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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Democrat Governor of Tennessee May Reject Portion of Stimulus Money

Will Malven
February 25, 2009

Man. I sure would hate to be Democrat Governor Phil Bredesen of Tennessee. He announced that he was considering rejecting that portion of the stimulus package which extends unemployment benefits for exactly the same reasons that Republican governors Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Haley Barbour of Mississippi, and Mark Sanford of South Carolina have stated their objections. From the Tennesseean:

Tennessee may reject stimulus aid for jobless
Bredesen balks at conditions tied to federal package, long-term costs

By Chas Sisk
February 25, 2009

Tennessee could reject a portion of the $787 billion economic stimulus package out of concerns that it would force the state to raise taxes on businesses in the future.

At the National Governors Association meetings in Washington, D.C., Gov. Phil Bredesen said this week that he might turn down relief for unemployed workers worth an estimated $143 million because of conditions placed on the money by Congress.

The stimulus package would also raise unemployment benefits by $25 a week for all workers, but in addition, lawmakers want states to expand the pool of people who can apply for benefits. That would put more pressure on an unemployment trust fund that is already trying to stave off insolvency.

"We are evaluating this piece of money, whether it makes sense for us to take it," Bredesen said in an interview Monday with the Chattanooga Times Free Press. "We're in the position of going back to our legislature this year for changes in our tax structure just to keep our fund whole, and taking it to a new level may be too much of a lift for the legislature this spring."

Can you imagine the phone calls from his Democratic Party legislators he must be receiving today? Democrats have been blasting Governors Jindal and Sanford for rejecting the same portion of the stimulus package for the same reasons as Bredeson has now voiced. Kind of takes the wind out of Democrats' sails.

Senator Schumer yesterday was calling on the President to make the stimulus package money an “all or nothing” deal thus forcing those recalcitrant Republicans whom he claimed were doing rejecting the increased unemployment money for political reasons. I guess we know now that Governors Jindal, Barbour and Sanford were telling the truth and it was Schumer whose motives were purely political.

I guess even some Democrat's have limits to their hypocrisy. Good for Phil Bredesen for standing up against the Democrats in Congress and doing what he feels is right for his state and his citizens.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!!

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