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--Joseph Stalin

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Killing of Osama bin Laden

Will Malven
This is a great thing.
Osama bin Laden was an evil man who was responsible for the deaths of thousands around the world, over and above the nearly 3000 Americans whom he murdered by proxy on 9/11.  His death brings closure, if not compensation, for the many families who have lost loved ones in the attacks that OBL orchestrated.

Congratulations to the President(s).
President Obama made getting Osama a high priority from day one of his Presidency.  He allocated the necessary intelligence assets to accomplish the job and he was smart enough to go with a bullet kill and seizing the body rather than just making an assumption from a missile strike and a pile of rubble. It was the right call and he deserves credit for this major accomplishment.

Let’s no forget that much credit also goes to Obama's predecessor, for if President Obama got the kill, much of the ground work was laid by former President Bush.

This victory—and it is a victory, make no mistake about it—small though it may be in the grand scheme of the War on Terror, was years in the making and much of the critical intelligence came from interrogations of those now held in the much maligned Guantanamo Terrorist Holding Facility. 

It is legitimate to remind the reader that, had President Obama had his way back in 2008 (or even after his inauguration), the facilities at Guantanamo Bay would have been shut down long ago and the intel obtained from those held there never obtained.

I don't like Obama and it grates, to a greater degree than I like to admit, that he managed this hard won success, but I don't like sour grapes. He deserves credit for keeping his eye on the ball and getting this accomplished--through the efforts of a myriad of intel and ops people, to be sure--but he did make the call.

The death of Osama bin Laden will be a tremendous propaganda victory for America in the War Against Terrorism and a huge psychological shock to Muslim terrorists. The fact that Osama managed to elude our grasp so often made him a rallying point for them. His death will show them and the world that you cannot strike at America with impunity. It shows them that we will get you, no matter how long it takes and how much it costs.

Once more we were treated to the Narcissist in Chief.

I thought the hastily set up address given at about 11:30 PM (scheduled to begin at 10:30 PM—the President once more demonstrating his contempt for being on time) to announce something that had occurred a week ago smacks of self-aggrandizement. There was nothing that Obama had to say that could not have waited until this morning.
When I first heard about the hastily called speech I assumed, as did many in America, that it was to announce the death of Muammar Gadhafy and I thought that calling such a surprise announcement at 10:30 PM CDT on Sunday night was  strange given the purpose. 

We now know, of course, that it was to announce the death of Osama bin Laden.  Though the importance of bin Laden's and his effect on Americans death far outweighs that of Gadhafy, I still feel that it was an unseemly abuse of such a venue.  These unannounced, hastily arranged speeches are usually reserved for the dissemination of critical—need to know—information.

This whole scenario smacks much more of Presidential crowing than critical information and grates on my sensibilities.

Good Speech

Although I question the timing of his speech, I thought that the President’s speech was informative and happily, if somewhat strangely, lacking in his usual self-indulgent lapse into the use of the word “I” (only 9 references to himself in 10 minutes).  For that alone, I give him high marks.
He touched on all the necessary points, credited former President Bush and managed to focus his attention on “we” Americans.  I found this a refreshing change from his usual fare.

While I applaud the success and the effort required by all—including the President—I thought the whole tableau to be very bizarre and I really don't understand all of the street celebrations--other than those held in New York City.
I had pretty much relegated Osama bin Laden to the irrelevant category since his involvement in day to day al Qaeda operations appeared to have been minimized.That being said, congratulations to President Obama, CIA Director Panetta, all of the intel guys and gals involved over all the years it took to develop the necessary intelligence, and especially to the SEALs who executed this mission.
Long Live Our America Republic!!!

Correction:  Apparently the information first deseminated was incorrect.  The attack took place the day of the announcement.  I now understand the reason for President Obama's unscheduled announcement of this successful attack.

Again I give my kudos to President Obama and all of those who were involved in the planning and execution of this great achievement.  Well done folks!  WM

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