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--Joseph Stalin

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rick Perry and Texas Job Numbers--the truth about Texas's prosperity--Perry's right.

This is something I found a link to over at Free Republic and it's a very thorough evaluation of the Texas job numbers, the allegations that all of the jobs are "minimum wage jobs," which of course is just another lie, and the employment and unemployment numbers.

The gist of it all is that Perry's being truthful and accurate in his claims about the prosperity here.

Have you notice the all out assault being made, not only by the liberals, who are scared to death that Perry will be elected, but by the Paulettes, the haters on the extreme right-wing?

The Paulettes--[w]Ron[g] Paul cult members--have been waging a war of lies, half-truths, and rumors against any Republican candidate that threatens what in their minds is the inevitability of [w]Ron[g] Paul's victory and ascension to the Presidency--by acclamation (if the darned old press would just give him a fair shake) and they have now set their sights on Governor Perry, because he is the instant front runner.

Their libertarian behavior is strikingly similar to the behavior of liberals . . . a similarity I have often observed and commented on. I guess Utopian fantasies attract the same immature, emotionally driven intellects regardless of whether they are extreme left of extreme right.

Anyway, here is the introduction to this guy's article and a link to his webpage . . . I don't want to steal his thunder nor do I wish to detract from his webpage traffic by posting the entire thing here. Please go and read this thing, it is a striking post and a great example of serious work.

Rick Perry and Texas Job Numbers

Matthias Shapiro
(Political Math web blog)
August 16, 2011

Full disclosure: I don't like Rick Perry for our next president. I have my reasons that aren't worth going into here. However, when I was watching the GOP debate and pro-Perry people started bringing up Rick Perry's job numbers as a cudgel against other candidates, I looked into the BLS data on Texas jobs. Having familiarized myself with the data, I started noticing claims on the Texas jobs data that started popping up that directly contradicted what I was seeing in the data. So I wanted to clear up a couple of these common misconceptions.

Note: If you are going to comment and you want to introduce some new objection to the Texas job numbers, you MUST provide original data. I spent about 4 hours digging through raw data to write this post. I don't want you to point to some pundit or blog post and take it on their authority, because I've already researched several idiot pundits who are talking directly out of their asses when it comes to the data. I want you to point to the raw data that I can examine for myself. This means links. I refuse to waste any more of my time on speculative bullshit or "Well, I'll wager that the Texas jobs don't really count because..." If you're willing to wager, take that money and put it towards finding the actual data. In short, put up or shut up.
Enjoy the read and the results.

Rick Perry for President!

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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