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--Joseph Stalin

Friday, April 22, 2011

Trump’s Triumph?

Will Malven

So what about Donald Trump’s candidacy?

“The Donald,” as he is called, has many of us in a quandary.  He has been putting on a great show as he tours the various news-talk programs and he has a knack for shocking the establishment liberal talking heads with his willingness to take on the big controversial issues—like Obama’s birth certificate—so much so that they have begun to ridicule him as just another “birther,” without actually listening to what he is saying.

Trump’s big question hasn’t been whether or not Obama was born in Hawaii so much as the question many of us have been asking, “What is Obama hiding?” 

There has never been such an effort to cover-up a President’s past as we are seeing today in America.  Never before has a candidate worked so hard to prevent the revelation, not just of his original long form birth certificate, but of his academic records, his writings while in law school, and all of his ancillary information and never before has the MSM been so complicit in such a cover-up.

Also shocking to these talking heads, is the willingness and directness with which Mr. Trump talks about our trade imbalance with China and South Korea and the absurd trade policies America has with each nation.

South Korea has a large trade surplus with us, but we are paying the price for protecting them against the North Koreans.  Trump’s question, “Why aren’t they paying us?”

When discussing China, again trump is no shrinking violet.

“I would tax China, because they are manipulating the currency.  They are taking all of our jobs.  China is an absolute abuser of the United States.  They have no respect for our leadership.”

Believe me, it is that last sentence that really upsets these journalistic Obama-bots out there.  China has absolutely no respect for Obama and through his proxy, America.

During an interview on Rush Limbaugh’s show, Trump said the following:

“. . . They're very smart people [the Chinese].  They told me very, very distinctly that they cannot believe how stupid our representatives are in the United States.  They cannot believe that they can continue to take all our jobs -- you know, through the manipulation of the currency, of their currency, they make it almost impossible for our great companies to compete . . .”

“The fact is that the Chinese are taking advantage of our country.  And by the way, the Chinese can't even believe that they're getting away with it.”

How can this be?  Isn’t Obama the most brilliant President ever?  Isn’t Hillary, our glorious Secretary of State the most brilliant woman in the world?  How dare “The Donald” reveal these truths?

Revelations like these show just how shallow and unprepared the Obama Administration is to conduct our foreign policy and Mr. Trump must be destroyed, because he is openly discussing just how incompetent our President and his State Department are. 

Another prominent target for Donald Trump is OPEC.  He is just as willing to take them to task for their manipulation of oil prices, as he is China for taking advantage of us in trade.

None of these subjects and the way the Obama Administration has been handling them—primarily by kowtowing to the leaders of these nations—accrues to Obama’s credit and I am very pleased that at least one of the prominent names now being mentioned for the Republican nomination has the guts and integrity to confront these, very real, problems.

Of course the most offensive thing Trump has said lately is that America is not respected as a nation anymore. 

After all the criticism the left laid at GW Bush’s feet, all of the accusations of him having an incoherent foreign policy, of alienating our allies, here is “The Donald”  placing blame for the same problem squarely on the Obama Administration and State Department.

“How dare this—this “capitalist” say such an outrageous thing about our beloved leader?”  

No, seriously, that’s what these Obama-bots in the press think [remember, among liberals, “capitalist” is the most pejorative thing one can call another human being].

The other faction from whom I see the most vociferous reaction is the establishment conservatives, who seem to be most motivated by fear.  They appear to be more afraid of losing (and being embarrassed by that) than they are interested in winning.

They fear Trump because he is controversial and might evoke a negative reaction among "swing voters."  Very true, but it is equally true that he might swing “swing-voters” to his side, as the campaign progresses. 

These establishment conservatives—people like David Brooks, Charles Krauthammer, Peggy Noonan, and the National Review-Weekly Standard crew—have proven themselves to be uncomfortable anytime a candidate that doesn’t meet with their narrowly constructed Ivy League, inside the beltway standards.

It was fear that gave us John McCain as the 2008 Republican candidate for President.  It is that same fear that leads these "beltway conservatives" to criticize and attack Palin, Bachman, and anyone else who is seen as an outsider, anyone who might sound different, talk with a different accent or dare to broach untouchable subjects—or worse mention God or morality in public. 

Those conservatives are much more comfortable with Mitch Daniels or Mitt Romney or one of the other “more moderate conservative” ("compassionate conservative?") candidates—than with anyone they perceive to be risky.

As to his support of Democrats and his criticisms of Bush and other Republicans in the past, remember that Trump is essentially a New York businessman.  New York is Democrat—virtually exclusively so—therefore any effort he makes to build in New York has to be approved by Democrat politicians.  All of his socializing must be with an eye to that central fact.

There is a lot in his past that worries me and he will not get my support easily, but compared to Obama, Trump’s a "daisy."  He's smarter, more competent, has actual experience, and is unafraid to say what he believes to a national audience.

Trump has been the first big named possible candidate to dare to broach the subject many have been discussing in the privacy of their homes.  He is the only one who has dared to openly confront the China/South Korea trade problem.

Firearms, abortion . . . he has about the same credibility as Mitt Romney, i.e. very, very little—or at least has more to prove.  His past record is far from encouraging on those and a number of other issues.

Problem is this birther business aside, right now and for the foreseeable future, the topics Donald Trump is most often discussing, China's trade policies, OPEC, and how America is viewed overseas are the big issues.  Our economy is a disaster; our federal budget is a disaster and our deficit and debt national disgraces.  We need someone capable of reining in this out of control economy.

“The Donald” has dared to go where none of the “establishment conservative” candidates-in-waiting have dared to venture.

I’m not sure about Trump, however, the over-the-top reaction I am witnessing in the MSM to his candidacy and their manyfold attempts to delegitimize him using—typical for liberals, who cannot argue facts—ridicule, lead me to give him more than a cursory look.

Is Trump the right man for the job?  Only time will tell, but at least he is talking about the issues and he is unafraid to confront a few of what have become sacred cows to the press.

One thing is absolutely certain, when liberals react in the manner they have to Trump's possible candidacy, there is genuine fear present.

That's not enough on its own for me to throw my support to Trump, but it is worth considering.

Bring it on Donald; it’s about time we have some of these frank (bordering on courageous) discussions.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!!

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