"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I've Got those Boehner Budget Blues

Will Malven

A budget agreement to cut $39 Billion from the 2011 budget?  What was he thinking? 

America is drowning in a sea of red ink, to the tune of an estimated $1.6 Trillion deficit for the current fiscal year . . . $830 Billion over the past 6 months--$233 Billion in February alone. How can anyone in his right mind suggest that convincing Obama and his Democrat henchmen in Congress to okay a $39 Billion cut was a victory? Hell, that's cutting about a week and a half's spending--less.

Representative Boehner  gave up on banning funding of Planned Parenthood, even though they use federal money to pay for abortions (in 2009, Planned Parenthood performed 332,278 abortions and for that humanitarian service, they tapped the federal coffers for $363 Million).

Also surrendered by Representative Boehner was the "rider" which would have prevented the EPA from  instituting new "greenhouse gas" regulations on industry, intended to prevent the mythological man-made global warming and, apparently, he also surrendered on continuing federal financing of PBS and NPR.

Mr. Speaker Boehner, what, exactly, did you win?  Sir, you just got taken to the cleaners.

Once again the American people have been shafted by a Republican "leader" out of fear of what the MSM might say and out of fear of who the public would blame in the event of a shutdown.

What is it about Washington D.C. that so emasculates Republicans?  Why must it always be Republicans who "compromise?"  Why shouldn't Democrats have to compromise--give up one of their sacred cows?  How is the wholesale slaughter of a third of a million unborn babies, paid for with tax-payer money, a good thing?  How is that an argument we can't win, when over half of the American people object to on demand abortions?

I just don't understand why our Republican members of Congress are so lacking in intestinal fortitude that they can't hold the line.

Government shutdown?  SHUT IT DOWN.  What's the problem?

How can you not win an argument over the President refusing to pay our troops in the event of a government shutdown?  How can you not win an argument beginning with "Democrats are more interested in killing the unborn than they are in preventing the collapse of the American economy?"  How can you not win the argument that NPR and PBS are not essential to the survival of our nation?

The first thing one has to do to win those arguments, is to TRY!  Stop surrendering before the battle is engaged.  Stop living in 1995 and try living in 2011 . . . it's not the same thing.

The American people--well those who have any ability to reason beyond that of a chimpanzee--understand that our economy is in dire straits.  They understand that we have to reign in our spending drastically, and--if you explain it to them--will understand the need for sacrifice.

The national debt is over $14.286 Trillion our gross domestic product is the virtually the same, $14.654 Trillion.  We are now at the point where the national debt equals our entire national gross domestic product, there is no more room for growth and no more time to waste.

The American electorate, or at least most of them know understand these thing, Mr. Speaker Boehner, trust them to make the right decision.  They did in November, why can't you trust them again in 2012?

I am not happy, Mr. Speaker, and neither are most of your conservative constituents across America.  In fact, Mr. Speaker, we are far, far from being happy with this agreement.

I suppose that we are going to have to take this one . . . again . . . for the team, but you and Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor and the rest of the Congressional Republicans better grow a spine before you submit and fight for the 2012 budget, or I can assure you, you will be targeted by the tea-party movement.

America cannot afford this long and storied game of playing around the edges while the economy and the hopes and dreams of Americans die.  The 2012 campaign is not that far off and conservatives around the nation are more energized and active than ever before.  We will not sit idly by while you go about with "business as usual," sir.

This is you wake-up call.  Time to fight for that in which we believe.  No more going along to get along, no more accommodating the left out of fear of what NBC, The Washington Post, or the New York Times might say.  They don't like you, they will never like you and you will never win if you spend all your time worrying about what they are going to say about you.

NO MORE!  No more will we accept the bread crumbs you toss to us while going on with "business as usual," no more will we accept bigger budgets, bigger deficits and bigger pork-barrel spending.  No more will we allow you to ignore our wishes and cut back-room deals with your colleagues.

Time for you Republicans in Congress to stand up and be counted, or to go down for the count.

God bless America and all that for which she stands!!!

U.S. DEBT CLOCK - for your edification when contemplating this pathetic compromise.

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