“. . . now, Jim Crow wears pinstripes.  Goes to law school and carries fancy briefs and cases. And now Jim Crow has become James Crow Esquire, and he doesn’t have to wear white robes anymore, because now he can wear the protective cover of talk radio or can get a regular news program on Fox.  Doesn’t have to wear his white garments anymore . . .

We [sic] don’t have to wear white robes anymore, because the racism and the vitriol has taken on a politeness and even such venerable saints as Rush Limbaugh know the lines they’re not to cross.  But any of their constituents that can hear clear the same vile filth spewing forth in their statements that was once the purview of Robert Shelton and members of the Ku Klux Klan and the White Citizens Council.  The problem is not solved yet.”

Wow!  . . . and Obama calls us bitter.  If this was the “just world,” Obama claims to desire, Dr. Smith (wasn’t he the villain in “Lost in Space?”) would be brought up in a civil court and made to give examples of where Rush Limbaugh has “spewed forth the vile filth” similar to what one would have heard from members of the DEMOCRAT members of the Ku Klux Klan and punished when he proved unable to substantiate his allegations—which he couldn’t.

A man is known by the company he keeps.  President Obama keeps company with those who least embrace the promise of America.  He keeps company with those who least characterize the all encompassing, all embracing message of our Statue of Liberty.

President Reagan, among others, spoke of America as that shining city on the hill.  He spoke of America as a beacon of freedom around the world and as a land of infinite opportunity where anyone willing to put forward the effort and take the risk could succeed and where one’s prosperity was limited solely by his vision.

President Obama speaks of injustice, inequality, and a land where government chooses who will succeed and just how prosperous anyone can be.

Where Reagan saw a land of limitless possibilities, Obama sees a land of limited opportunity and shared misery—and he has been working hard to bring his vision to fruition.

Whereas President Reagan—and most of our other President’s—have been filled with optimism and gratitude, President Obama, in spite of his privileged status and being granted by the American electorate the opportunity to be the first black man to be elected to our highest office—far sooner than any in America could have expected—he remains filled with bitter resentment and a desire to drive America down a peg.

Obama hates America not because he was born outside of our borders, but because he was raised outside of our culture.  He was surrounded his entire life by those fringe elements who believed and still believe that America, as a bastion of individual liberty and individual responsibility, is the prime source of evil in the world and that only a government controlled by the elites of the world—leftist elites—can  properly run our nation and our lives for us.

From his anti-colonial, Marxist, Kenyan father and his communist mother, through his mentor Frank Marshall Davis, into his years at Columbia and Harvard Law School, to career as a “community organizer” surrounded by people like Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn, people who hate America, and his attendance at Reverend Wright’s church, Obama has been steeped in anti-American sentiment.  How could he not be filled with bitterness and resentment when his entire American experience has been shaped by members of the extreme anti-American left.

That is why people like the Marxist Van Jones found a comfortable berth as “Green Jobs Advisor” in Obama’s Administration.  That’s why Anita Dunn, the White House’s Communications Director felt free to say that Mao Tse Tung was her favorite philosopher.  That is why someone like authoritarian Cass Sunstein, who believes it is not only the right, but the obligation of government to influence the choices of American citizens, can be placed into a position of power such as the OIRA (Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs).

The truth is the “birther” thing was never going to achieve their expressed desire to have Obama kicked out of office because he was ineligible.  Congress was never going to investigate the matter and the Supreme Court was never going to grant certiorari to any case that managed to reach it.

It was, for me, an entertaining diversion that allowed me to continually tweak the noses of liberals and to goad them into making over-the-top pronouncements about tea-partiers and conservatives.

There is more than enough to attack Obama over.  After all, he’s an incompetent, incapable, under accomplished, under qualified, unprepared, Constitution-hating, Marxist, community organizer. He hates free market economies. He hates successful people. He hates small businesses, He hates universal free speech. He hates the Constitution because "it is a charter of negative rights." He wants to take America down a peg, because we are the source of all evil in the world--and what isn't our fault is western-civilization-in-general's fault.

He wants to destroy our economy so that he can force us into a government run economy. What more could anyone possibly need as a motivation to vote against him?   I think maybe those are reasons enough to work for his defeat in 2012. We don't need the "birther" issue.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Trump’s Triumph?

Will Malven

So what about Donald Trump’s candidacy?

