"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Monday, July 18, 2011

Exceeding the Debt Ceiling, Failed Leadership, and Why a Balanced Budget Amendment is Necessary

Will Malven

The current debt crisis is a manufactured crisis. The current debt ceiling, like all the previous "debt ceilings" that have been raised, was set far in advance of this current crisis.

Everyone in Congress has known about the looming debt crunch for months before it became the crisis we are now facing and the sad fact about our men and women in Congress is that they have been doing this very same thing every time they have faced such a "crisis," many without any remorse or regrets. Many on the left believe in deficit spending and believe spending by government is the single most important thing it does.

In every case, Congress has known that they were spending far more money than would be available to cover the costs of their expenditures and in spite of that knowledge, they have authorized and spent it anyway.

And yet, we voters go to the polls every two year and re-elect 90% of those who behave in this irresponsible manner. We let them get away with not performing their jobs and then we reward them for their irresponsible behavior by sending them back to Congress so that they may act just as irresponsibly as they did the time before.

Is that insane or what?

The old adage says "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result." If that is the definition of insanity, then we--the electorate--are insane.

Occasionally, we snap out of our rut of irrational behavior and vote responsibly. One such occurrence was the past election, in which the electorate sent a bevy of bright, new, energized, and budget conscious Republicans to Congress to do what is manifestly right and fight against the train wreck of an insanely high and rapidly growing national debt towards which establishment members--both Democrat and Republican--are driving us.

Congress sets a debt ceiling--a firm "limit" over which they agree not to spend. Instead of doing what is necessary to stay within the bounds of that limit, Congress simply refuses to do what they should.

This is gross negligence. It is laziness--men and women refusing to do what is necessary because it is hard. And it is men and women placing their own petty politics over our national need.

The current debt ceiling crisis is not an accident, it is planned irresponsibility. The problem is that Congress is so addicted to spending tax-payer money that they are unable to contain their spending proclivities.

Now, suddenly the American electorate has sent some adults to Washington D.C. to clean up the mess. They are young, fiscally prudent, knowledgeable about our economy and what is necessary to solve our fiscal problems, and they are determined to force some fiscal discipline into the circus of Congress.

. . . And the liberal/Democrat children and their equally useless and childish liberal press are all bleating like sheep about to be sheared. They see their most sacred programs about to cut and re-prioritized and they are in a panic. They know that they will no longer be able to buy votes with tax-payer money should fiscal discipline truly come about.

These young conservatives are telling the children, "No, you don't need a bigger allowance, you need to learn to live on the overly generous one you already have."

This is not, as the liberals and old guard Republicans would have us believe, ideological rigidity, it is something far greater--a word seldom used or exercised inside the beltway--it is "responsibility." It is acting as an adult; recognizing the problem for what it is and seeking a means of solving that problem rather than simply passing it on to the next generation.

Their biggest obstacle is the establishment political class that rules Washington--the "Let's be reasonable and meet half-way" crowd.

The problem with their "half-way" is that it lies somewhere between irresponsibility and irrationality. "Half-way" means raising taxes--the word is taxes not "revenues" (which is just a euphemism for taxes)--in the middle of one of the worst recessions in our nation's history.

With unemployment at historic levels and no sign of recovery in the near future, liberals are suggesting that we increase the tax burden on those who are most likely to create jobs. Not even the most ardent Keynesians would make such a ludicrous suggestion and they love to spend money.

This is why the "Balanced Budget Amendment" has become not just a good idea, but the only hope for the survival of our nation's economy. Because Congress remains filled with people who are unwilling to cut the level of spending to which they have become addicted and because of those who are perfectly willing to demagogue anyone who dares attempt to rock the boat, it has become necessary for us to put mandatory limits on their profligacy.

If members of Congress can't contain their natural predilection to spend like drunken sailors on PCP, the option to exceed federal revenues must be taken away from them.

One of the most irrelevant arguments I keep hearing from those on the left is that a Balanced Budget Amendment is not necessary, that Congress "just needs to do its job."

One would think that after ten or twenty consecutive increases in the debt limit over the past two decades, it would have become apparent that Congress will never reach that level of responsibility without some coercive mechanism.

Of course the real reason these naysayers are opposed to a mandatory balanced budget is that it will force limits and cuts in their pet socialist programs . . . no more blank checks to "special interest groups" or "most favored" constituent groups. Failure to meet budgetary limits will force automatic across the board cuts in all programs. And that my friends is like kryptonite to liberals and Democrats.

Write or call or email your congressman and demand they act on a Balanced Budget Amendment. Let's get America's house in order.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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