"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Saturday, February 4, 2012

How Gingrich Lost His MoJo, Romney Becomes the Nominee, and Obama Wins

Will Malven

Yes, I have been too long absent from my duties as a conservative political blogger. My growing astonishment and sadness as I have watched first Rick Perry and now Newt Gingrich commit seppuku on the tanto of the American political system, has led me to wallow self-pity and depression.

Fatalism raised its ugly head as I have watch the best candidates fade and the McCain/Romney/Dole/Rockefeller establishment once again asserts its mastery over the Republican nomination process.

They say "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" and apparently, when it comes to the old Republican guard who continually fight a battle of minimizing losses as they give ground to the left, "They" are correct. Those Establishment Republicans have learned nothing from their repeated failures in nominating a standard bearer whose true color is purple (to use the new vernacular) as their standard bearer.

You can't beat a Democrat with Democrat-lite.  Ford, G.H.W. Bush, Dole, McCain, as each moderate candidate has fallen to the Democrat Party's attack machine, Establishment Republicans have sat dumbly in astonishment and puzzlement--as a Southern boy, I might describe it as "Staring like a mule at a new gate"--yet stubbornly have remained certain of the rightness of their strategy . . . choosing, not the boldest, most visionary candidate, but the least controversial, least compelling candidate they could find.

The one brightest star of the last six decades (arguably the last century), Ronald Reagan, they fought against tooth and nail against and fortunately failed.

The Rise and Fall of Newt Gingrich

I have supported Newt Gingrich since he first began led Republicans to their first majority in the House in over forty years. I had hoped that he would run back in the 2008 election, but I guess he felt it wasn't his time.

I was excited when he finally made his decision to seek the White House this year.  I had pretty much lined up behind our governor Rick Perry, who would be the best man for the job, but I was glad to see Gingrich raise his hand and volunteer for the challenge of facing down Obama and his MSM propaganda organization.

As Perry began to falter from his tragic first three debates and Herman Cain, experienced his meteoric rise and fall, I was pleased as Newt laid waste around him in those same debates. As Perry sought to find his footing (which he finally managed to do--too little, too late sadly) Newt's outshone his opponents and frankly any Presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan.

His grasp of the problems we faced, his offering of real solutions to those problems coupled with his encyclopedic knowledge of our nation's history and the writings and intent of our Founding Fathers, revealed him as, what I thought at the time, was the answer to all our conservative prayers.

Then came the Mitt Romney/Ron Paul media blitz in Iowa. Something snapped in Newt that led him to make some very bad decisions.

Rudyard Kipling admonished the young men of his and all time to persevere in the face of adversity and not to stoop to the level of those who seek to destroy them, in his poem "If."  Sadly, the former Speaker chose to ignore Kipling's sage advice and began lashing out at his primary opponent and he did so in a bizarre manner, by attacking him on the very things which conservatives found the most attractive (the only thing they found attractive) about the possibility of a Romney Presidency, his successful record as a business man.

Not only did Newt suddenly tack to the left on free enterprise, but he did so using exactly the same language and messages as those in the Democrat Party we conservatives most revile.  The result was the bizarre spectacle of a conservative icon channeling Michael Moore.

"The bad Newt" against whom talking heads cautioned us suddenly raised his ugly head and like the ouroboros began devouring his "tail"--his own conservative beliefs.  Conservatives don't attack wealth.  Conservatives don't believe there is anything wrong with making wealth, engaging in free enterprise, or becoming successful, but there was Newt in all glory for Republican voters to see.   It was at that point--South Carolina victory notwithstanding--that Newt lost the Republican nomination.

Mitt Is Not "It"

Mitt Romney is not a conservative in any sense of the word (sorry Ann Coulter, but you're so wrong it is painful).  His history as a candidate and a governor is rife with glaring examples of his liberal beliefs and actions at which Newt could have directed his attacks to devastating effect. Rick Santorum gave us a taste of that when he launched his devastating attack on Mitt and Romney Care, extracting at the last a weak admission that Romney Care was a mandated healthcare system.

On the subjects of Romney Care/Obama Care, on his judicial appointments as Governor, on his liberal stands on the 2nd Amendment, gay marriage, his all of his endless weather vane positions on critical to conservatives issues--including his rejection, made boldly and proudly, of all things Ronald Reagan--Mitt Romney was and remains vulnerable to attack from the right.   He is a moderate and he always has been.

Newt chose the one thing that would bring criticism down on his head--not from the left, but from the right--from those in whom he should have found his greatest strength.