“The Donald,” as he is called, has many of us in a quandary.  He has been putting on a great show as he tours the various news-talk programs and he has a knack for shocking the establishment liberal talking heads with his willingness to take on the big controversial issues—like Obama’s birth certificate—so much so that they have begun to ridicule him as just another “birther,” without actually listening to what he is saying.

Trump’s big question hasn’t been whether or not Obama was born in Hawaii so much as the question many of us have been asking, “What is Obama hiding?” 

There has never been such an effort to cover-up a President’s past as we are seeing today in America.  Never before has a candidate worked so hard to prevent the revelation, not just of his original long form birth certificate, but of his academic records, his writings while in law school, and all of his ancillary information and never before has the MSM been so complicit in such a cover-up.

Also shocking to these talking heads, is the willingness and directness with which Mr. Trump talks about our trade imbalance with China and South Korea and the absurd trade policies America has with each nation.

South Korea has a large trade surplus with us, but we are paying the price for protecting them against the North Koreans.  Trump’s question, “Why aren’t they paying us?”

When discussing China, again trump is no shrinking violet.

“I would tax China, because they are manipulating the currency.  They are taking all of our jobs.  China is an absolute abuser of the United States.  They have no respect for our leadership.”

Believe me, it is that last sentence that really upsets these journalistic Obama-bots out there.  China has absolutely no respect for Obama and through his proxy, America.

During an interview on Rush Limbaugh’s show, Trump said the following:

“. . . They're very smart people [the Chinese].  They told me very, very distinctly that they cannot believe how stupid our representatives are in the United States.  They cannot believe that they can continue to take all our jobs -- you know, through the manipulation of the currency, of their currency, they make it almost impossible for our great companies to compete . . .”

“The fact is that the Chinese are taking advantage of our country.  And by the way, the Chinese can't even believe that they're getting away with it.”

How can this be?  Isn’t Obama the most brilliant President ever?  Isn’t Hillary, our glorious Secretary of State the most brilliant woman in the world?  How dare “The Donald” reveal these truths?

Revelations like these show just how shallow and unprepared the Obama Administration is to conduct our foreign policy and Mr. Trump must be destroyed, because he is openly discussing just how incompetent our President and his State Department are. 

Another prominent target for Donald Trump is OPEC.  He is just as willing to take them to task for their manipulation of oil prices, as he is China for taking advantage of us in trade.

None of these subjects and the way the Obama Administration has been handling them—primarily by kowtowing to the leaders of these nations—accrues to Obama’s credit and I am very pleased that at least one of the prominent names now being mentioned for the Republican nomination has the guts and integrity to confront these, very real, problems.

Of course the most offensive thing Trump has said lately is that America is not respected as a nation anymore. 

After all the criticism the left laid at GW Bush’s feet, all of the accusations of him having an incoherent foreign policy, of alienating our allies, here is “The Donald”  placing blame for the same problem squarely on the Obama Administration and State Department.

“How dare this—this “capitalist” say such an outrageous thing about our beloved leader?”  

No, seriously, that’s what these Obama-bots in the press think [remember, among liberals, “capitalist” is the most pejorative thing one can call another human being].

The other faction from whom I see the most vociferous reaction is the establishment conservatives, who seem to be most motivated by fear.  They appear to be more afraid of losing (and being embarrassed by that) than they are interested in winning.

They fear Trump because he is controversial and might evoke a negative reaction among "swing voters."  Very true, but it is equally true that he might swing “swing-voters” to his side, as the campaign progresses. 

These establishment conservatives—people like David Brooks, Charles Krauthammer, Peggy Noonan, and the National Review-Weekly Standard crew—have proven themselves to be uncomfortable anytime a candidate that doesn’t meet with their narrowly constructed Ivy League, inside the beltway standards.

It was fear that gave us John McCain as the 2008 Republican candidate for President.  It is that same fear that leads these "beltway conservatives" to criticize and attack Palin, Bachman, and anyone else who is seen as an outsider, anyone who might sound different, talk with a different accent or dare to broach untouchable subjects—or worse mention God or morality in public. 

Those conservatives are much more comfortable with Mitch Daniels or Mitt Romney or one of the other “more moderate conservative” ("compassionate conservative?") candidates—than with anyone they perceive to be risky.

As to his support of Democrats and his criticisms of Bush and other Republicans in the past, remember that Trump is essentially a New York businessman.  New York is Democrat—virtually exclusively so—therefore any effort he makes to build in New York has to be approved by Democrat politicians.  All of his socializing must be with an eye to that central fact.

