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--Joseph Stalin

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pictures, Or It Didn’t Happen

Will Malven

We have a saying—probably common enough on the internet—on one of the forums on which I spend a fair amount of time; “pictures, or it didn’t happen.  So where are the pictures of Osama bin Laden?

Wasn’t part of the reason for sending in the strike force to insure that Osama bin Laden was killed . . . not to rely on a couple of bombs, but to put a personal touch on the whole affair.  After all, this was not about revenge, this was about retribution.  Shouldn’t the American people, who paid for this attack and for the photographs be allowed to see the photographs?

Don’t tell us they are too shocking for the sensibilities of the American public; for garden seed, our kids play video games that show blood spraying all over the screen.  We take out children to see movies in which blood flows like a river and we fight (at least these same liberals do) against anyone who dares to suggest that perhaps Hollywood and the game manufacturers should tone it down a bit.

Cameramen from our 24 hour news channels try to get as close to the dead bodies and gore as they can.  The most graphic coverage of last night’s murder leads the news.  We pay paparazzi big bucks for the most graphic pictures obtainable.

American television and culture is accustomed to this sort of fare, but now all of the sudden, we can’t be shown pictures of OBL’s corpse because the pictures are too disturbing?  Who do these ruling class elite liberals in the White House think their fooling?

I also don’t need this man-child President telling me that we don’t want to “spike the ball,” or “take a victory lap,” because it might inflame Moslems and cause them to be angry with us.

Are you kidding Mr. Obama been Golfin’?  They killed 3000 of us on 9/11.  They blew up the USS Cole, Khobar Towers, and have attempted to conduct a number of bombing attacks here in America that were thankfully prevented . . . mostly by average citizens.

How can you inflame a people who are already inflamed?

I fully believe that Osama bin Laden is dead.  I believe that he was killed Sunday by a group of our “best of the best” Special Ops guys, and I believe that Obama been Golfin’ ordered it to be carried out.  But I still want to see the pictures.

Obama been Golfin’ is still more concerned about what his Moslem buddies think than what the families of the victims of 9/11 or the rest of his fellow Americans think.

From the days of Neville Chamberlain on (way before that for any student of history, but Neville serves as a good modern starting point) the world has known one certain truth, power respect power and holds weakness in contempt.

Cultures like those in the Middle East are built on the respect of power.  Show the Arabs strength and they will respect you, show them weakness and they will take you for everything you’ve got.  The same goes for Communist China the old Soviet Union and Russia of today and most other cultures where dictators are a common feature of governments.

That fundamental truth is the single thing that liberals seem completely incapable of comprehending. 

Mr. President, Mr. Obama been Golfin’, it’s not about “spiking the football,” it’s about demonstrating strength.  Showing the pictures and proving that Osama bin Laden is dead is not about gloating, it’s about showing the rest of the world that if you mess with the USA, you will be hunted down, you will be found, and you will be killed.

President Bush understood this.  Most of the world understands this.  Liberals, are incapable of understanding it.

Ann Coulter appeared on Sean Hannity last night and she was “on form.”

Her best line was:

. . . the audacity of him [Obama] saying, ‘We don’t need to spike the football.’ Really? What’s he doing in New York tomorrow? He’s going to be spiking the football on this from now to Election Day, so don’t talk down to us about your moral superiority, oh ‘We don’t need a victory lap’ and ‘that’s beneath us.’”

You can watch her appearance here.  It’s well worth the time.

I point out, once more, that Mr. “We don’t need to spike the ball,” has already purchased the web address, gutsycall.com.  What’s that about not spiking the ball?

“Not spike the ball?”  Ann Coulter is right (okay, she usually is); he’s going to be running on this raid.  He’s politicizing it for all he’s worth.  He’s not just “spiking the ball,” he’s doing the dirty dance in the end zone and taunting the opposition.

The hypocrisy of this arrogant, self-righteous, narcissist never ceases to amaze me.  He and his little band of sycophants in the MSM believe that we Americans are just too stupid to see that while he’s talking “high and mighty,” he’s acting “down and dirty.”

Gutsycall.com?  Gutsy, 16 hour, sleep on it, dithering call.  The only aspect of his decision on Saturday that was “gutsy” was that he overcame his fear of looking like Jimmy Carter after his Iran Hostage Raid.  It was only “gutsy” if you are more concerned over the prospects of your being re-elected than you are of getting the guy who was the most wanted mass murderer in the world.

Obama is still a wuss.  A real man, a real President—one who was more interested in the welfare of his people than in his image in the Press—wouldn’t have to take a 16 hour break, he would have made the decision when his people came to him with absolute confidence that the raid was a “Go!”

Remember that his people were “shocked” when they came to him for the go ahead and he turned and walked out of the room, saying over his shoulder that he would make the decision shortly—16 hours later—shortly.

It’s called “leadership,” and Obama still ain’t got none.

Show me the pictures!

Watch Ann.  Honest, she’s great.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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