"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"The Hillary Moment: " Caddell and Schoen Don't Understand President Obama

Will Malven

In the Wall Street Journal yesterday, Democrat Pollsters Pat Caddell and Douglas Schoen published an interesting and sage article suggesting that a savvy President Obama, should announce to the electorate that, given the state of the nation and the difficulties he faced in winning reelection, he would not seek a second term.  They suggest that, for the good of the Democrat Party--and for the good of the nation as a whole--he should leave the field open for Hilary Clinton to step forward and seek election to the Presidency.

The Hillary Moment 

President Obama can't win by running a constructive campaign, and he won't be able to govern if he does win a second term.

When Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson accepted the reality that they could not effectively govern the nation if they sought re-election to the White House, both men took the moral high ground and decided against running for a new term as president. President Obama is facing a similar reality—and he must reach the same conclusion.

He should abandon his candidacy for re-election in favor of a clear alternative, one capable not only of saving the Democratic Party, but more important, of governing effectively and in a way that preserves the most important of the president's accomplishments. He should step aside for the one candidate who would become, by acclamation, the nominee of the Democratic Party: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Never before has there been such an obvious potential successor—one who has been a loyal and effective member of the president's administration, who has the stature to take on the office, and who is the only leader capable of uniting the country around a bipartisan economic and foreign policy.
In doing as Caddell and Schoen suggest, Obama would be following in the footsteps of two former Democrat Presidents, both of whom stepped aside for the good of the Democrat Party, Harry S. Truman and Lyndon Baines Johnson.  He would be seen as making an unselfish decision and such would accrue to his legacy's benefit.  In addition, think what you will of her, Hillary would be a formidable candidate for the Democrats to run.  Ultimately she would be more difficult for Republicans to defeat than President Obama.

Alas, it's not to be so.

What Caddell and Schoen apparently don't understand is that what they suggest isn't in Obama.  He is a narcissist--the exemplar narcissist--and his only concern is HIM.  He won't "do what is good for the Democrat Party" unless he decides that it is good for him and, in his eyes, what is good for him is to be President--to hold power.

He feels "entitled."  He is the consummate product of the entitlement mentality America has created over the past fifty years.  Everything the man has was given to him.  Even his election was more the result of an adoring, apologetic press and an idiotic obsession by some to prove themselves not to be racists by voting for a "clean, articulate" black man, than through any effort of his own.

All he did--has done--is read his speeches off a teleprompter.  Even his gaffes have been, either ignored or excused by the MSM, while those of his opponents have been endlessly derided and amplified. 

He achieved his office as he has achieved everything else in his life, not by merit, but by having it handed to him by those around him.  He is not competent, because he has never needed to be competent.  He has not achieved anything, because he has not been required to achieve anything.

His life lessons have been, look good, speak well, and if you don't get what you want, act angry and demand it.  He has never been forced to grow up, so why would anyone expect him to do so now?

If Obama was your regular, run-of-the-mill Democrat liberal candidate, what Caddell and Schoen suggest might be possible, but Obama's narcissism would never allow it.  He won't step down, because his ego won't let him.  His anger comes from his inability to comprehend why anyone would oppose him and his wishes.

The mere fact that anyone would suggest that he step down makes them evil in his eyes.  I suspect that Michelle is of the same mind and at least equal in her narcissism.

What America has in the White House is a couple of spoiled rotten brats with no concept of humility and no concern for what would be best for their party or their nation.  I'm not even sure he understands why it is that Congress doesn't have to do as he commands. 

He would make a perfect Khadaffy or Chavez--which is why we need him out of office ASAP.

It is probable that the Republican candidate--whoever our cumbersome process shakes out--will defeat Obama, but defeating him will not be as easy as some believe.  We have never had a candidate more enthusiastically embraced by the MSM.  We have never had a situation in which the national press has been more strongly in a position of advocacy for a given candidate.

Certainly the MSM has long been biased in favor of Democrats and liberalism, but never to the degree and with the enthusiasm as with the Obama campaign of 2008. The MSM were "all in" for Obama's election and they did everything in their power to make it happen--even to the detriment of their former darling, Hillary.  

 Obama has been coddled by the press.  They have studiously ignored even his most glaring foibles, or if by some chance they are mentioned, they are trivialized and excused.  There has been no pretense even of scrutinizing Obama's past.  Nothing more than a cursory glance has been given to anything pertaining to his background and upbringing.  His personal history, his academic history, his financial history, all have been protected and the MSM's reticence to make even a token effort either vigorously denied or laughed off as a joke.

Now, as we can see by this article, some of them are experiencing buyers remorse as they come to realize what we conservatives have been telling them since he first announced his candidacy, that his carefully tailored and well creased suit is and always has been, EMPTY.

It would be nice if Obama would choose the path of honor that some before him have taken, but it's not going to happen--not in 100 lifetimes--not unless he saw it to be of some grand advantage to himself.
I have said this repeatedly over the last 3 years, President Barack Obama doesn't care about the Democrat Party, he doesn't care about what's good for America, he doesn't care about doing what's good for the people he is supposed to represent and whom he serves, he only cares about himself.  He is a sociopathic narcissist motivated entirely by self and ego.

The campaign this year will be, of necessity for him, the dirtiest, nastiest, most hateful campaign in living memory.  That is because for Obama to win, he must run a "scorched earth" campaign and destroy his opponent.  He cannot run on his record, he has accomplished nothing but destruction over his first term, so a scorched earth campaign is his only choice . . . and it will not be a difficult choice for him to make.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!!

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