There is a lot in his past that worries me and he will not get my support easily, but compared to Obama, Trump’s a "daisy."  He's smarter, more competent, has actual experience, and is unafraid to say what he believes to a national audience.

Trump has been the first big named possible candidate to dare to broach the subject many have been discussing in the privacy of their homes.  He is the only one who has dared to openly confront the China/South Korea trade problem.

Firearms, abortion . . . he has about the same credibility as Mitt Romney, i.e. very, very little—or at least has more to prove.  His past record is far from encouraging on those and a number of other issues.

Problem is this birther business aside, right now and for the foreseeable future, the topics Donald Trump is most often discussing, China's trade policies, OPEC, and how America is viewed overseas are the big issues.  Our economy is a disaster; our federal budget is a disaster and our deficit and debt national disgraces.  We need someone capable of reining in this out of control economy.

“The Donald” has dared to go where none of the “establishment conservative” candidates-in-waiting have dared to venture.

I’m not sure about Trump, however, the over-the-top reaction I am witnessing in the MSM to his candidacy and their manyfold attempts to delegitimize him using—typical for liberals, who cannot argue facts—ridicule, lead me to give him more than a cursory look.

Is Trump the right man for the job?  Only time will tell, but at least he is talking about the issues and he is unafraid to confront a few of what have become sacred cows to the press.

One thing is absolutely certain, when liberals react in the manner they have to Trump's possible candidacy, there is genuine fear present.

That's not enough on its own for me to throw my support to Trump, but it is worth considering.

Bring it on Donald; it’s about time we have some of these frank (bordering on courageous) discussions.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!!

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yes, Another “Why Johnny Can’t Read” Commentary

Will Malven

There is virtually a perennial inquiry by American parents as to “Why Johnny Can’t Read.” This encapsulates a growing awareness and concern over the plight of our educational system. The puzzlement is only increased when one stops to consider that America spends more money per student than any other industrialized nation, by a factor of 2 or 3.

The following chart shows, in constant 2008 dollars, the extent of our education problem:

Since 1970, total expenditures per student have almost tripled, with no discernable results other than the enrichment of teachers’ unions and the campaign war chests of the Democrat politicians who pander to them.

Education was part of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (elevated to a cabinet level position in 1953) until then President Jimmy Carter elevated education to a cabinet level position in 1979 (Democrats just love government—they can’t seem to get enough of it).

In their mission statement the Department of Education lays out it’s prescribed purpose, as established by law:
• Strengthen the Federal commitment to assuring access to equal educational opportunity for every individual;
• Supplement and complement the efforts of states, the local school systems and other instrumentalities of the states, the private sector, public and private nonprofit educational research institutions, community-based organizations, parents, and students to improve the quality of education;
• Encourage the increased involvement of the public, parents, and students in Federal education programs;
• Promote improvements in the quality and usefulness of education through Federally supported research, evaluation, and sharing of information;
• Improve the coordination of Federal education programs;
• Improve the management of Federal education activities; and
• Increase the accountability of Federal education programs to the President, the Congress, and the public.
[ http://www2.ed.gov/about/overview/mission/mission.html?src=ln ]

In other words, the Education Department has failed miserably to serve the purpose for which it was originally created. Since the establishment of the department, the quality of our children’s education has steadily declined. America, once the leader of the free world in producing scientists and engineers and a leader in innovation, must now rely more and more upon foreign born scientists and engineers to feed the demand for innovation.

Our students rank 25th in mathematics, 17th in science, and 14th in reading skills—I do believe we rank first in putting condoms on cucumbers, so all is not lost.

America ranks second among all nations in the amount of spending per student, yet we are nearly at the bottom of all industrialized nations in overall education.

This doesn’t speak very highly of the success of the Department of Education, in fact it speaks to the need to eliminate the whole damn mess and return that responsibility to the states and local governments, where it belongs.

There are a number of main contributors to our failing education system, but first among those has to be the encroachment of unions into the teaching profession.

Teaching used to be a calling. Those who entered the field did so out of a sense of obligation to their community and sought the emotional rewards which follow naturally from performing an important service to one’s community and from watching as children progress from the jabbering wild creatures as which they begin into intelligent considered students with a look towards the future and their own careers.