Speaker Gingrich has now descended further into the abyss of attack politics and is as guilty as those against whom he so justly railed during the campaign in Iowa. His hands are as dirty, his integrity just as besmirched, as are those of Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.  His following is diminishing in both size and enthusiasm and he has become a parody of the desperate losing candidate.  The picture is not pretty.

Newt's self-immolation has been a bitter and depressing thing to watch. The attacks he has launched and those which his "super-pac" surrogates have made have been disgraceful and embarrassing to witness.  When you agree to mud wrestle, even if you win, you are still covered head-to-toe in mud.  It has all accrued to Newt's dishonor and has all been brought upon him by his own bad choices.

I find myself despondently watching as Mitt Romney starts to snowball his way towards the Republican nomination.

My most fervent wish is that Santorum and Newt together could manage to throw enough of a wrench in the works to get us to a brokered convention and that Rick Perry, Eric Cantor, or Paul Ryan would emerge as the standard bearer for the Republican Party, but that is looking less and less likely.

Mitt--The Hobson's Choice for Conservatives

The thing is, as bad as Romney is, a Romney Presidency would be far better than any second term of Barack Obama.  Obama's willingness to blatantly thumb his nose at both Congress and the Constitution has been as breathtaking as it has been frightening.  Obama's appointments of Robert Cordray and the three members of the NRLB were patently unconstitutional and yet Congress sat by and did nothing.

The Supreme Court sat silently as well as this occurred.  Can America really survive a third and possibly fourth Supreme Court nominee like Sotomayor or Kagan?  What if the next one named is to replace Scalia or Thomas--or even Justice Kennedy, all three of whom are at an age now when medical problems are more likely to arise unexpectedly.  Does anyone believe that another Warren Court--or worse--would be good for America?

We simply can't afford to let Obama remain in office past the 2013 Inauguration Day.  He must be defeated, for the sake of our nation and our posterity.

I continue to find an appalling attitude among some of those who claim to be conservatives.  No matter what, they say will not vote for Mitt Romney--these same folks, this same attitude, a refusal to vote for McCain, gave us a first Obama Presidency and now in their arrogance and self-righteousness, they are once again excitedly offering American the same gift.

In what can only be considered insanity, they believe that (well first, they believe that America can survive a second term of an Obama presidency--a likelihood about which I am not so sanguine)  Obama's tendency to ignore the Constitution and impose his will on the American citizens will somehow be reined in by Republicans in Congress.  After witnessing the last year, I see little evidence to support that assumption.

The Republican Congress has folded like a cheap suit every time they have run up in opposition to Obama.  That or have been completely out-maneuvered.  So far the Republican (it's difficult to call it "leadership")  managers have exhibited no willingness to face off President Obama.  Boehner, Cantor, McConnell and the rest of the boys in the band have swaggered, talked tough and then meekly caved when the time for tough decisions came.  It's pathetic and it presages nothing good for our nation.

"A spine!  A spine! My country for a spine!"  Republicans are desperately in need of some backbone, a smidgen of intestinal fortitude, a hint of stalwartness--how about a little moxie?

I don't want to, but just as I sucked it up and voted for McCain, I will do the same for Romney when the time comes--as it now seems certain to.  I will not be a part of the suicidal fantasists who dream of revolution or live in the alternate reality in which those brave fighting men and women in the Congressional Republican Caucus will face down President Obama and his cheerleaders in MSM and grind him into dust.  That ain't ever gonna happen.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

The Obama Administration's Opinion of the Consitution

Will Malven

Never have I seen a more apt or accurate painting than Jon Naughton's "Forgotten Man."  It is the most accurate illustration of Obama's absolute and complete contempt for our Constitution I have ever seen.

President Obama standing on the Constitution as Clinton, FDR, and Teddy Roosevelt applaud.  Madison pleads for Obama to stop as Washington and Jefferson gesture towards everyman citizen on the park bench and Lincoln looks on in horror.   The other former Presidents carry grim looks on their faces (on the right and center) while the left looks pleased.

A perfect depiction of what the political spectrum believes.  Oh yeah and lest we forget Obama's political roots, we should remember this picture of one of his political mentors and the ghost writer of his "autobiography"--Bill Ayers.

Men like these have no business running our government.  They have as much contempt for the average American citizen as they do our Constitution.  These are the "useful idiots" of whom the Soviet Union used to speak.  If they do not become the Joseph Stalins of the nation, they will be the first to meet the firing squads of the Marxist regimes they seek to establish.

If you believe in freedom, if you believe in liberty, if you believe that you should be the person in control of your life and your propery, then you must oppose these men, their Democrat Party, and their radical, destructive agenda.

Long live our American Republic!!!!