"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Democrat, MSM, Establishment Republican All Out Full Court Press to Stop Newt

Will Malven

Well, no doubt about it, the long knives are out for Newt Gingrich now.

Democrats hate him, because of what he did to their amoral King designate, former President Bill Clinton (accused serial molester and accused rapist) as Speaker of the House. They also hate him, because he is smarter and more knowledgeable about our nation, our Constitution, and out history than the whole party put together.

The MSM hate him, because he dares to challenge them when they resort to cheap-shot politically charged and/or inane questions. Too, they hate him, because the responses he gives are too complex and well laid out for them to comprehend and that don't edit very well to a ten-second sound-byte.

The Establishment Republicans hate him, because he's Newt. He's arrogant, smarter than a whip, and (apparently) abrasive in manner when dealing with those who aren't quick enough to follow his lead. More importantly, they hate him, because they live their entire lives in fear of a repeat of the 1964 Goldwater election and they believe that nominating Newt will lead to such a political route.

That last is really amusing given that since 1976 these same Establishment Republicans have never gotten a single presidential election right. I've laid out my argument in a previous commentary here (link).

Having supported the wrong candidate for seven of the last nine elections (we'll ignore the 88/92 elections since we all went with Bush for various reasons), they are now blindly determined to nominate another "approved," moderate Republican candidate in Mitt Romney, a man whose political past, whose stance on the issues, is so checkered, every time I see him, I think another NASCAR race has begun.

Mitt Romney will, at best, give us another lackluster "go along to get along" President and at worst deliver us into the hands of this Narcissist in Chief for another destructive four years.

I guess living in denial of one's own consistent record of failure is only human nature, but these establishment types sure embrace it with enthusiasm.

Anyway, back to the long knives. This week we have had a series of attacks, endorsements and cheap-shot, dishonest, guilt by association smears against Gingrich--many from quarters who not too long ago were singing his praises (as did Michele Bachmann in 2008, but who in the last debate made a number of dishonest charges and attacks against him.  Funny how one's political ambitions will change one's views).

Last week Joe Scarborough blasted Newt Gingrich as an unreliable leader (of course Joe surrendered his conservative bona fides the same time he surrendered his manhood, when he joined that nest of liberal vipers on Morning Joe) .

Representative Peter King, a man normally for whom I have great respect has come out attacking Newt for "his leadership style."  Again, he asserts "it's not personal," but I have found that any time someone qualifies his comments by opening with "it's nothing personal," it is invariably "personal."

Then Senator Tom Coburn came out saying that he would "find it difficult" to support Newt--apparently, because Newt was rude to him, or dismissive of him, or impatient with him--all of which are possible--but hardly a reason to be against him.  With Coburn, as with "Morning Joan," it is strictly personal.

Nest former Oklahoma Republican Congressman Mickey Edwards also came out against Newt, but his reasoning was different.  Apparently he was happy for Republicans to remain the minority party in the House.  He was upset that Newt was confrontational.  As the Republican Whip, Edwards says that Newt:
". . . made it far worse because it’s one thing to say that we don’t want the Democrats to be in charge because we have ideas of our own and we want to be able to advance those ideas. But, Democracy is about progress. And our process is based on the separate institutions--and how those institutions work.

“What Newt brought to the table was destruction of the institutions. Destruction so that more and more people who followed his model would come to Washington thinking of themselves as Republicans, not as members of Congress."
Poor Mickey, looks like Newt "harshed his mellow."

I mean the very idea of elected representative going to Washington D.C. as members of a party rather than as members of Congress was unheard of before Newt . . . I guess poor Mickey doesn't remember the Senate hearings on Judge Robert Bork.

I think what upset the former congressman is that he was under the impression that only Democrats were allowed to be partisan.

Yesterday, we had the National Review lash out at Newt Gingrich in an unprecedented and thoroughly hypocritical way (as they conveniently ignored the glaring shortcomings of their preferred candidate Mitt Romney)

But . . . there appears to be a backlash to this attempt to destroy Newt.

  • Andrew McCarthy blasted his own National Review for their unwarranted, one-sided attack against former Speaker Gingrich. 
  • J.C. Watt, who served along side Newt in the House announced he would be endorsing him for the nomination.
  • The TEA Party Patriots announced the results of their straw poll showing Newt Gingrich in the lead (31%) with Bachmann coming in a strong second (28%), followed by Romney (20%) and Santorum (16%).
  •  Iowa Speaker of the House Kraig Paulsen announced his endorsement of Newt Gingrich
  • Thomas Sowell issued an editorial in Investor's Business Daily defending Gingrich and asking if Newt's baggage (which is mostly personal) is sufficient to cause us not to vote for him, faced as we are with the dreadful possibility of a second Obama term.
  • The Clemson Palmetto poll in SC Now shows Gingrich with a commanding and growing lead in South Carolina

But the assault continues. These scaredy-cat establishment types will not yield easily.

The Wall Street Journal continues its attack against Newt with another editorial "Newt and the Independents" again banging the drum of fear--the independents won't vote for him.  These weak-kneed pseudo-conservatives who live their lives in the "twenties" (the 20%er theory of elections) and are consumed by fear of a 1964 repeat, also  live in denial of the truth of Ronald Reagan.

Reagan proved it beyond any doubt; given a true leader who can espouse genuine conservative principle clearly and unapologetically, those "independents" those "20%ers" will flock to him.

CBS is proclaiming the imminent demise of Newt in their article Newt Gingrich Stumbles, and Mitt Romney Sighs Relief proclaiming Newt's downfall as the result of his attack on the judiciary (an assertion not supported by the data which show that Newt's decline began a week ago as the result of the massive amount of negative campaign ads being run and the distorted press coverage of his statements).

There is no doubt that the precipitous rise of Newt Gingrich frightened a boat load of people--both cowardly Republicans and those of the Democrat Party/MSM machine.

One can only hope that Newt can weather the storm.  So far he has been reticent to attack any of his opponents; a level of restraint that none of them have shown.  It's amazing how many people claim to hate negative advertising yet respond to is like moths to a flame.

Well Newt has announced a new flurry of campaign ads beginning tomorrow and running through Monday next.  We will see how the campaign shakes out.

I'll vote for Romney if I absolutely have to, but I would prefer Newt or Perry.

If you are truly interested in why I like Newt or if you just want to be an informed voter, read Newt's white paper on the judiciary.  It is a long difficult read, but it is as powerful an argument and as well grounded in history and the Constitution as any thing I have read in a long time.

Bringing the Courts Back Under the Consitution:  Here is the link to it.

READ IT, PLEASE. You owe it to yourselves to see just what real vision is as compared to the cookie cutter, 10 second sound-byte, sloganeering ideas that the other candidates are throwing out there.

Newt is the real deal, and just as I was supportive of a possible bid back in 2008, I am very much in his corner again this year.

He simply would be the best President we have had since Reagan--baggage and all.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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