Since the establishment of the Department of Education and the rapid increase in teachers' union membership, education is a “calling” no more and is now looked at as a professional career and a source of financial reward and advancement.

Newly minted teachers spend more time in “education classes” than they do in studying the actual subjects they will be responsible for teaching. This is eerily reminiscent of the Harvard Business School’s model of “management as a portable skill.” What becomes important is form, rather than function. Knowledge of how to teach is valued more than knowledge of what you are teaching.

However, I also don't wish to imply that the failure of our education system is solely the fault of teachers or schools. It is a societal problem.

When parents don't care, when students who seek to do well are vilified by their peers, and scholastic achievement is less important that what you wear and less important than athletic prowess, it is difficult to foresee any improvement in the quality of our education system.

Without the necessary values being instilled in our youth, this decline in performance is inevitable. Without parents who care, who are willing to become involved in their children’s’ lives and who are willing to spend the time ensuring that their children learn and attend classes, our schools are destined to fail.
That does not, however, completely exonerate teachers unions and teachers. The field has also been polluted with the worst of leftist ideals with their ingrained hatred of everything for which America has stood over the past 230 years.

Political correctness, secular humanism, relativistic morals, and outcome based education have replaced common sense, Judeo-Christian morals and belief systems, and “reading and ‘riting and ‘rithmetic.”
All of that simply goes hand-in-hand with the changing role of our schools from education to indoctrination. Our public school system is churning out little brainwashed robots who lack the critical thinking skill, cultural associations, and knowledge of our common history. Fundamental skills such as spelling, basic four function math, and reading comprehension are no longer taught. Our students use calculators almost before they learn to add and subtract and they write their term papers on computers with spell check and grammar check.

Many reading this will denigrate my belief that learning by rote is still the best technique and judging by results over the past 4 decades, I am right. Traditional education techniques were proven over time and the “innovations” in teaching techniques that have come from those degreed in the field of “education” have yet to have proven themselves.

It is time to reevaluate our investment in a great federal bureaucracy. The Department of Education employs 5000 people with a budget of $70 Billion. None of those people teach classes, they are bureaucrats—that is to say consumers of our tax-payer dollars. They produce nothing but paperwork, regulations that have, as far as I can tell, an adverse effect on our education system and useless failed theories on how education can be improved.

A large part of this failing lies in the simple and undeniable truth that education was never intended to be a function of the FEDERAL government. Historically, educating our youth has been function of our state and local governments. The further away from the students and parents authority over education gets, the more alienated it will become from the target population and the less responsive to their needs it will become.

Today’s Department of Education has deteriorated into nothing more than a money pump from the tax-payer into the coffers of the teachers unions and from them into the war chests of Democrat Politician who pander to them.

Why don’t we eliminate the entire Department, send the money back to the tax-payers, or at least back to local governments and get one more layer of our overarching federal government off of our collective backs?

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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Friday, April 15, 2011

2012 Elections—Game On

Will Malven

Republicans had better wake up, because the Liar in Chief served notice Wednesday that the 2012 political campaign has begun.  While Republicans are fighting to see how accommodating they can be to avoid being criticized by the MSM for shutting down the government, Democrats are already playing hardball politics.

So Representative Ryan was shocked by the drubbing he received at Obama’s opening salvo Wednesday . . . WAKE UP! 

This is going to be the standard fare from now until after the elections a year and a half from now.  A quick scan of the Drudge Report’s headlines gives us:

Republicans will make US 'Third World' nation: Obama

President Obama’s speech Wednesday gave us a preview of the new Democrat campaign strategy.  SURPRISE! . . . It’s the same as the old Democrat campaign strategy . . . lie, distort, attack, and—yep, you knew it would happen—BLAME BUSH.
It’s been said that our military is always fighting the last war, when it comes to strategy and tactics.  One can say the same thing about Republicans and elections . . .except that Republicans never learn.  Apparently the Republican leadership is incapable of comprehending a simple, but undeniable truth; the mainstream news media will never be sympathetic to their agenda.  The MSM will never be sympathetic to the suffering of a Republican, never agree with a Republican, and never support a Republican . . . unless that Republican abandons all of his conservative principles and “compromises” with the “good guys” (Democrats in the eyes of the MSM).
Examples are readily apparent.  Look at the plight of John McCain in the last presidential campaign.  McCain was the darling of the MSM—their favorite “go to Republican” member of Congress, leader of the “go along to get along” Republicans.  He reached across the aisle so often, his seat on the floor was in the middle of the aisle and for his efforts, he was roundly praised as the perfect Republican . . . then came the 2008 Presidential election.  Throughout the Republican primary race, McCain retained his “golden” status, but as soon as he became the Republican nominee, he was abandoned by the MSM who then portrayed him as too old, too out of touch, angry, absent minded, dishonest, and pretty much any other negative character trait the MSM could devise.  McCain was savaged in the general elections while his Democrat opponent, Obama was left untouched, unexamined, protected, and elevated to sainthood.
So, now it’s time for Republicans to wake up.  “WAKE UP REPUBLICANS!!!”

