"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Friday, April 15, 2011

2012 Elections—Game On

Will Malven

Republicans had better wake up, because the Liar in Chief served notice Wednesday that the 2012 political campaign has begun.  While Republicans are fighting to see how accommodating they can be to avoid being criticized by the MSM for shutting down the government, Democrats are already playing hardball politics.

So Representative Ryan was shocked by the drubbing he received at Obama’s opening salvo Wednesday . . . WAKE UP! 

This is going to be the standard fare from now until after the elections a year and a half from now.  A quick scan of the Drudge Report’s headlines gives us:

Republicans will make US 'Third World' nation: Obama

President Obama’s speech Wednesday gave us a preview of the new Democrat campaign strategy.  SURPRISE! . . . It’s the same as the old Democrat campaign strategy . . . lie, distort, attack, and—yep, you knew it would happen—BLAME BUSH.
It’s been said that our military is always fighting the last war, when it comes to strategy and tactics.  One can say the same thing about Republicans and elections . . .except that Republicans never learn.  Apparently the Republican leadership is incapable of comprehending a simple, but undeniable truth; the mainstream news media will never be sympathetic to their agenda.  The MSM will never be sympathetic to the suffering of a Republican, never agree with a Republican, and never support a Republican . . . unless that Republican abandons all of his conservative principles and “compromises” with the “good guys” (Democrats in the eyes of the MSM).
Examples are readily apparent.  Look at the plight of John McCain in the last presidential campaign.  McCain was the darling of the MSM—their favorite “go to Republican” member of Congress, leader of the “go along to get along” Republicans.  He reached across the aisle so often, his seat on the floor was in the middle of the aisle and for his efforts, he was roundly praised as the perfect Republican . . . then came the 2008 Presidential election.  Throughout the Republican primary race, McCain retained his “golden” status, but as soon as he became the Republican nominee, he was abandoned by the MSM who then portrayed him as too old, too out of touch, angry, absent minded, dishonest, and pretty much any other negative character trait the MSM could devise.  McCain was savaged in the general elections while his Democrat opponent, Obama was left untouched, unexamined, protected, and elevated to sainthood.
So, now it’s time for Republicans to wake up.  “WAKE UP REPUBLICANS!!!”

The 2012 campaign has begun.  Democrats will not be negotiating in good faith—as if they ever have—they will be maneuvering for a tactical advantage.  Everything that happens from here on is about politics; every word that comes from Obama’s, teleprompter driven, mouth is about his reelection.  He will not keep his word, he will not treat Republicans with respect, he will not permit any real and effective realignment of budgeting priorities.

He will demagogue on the tax issue using the same old “us against them” theme of rich getting richer, poor getting poorer, and laud the federal government as the savior of all.

The main theme of his speech Wednesday was an insult to all Americans.  [To paraphrase] "What finally made America a great nation was the massive increase of welfare spending encompassed in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid???"

America wasn’t a “great nation” until that happened?  This is a joke, right?

What nation is this guy from (just kidding)?

I don’t know, but I always thought what made America great was its unyielding devotion to liberty and freedom.  I thought what made America a great nation was the freedom all of its citizens enjoyed to pursue the future they envisioned, unfettered by an oppressive, overarching, paternalistic government.  What created the wealthiest society in the world was not government, it was a free citizenry. 

Open markets and motivated citizens employed by innovative and industrious corporations are what created this great nation.  When governments step in, markets recede, industry dies, and the general well-being of our society declines.  That is not some abstract assertion; it has been the experience of every society in the world.  It can be seen in many of our American cities.

Time for Republicans to stand firm, for the sake of their party, for the sake of their careers, and most especially for the sake of all Americans' freedom and prosperity.  If this requires that the budget limits not be raised, if it requires a government shutdown to force the Democrats to get serious about debt reduction, so be it.

Democrats are destroying this nation piece-meal and it is time for Republicans to stand up and say “NO MORE!”            


Time to return to a smaller, less intrusive federal government and it’s time for Republicans to argue their case to the American people.

Stop paying attention to what the MSM says, they have not been, are not, and never will be your friends.  They will never sing your praises as long as you stand for fiscal responsibility.  Get over it.

Our nation cannot prosper under the weight of taxation Democrats desire.  They are dedicated to killing the golden goose of free market capitalism.

The campaign starts now, so get cracking, confront the Democrats and make them squirm.  They are destroying our nation with their unremitting pursuit of bigger government and higher taxes.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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