"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Budget Battle: Republican Reason, Democrat Demagoguery

Will Malven

So . . . now we have the big budget battle over the 2011 fiscal year budget . . . because the Democrats, holding huge majorities in both houses of Congress, were unable to pass a budget when they were supposed to pass one.

Once more Republicans are left to clean up the mess that Democrats left them and at every turn, they are being attacked and demagogued by those same Democrats.  There’s nothing like cutting spending to send Democrats into paroxysms of whining.

Let’s get the numbers straight.  This budget is for a government that is spending $3.82 Trillion on total revenues of $2.17 Trillion, giving us a deficit of $1.65 Trillion.  What Republicans were proposing was to cut $63 Billion from that $3.82 Trillion . . . and Democrats are crying about it.

Do the math.  $63 Billion / $3.82 Trillion = 1.65%. 

Come on people, are you serious?  The Republican proposal only cuts 1.65% from the budget and Democrats are crying out that old people are going to be starving?  The deficit will still be $1.587 Trillion. 

This is the best Congress can do?  Talk about an absurd and dangerous addiction to spending.

Of course this is nothing new; Democrats live in hyperbole-land (when they’re not being hypocritical).  All they have to offer America is fear-mongering and economic ruin.

Democrats counter proposal began at $10 Billion and they acted as if that was a major sacrifice.  Chuck “Microphone Moth” Schumer declared that a great victory.  If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would be humorous.

Now, with great gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes, the Democrats have reached the awe-inspiring number of $33 Billion and again they are calling it “victory.”

Ol’ Microphone Moth is attacking Republicans and more specifically those “evil” tea party supporters as extreme and suggesting they want a government shutdown.  For liberals like Schumer, even miniscule cuts are intolerable.  In their vision, government is the ultimate force for good and “We the People” need to just sit down and shut up.  He wants us to sit by silently while he and his fellow Democrats spend us into oblivion.  Apparently the lessons of Greece and Portugal are unlearned and beyond their ken.

Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and their comrades won’t be happy until the American people are all standing in breadlines begging for largess from them.  They are actively pursuing a state in which we, the American people are wholly dependent upon them for our survival . . . nothing new for Democrats, they are socialists at heart and like nothing better than big government.

We’ve been down this road, folks.  America has endured the big spending of Democrat largess once before.  Does anyone out there remember President Carter’s “Malaise?”  Double-digit inflation, double-digit unemployment, and double digit interest rates were Carter’s and his fellow Democrats legacy.

Now, President Obama and his fellow Democrats are doubling down on Carter.  The Democrats have given us, in just two years of the Obama Presidency, $4 Trillion in new debt (a 40% increase), and a monthly deficit nearly as large, if not greater than, those President Bush’s Administration and the Republican Congress (well Democrats actually ran the House from 2007 on) ran each year. This past February the federal monthly deficit was $223 Billion—that was February alone—and Democrats are complaining about $63 Billion in cuts?  For comparison, President Bush’s deficit for the entire year of 2007 was (only) $161 Billion down from 2006’s $248 Billion—again, that’s the total annual deficit.

The fact is, Democrats aren’t serious about cutting spending, they are not serious about the deficit, and they, apparently, don’t care what happens to the American economy, as long as they can get re-elected . . . and that is what this entire battle is all about for them . . . ensuring that their special-interest voting blocs get the money they want so they will support Democrats in the next election.

Worse, President Obama, Mr. “Hope and Change,” “The Anointed One,” the man who summoned everyone to the bargaining table and then told Senator Kyle, Representative Ryan, and the other conservative voices at the table, “I won” when they protested his refusal to consider their suggestion; that President Obama had the temerity to tell us:

“What we can't do is have a 'my way or the highway' approach to this problem. If we start applying that approach ... we're not going to get anything done.”

Such hubris on the part of Mr. “I Won” is breathtaking, though not unexpected coming from the great Narcissist in Chief.

America is on the brink of economic devastation.  The current total national debt is, for all intents and purposes, equal to our gross domestic production . . . we owe one dollar for every dollar we generate in our economy.  Such a state is untenable.  The American economy cannot grow when the federal government is the largest employer in the nation and one out of every four dollars generated by our economic engine is going to the government.

Almost half of all Americans are on the dole—recipients of your tax-dollars.  This isn’t just wrong, it is insane.

The much vilified tea-party and our newly elected Republican majority don’t need to compromise, they need to stand firm.  The MSM is now reporting that a “deal” is close at hand, somewhere around the $40 Billion mark.  In the face of number like those above, such a “deal” is laughable—one couldn’t call it scratching the surface and keep a straight face (unless he is a big spending, lying liberal like Microphone Moth).

America’s future is at stake.  We have arrived at a time of reckoning and it is time for Congress and the President—both sides—to get serious about reigning in the federal printing presses.  We can’t afford the sort of reckless spending that Republicans under Bush and Democrats under Bush and Obama have been engaged in.

It’s time for Democrats to shut up and get serious.  Stop lying.  Stop trying to frighten our senior citizens with talk of doom and gloom.  Stop . . . screwing up our country and start doing something about our out of control deficits.

When the tea-party candidates first came to the House, the lowest number they put forward was $100 Billion in cuts.  Leader Boehner and the others winnowed that down to a measly $63 Billion and now we are faced with a Senate that balks at $40 Billion.  This is not taking an axe to the budget, this is using a potato peeler.

Let me warn Congress.  Let me warn, especially, the Republicans in Congress.  Last election—a whopping four months ago—America sent you a message.  We sent 63 new Republicans to Washington DC with one overriding mandate; that mandate for Congress to STOP!  Stop the spending, stop the deficits, stop the burgeoning debt.  If you guys can’t do it, in 2012 there will be a whole lot more heads rolling.

We the People will send another 63 or more new faces to Washington.  If they don’t get it, we will fire them and replace them.

The American people are tired.  We are tired of the games, tired of the self-serving, tired of the insanity.

Cut the spending, or be replaced.  We the People aren’t going anywhere, we aren’t going to be distracted, and we are watching you.

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