The 2012 campaign has begun.  Democrats will not be negotiating in good faith—as if they ever have—they will be maneuvering for a tactical advantage.  Everything that happens from here on is about politics; every word that comes from Obama’s, teleprompter driven, mouth is about his reelection.  He will not keep his word, he will not treat Republicans with respect, he will not permit any real and effective realignment of budgeting priorities.

He will demagogue on the tax issue using the same old “us against them” theme of rich getting richer, poor getting poorer, and laud the federal government as the savior of all.

The main theme of his speech Wednesday was an insult to all Americans.  [To paraphrase] "What finally made America a great nation was the massive increase of welfare spending encompassed in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid???"

America wasn’t a “great nation” until that happened?  This is a joke, right?

What nation is this guy from (just kidding)?

I don’t know, but I always thought what made America great was its unyielding devotion to liberty and freedom.  I thought what made America a great nation was the freedom all of its citizens enjoyed to pursue the future they envisioned, unfettered by an oppressive, overarching, paternalistic government.  What created the wealthiest society in the world was not government, it was a free citizenry. 

Open markets and motivated citizens employed by innovative and industrious corporations are what created this great nation.  When governments step in, markets recede, industry dies, and the general well-being of our society declines.  That is not some abstract assertion; it has been the experience of every society in the world.  It can be seen in many of our American cities.

Time for Republicans to stand firm, for the sake of their party, for the sake of their careers, and most especially for the sake of all Americans' freedom and prosperity.  If this requires that the budget limits not be raised, if it requires a government shutdown to force the Democrats to get serious about debt reduction, so be it.

Democrats are destroying this nation piece-meal and it is time for Republicans to stand up and say “NO MORE!”            


Time to return to a smaller, less intrusive federal government and it’s time for Republicans to argue their case to the American people.

Stop paying attention to what the MSM says, they have not been, are not, and never will be your friends.  They will never sing your praises as long as you stand for fiscal responsibility.  Get over it.

Our nation cannot prosper under the weight of taxation Democrats desire.  They are dedicated to killing the golden goose of free market capitalism.

The campaign starts now, so get cracking, confront the Democrats and make them squirm.  They are destroying our nation with their unremitting pursuit of bigger government and higher taxes.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Out of Power--Democrats Losing It?

Will Malven

One of the most noticeable effects of the 1994 elections, which put Republicans in control of the House of Representatives for the first time in forty years, was the sudden an unprecedented exodus of formerly powerful Democrats from Congress.  Over the next four years, America witnessed the departure of many old guard members of the Democrat leadership from office.

One was led to the inescapable conclusion that, having ruled the House for such a long and unbroken string of elections, Democrat were unable to deal with being the party out of power.

An interesting sidelight of that was the apparent inability of Republicans to deal with holding the reins of power.  Men who had spent their entire careers in the House playing second fiddle, suddenly found themselves in a leadership position and seemed to have no idea what to do with that power.  Republicans were so steeped in the “go along to get along” mentality required by their seemingly permanent second class status, that they were unable to adapt to a leadership role.

For Democrats, suddenly finding themselves out of power seemed to cause a sort of psychic break, leading them to abandon their seats and try their luck in the private sector—in and of itself, not a bad outcome.

We seem to be witnessing a similar psychic break among members of the Democrat Leadership today.  A video of Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, refusing to say “under God” when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, has gone “viral” over the internet.

While he is not the first Democrat to refuse to utter those words, he is the most notable, in that he makes such a big deal out of his conversion to the Mormon faith when running in the heavily Mormon districts of Nevada and because of the position of power he holds as Minority Leader in the Senate. 

So too, we are now witnessing former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s break with reality.  Back in 2006, the recently victorious and soon to be newly selected, Speaker of the House of Representatives, said the following:

“Today the American people voted for change and they voted for Democrats to take our country in a new direction . . . and that is exactly what we intend to do.

Apparently, Ms. Pelosi felt that the results of those 2006 elections were very important and were a mandate for her extremist, leftist views to be implemented no matter what the ultimate consequences were.

Pelosi exercised a Stalinist-like discipline over her caucus while Speaker of the House.  She countenanced on dissent and brooked no appeal by her opponents.  She ruled the House with an iron fist and used that fist to smash down anyone who opposed her aims.  She manipulated House rules to exclude Republicans from planning meetings and legislative writing sessions.

Pelosi ran the most one-sided, repressive Congressional session in living memory.  She sneered and smirked her way past American citizens who dared protest her high-handed, disastrous left-wing socialist agenda with all the arrogance typical of limousine-liberal elitists.

One must grudgingly admit that Pelosi was stunningly successful at placing her personal imprimatur on the 110th and 111th Congresses . . . much to the misery of the American people and the devastation of our economy.

Now however, having lost the 2010 elections in a stunning reversal, the former Speaker is suddenly changing her tune.  This same enthusiastic embracer of election results has some (well intentioned, I’m sure) advice for Republicans, who just took power after receiving an even greater mandate for “change” than Democrats did in 2006 (the 112th Congress has the greatest number of Republican in the House of Representatives since 1949).  On April 10, of this year, the Wicked Witch of the Left had this to say in an address at Tufts University:

“To my Republican friends: take back your party. So that it doesn’t matter so much who wins the election, because we have shared values about the education of our children, the growth of our economy, how we defend our country, our security and civil liberties, how we respect our seniors.”

What a crock of . . . manure.  Former Speaker Pelosi, we share almost no values with your twisted liberal vision for America.  Your values are those which would indoctrinate our children rather than educate them, destroy our economy by taxing the private sector into a permanent subsistence economy and redistributing wealth from those who create it to those who consume it, abandon our allies and withdraw from the world by defunding our military and deriding those who serve, and respecting our elders by attempting to frighten them and by placing them under the supervision of death panels which would dictate to them when it was time to die—for the good of the nation, of course.

Your vision of America is the same sad song all liberals sing . . . the shared sacrifice of an existence devoid of hope, devoid of spirit, and devoid of prosperity.  It is the same “vision” that those who lived under the boot of Soviet communism; people living lives of quiet desperation, without hope, without goals, beyond surviving yet another grim day.

I guess for the former “Madame Speaker,” elections have consequences . . . only when liberal liars are placed in power.

Should Republicans retain or expand their control over the House in the 2012 elections, expect to see another exodus of Democrats from Congress, as their overblown egos force them to abandon the political field of combat for more palliative positions among their liberal brethren who populate NGO’s and consulting firms around America.

Sorry Nancy, no more $100,000 military jet rides for you.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

I've Got those Boehner Budget Blues

Will Malven

A budget agreement to cut $39 Billion from the 2011 budget?  What was he thinking? 

America is drowning in a sea of red ink, to the tune of an estimated $1.6 Trillion deficit for the current fiscal year . . . $830 Billion over the past 6 months--$233 Billion in February alone. How can anyone in his right mind suggest that convincing Obama and his Democrat henchmen in Congress to okay a $39 Billion cut was a victory? Hell, that's cutting about a week and a half's spending--less.

Representative Boehner  gave up on banning funding of Planned Parenthood, even though they use federal money to pay for abortions (in 2009, Planned Parenthood performed 332,278 abortions and for that humanitarian service, they tapped the federal coffers for $363 Million).

Also surrendered by Representative Boehner was the "rider" which would have prevented the EPA from  instituting new "greenhouse gas" regulations on industry, intended to prevent the mythological man-made global warming and, apparently, he also surrendered on continuing federal financing of PBS and NPR.

Mr. Speaker Boehner, what, exactly, did you win?  Sir, you just got taken to the cleaners.

Once again the American people have been shafted by a Republican "leader" out of fear of what the MSM might say and out of fear of who the public would blame in the event of a shutdown.

What is it about Washington D.C. that so emasculates Republicans?  Why must it always be Republicans who "compromise?"  Why shouldn't Democrats have to compromise--give up one of their sacred cows?  How is the wholesale slaughter of a third of a million unborn babies, paid for with tax-payer money, a good thing?  How is that an argument we can't win, when over half of the American people object to on demand abortions?

I just don't understand why our Republican members of Congress are so lacking in intestinal fortitude that they can't hold the line.

Government shutdown?  SHUT IT DOWN.  What's the problem?

How can you not win an argument over the President refusing to pay our troops in the event of a government shutdown?  How can you not win an argument beginning with "Democrats are more interested in killing the unborn than they are in preventing the collapse of the American economy?"  How can you not win the argument that NPR and PBS are not essential to the survival of our nation?

The first thing one has to do to win those arguments, is to TRY!  Stop surrendering before the battle is engaged.  Stop living in 1995 and try living in 2011 . . . it's not the same thing.

The American people--well those who have any ability to reason beyond that of a chimpanzee--understand that our economy is in dire straits.  They understand that we have to reign in our spending drastically, and--if you explain it to them--will understand the need for sacrifice.

The national debt is over $14.286 Trillion our gross domestic product is the virtually the same, $14.654 Trillion.  We are now at the point where the national debt equals our entire national gross domestic product, there is no more room for growth and no more time to waste.

The American electorate, or at least most of them know understand these thing, Mr. Speaker Boehner, trust them to make the right decision.  They did in November, why can't you trust them again in 2012?

I am not happy, Mr. Speaker, and neither are most of your conservative constituents across America.  In fact, Mr. Speaker, we are far, far from being happy with this agreement.

I suppose that we are going to have to take this one . . . again . . . for the team, but you and Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor and the rest of the Congressional Republicans better grow a spine before you submit and fight for the 2012 budget, or I can assure you, you will be targeted by the tea-party movement.

America cannot afford this long and storied game of playing around the edges while the economy and the hopes and dreams of Americans die.  The 2012 campaign is not that far off and conservatives around the nation are more energized and active than ever before.  We will not sit idly by while you go about with "business as usual," sir.

This is you wake-up call.  Time to fight for that in which we believe.  No more going along to get along, no more accommodating the left out of fear of what NBC, The Washington Post, or the New York Times might say.  They don't like you, they will never like you and you will never win if you spend all your time worrying about what they are going to say about you.

NO MORE!  No more will we accept the bread crumbs you toss to us while going on with "business as usual," no more will we accept bigger budgets, bigger deficits and bigger pork-barrel spending.  No more will we allow you to ignore our wishes and cut back-room deals with your colleagues.

Time for you Republicans in Congress to stand up and be counted, or to go down for the count.

God bless America and all that for which she stands!!!

U.S. DEBT CLOCK - for your edification when contemplating this pathetic compromise.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Budget Battle: Republican Reason, Democrat Demagoguery

Will Malven

So . . . now we have the big budget battle over the 2011 fiscal year budget . . . because the Democrats, holding huge majorities in both houses of Congress, were unable to pass a budget when they were supposed to pass one.

Once more Republicans are left to clean up the mess that Democrats left them and at every turn, they are being attacked and demagogued by those same Democrats.  There’s nothing like cutting spending to send Democrats into paroxysms of whining.

Let’s get the numbers straight.  This budget is for a government that is spending $3.82 Trillion on total revenues of $2.17 Trillion, giving us a deficit of $1.65 Trillion.  What Republicans were proposing was to cut $63 Billion from that $3.82 Trillion . . . and Democrats are crying about it.

Do the math.  $63 Billion / $3.82 Trillion = 1.65%. 

Come on people, are you serious?  The Republican proposal only cuts 1.65% from the budget and Democrats are crying out that old people are going to be starving?  The deficit will still be $1.587 Trillion. 

This is the best Congress can do?  Talk about an absurd and dangerous addiction to spending.

Of course this is nothing new; Democrats live in hyperbole-land (when they’re not being hypocritical).  All they have to offer America is fear-mongering and economic ruin.

Democrats counter proposal began at $10 Billion and they acted as if that was a major sacrifice.  Chuck “Microphone Moth” Schumer declared that a great victory.  If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would be humorous.

Now, with great gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes, the Democrats have reached the awe-inspiring number of $33 Billion and again they are calling it “victory.”

Ol’ Microphone Moth is attacking Republicans and more specifically those “evil” tea party supporters as extreme and suggesting they want a government shutdown.  For liberals like Schumer, even miniscule cuts are intolerable.  In their vision, government is the ultimate force for good and “We the People” need to just sit down and shut up.  He wants us to sit by silently while he and his fellow Democrats spend us into oblivion.  Apparently the lessons of Greece and Portugal are unlearned and beyond their ken.

Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and their comrades won’t be happy until the American people are all standing in breadlines begging for largess from them.  They are actively pursuing a state in which we, the American people are wholly dependent upon them for our survival . . . nothing new for Democrats, they are socialists at heart and like nothing better than big government.

We’ve been down this road, folks.  America has endured the big spending of Democrat largess once before.  Does anyone out there remember President Carter’s “Malaise?”  Double-digit inflation, double-digit unemployment, and double digit interest rates were Carter’s and his fellow Democrats legacy.

Now, President Obama and his fellow Democrats are doubling down on Carter.  The Democrats have given us, in just two years of the Obama Presidency, $4 Trillion in new debt (a 40% increase), and a monthly deficit nearly as large, if not greater than, those President Bush’s Administration and the Republican Congress (well Democrats actually ran the House from 2007 on) ran each year. This past February the federal monthly deficit was $223 Billion—that was February alone—and Democrats are complaining about $63 Billion in cuts?  For comparison, President Bush’s deficit for the entire year of 2007 was (only) $161 Billion down from 2006’s $248 Billion—again, that’s the total annual deficit.

The fact is, Democrats aren’t serious about cutting spending, they are not serious about the deficit, and they, apparently, don’t care what happens to the American economy, as long as they can get re-elected . . . and that is what this entire battle is all about for them . . . ensuring that their special-interest voting blocs get the money they want so they will support Democrats in the next election.

Worse, President Obama, Mr. “Hope and Change,” “The Anointed One,” the man who summoned everyone to the bargaining table and then told Senator Kyle, Representative Ryan, and the other conservative voices at the table, “I won” when they protested his refusal to consider their suggestion; that President Obama had the temerity to tell us:

“What we can't do is have a 'my way or the highway' approach to this problem. If we start applying that approach ... we're not going to get anything done.”

Such hubris on the part of Mr. “I Won” is breathtaking, though not unexpected coming from the great Narcissist in Chief.

America is on the brink of economic devastation.  The current total national debt is, for all intents and purposes, equal to our gross domestic production . . . we owe one dollar for every dollar we generate in our economy.  Such a state is untenable.  The American economy cannot grow when the federal government is the largest employer in the nation and one out of every four dollars generated by our economic engine is going to the government.

Almost half of all Americans are on the dole—recipients of your tax-dollars.  This isn’t just wrong, it is insane.

The much vilified tea-party and our newly elected Republican majority don’t need to compromise, they need to stand firm.  The MSM is now reporting that a “deal” is close at hand, somewhere around the $40 Billion mark.  In the face of number like those above, such a “deal” is laughable—one couldn’t call it scratching the surface and keep a straight face (unless he is a big spending, lying liberal like Microphone Moth).

America’s future is at stake.  We have arrived at a time of reckoning and it is time for Congress and the President—both sides—to get serious about reigning in the federal printing presses.  We can’t afford the sort of reckless spending that Republicans under Bush and Democrats under Bush and Obama have been engaged in.

It’s time for Democrats to shut up and get serious.  Stop lying.  Stop trying to frighten our senior citizens with talk of doom and gloom.  Stop . . . screwing up our country and start doing something about our out of control deficits.

When the tea-party candidates first came to the House, the lowest number they put forward was $100 Billion in cuts.  Leader Boehner and the others winnowed that down to a measly $63 Billion and now we are faced with a Senate that balks at $40 Billion.  This is not taking an axe to the budget, this is using a potato peeler.

Let me warn Congress.  Let me warn, especially, the Republicans in Congress.  Last election—a whopping four months ago—America sent you a message.  We sent 63 new Republicans to Washington DC with one overriding mandate; that mandate for Congress to STOP!  Stop the spending, stop the deficits, stop the burgeoning debt.  If you guys can’t do it, in 2012 there will be a whole lot more heads rolling.

We the People will send another 63 or more new faces to Washington.  If they don’t get it, we will fire them and replace them.

The American people are tired.  We are tired of the games, tired of the self-serving, tired of the insanity.

Cut the spending, or be replaced.  We the People aren’t going anywhere, we aren’t going to be distracted, and we are watching you.