"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Sunday, July 29, 2012

More Liberal Fantasies About Voters' Questions Concerning Obama

Voter disaffection with Obama growing--questions about his past remain unanswered

Will Malven

Stumbled across another example of the dazzling efforts members of the MSM are going to in an effort to protect Obama's past from scrutiny.

This comes from the Washington Post Editorial pages, via freerepublic.com:

If Obama loses the election, here’s why

By Drew Westen Published: July 27

With 100 days left in the presidential campaign, perhaps the two most vexing questions in American politics are: How could President Obama possibly lose? And, how could he possibly win?

Americans are scared, angry and struggling. They used to talk about job satisfaction; now they talk about just holding on to their jobs. No incumbent since FDR has ever won reelection with unemployment numbers remotely resembling today’s. What voters feel about their lives and dreams in the months leading up to an election tends to stick to the president when they enter the voting booth. And right now what’s sticking to Obama isn’t good.
Yeah, yeah, standard boilerplate drivel. Let's get to the fantasies:

Fantasy 1: "Obama’s first mistake was inviting the Republicans to the table."

Excuse me, Mr. Westen, but you obviously fail to recall President Obama's comment to those Republicans when they mentioned the fact that Obama wasn't even listening to their input.  To aid you with your unfortunate memory problems, I will provide you with the appropriate reference (it's Politico--mouthpiece for the White House--so your liberal credentials won't be at risk):

Obama to GOP: 'I won' 

Updated: 1/24/09 12:37 AM EDT

 President Obama listened to Republican gripes about his stimulus package during a meeting with congressional leaders Friday morning - but he also left no doubt about who's in charge of these negotiations. "I won," Obama noted matter-of-factly, according to sources familiar with the conversation.[Emphasis added]
Now that's what I call a real invitation to share one's opinion.  The fact is that Obama "invited them to the table" in only the most cynical and unflattering terms.  His attitude was more that of a sovereign lending a disinterested ear to his vassals complaints--of a political hack posing as an objective listener--than that of a statesman in search of solutions to our nations terrible problems.

Fantasy 2: "The GOP had just decimated the economy . . ."

This one would be down right hilarious if it wasn't for the way Democrats have successfully promulgated this (at best) half-truth.

The Fact:  It was the Democrats in Congress, especially those like Barney Frank, who ignored repeated warnings from the Bush Administration and from their Republican colleagues that the housing industry was at dire risk due to the policies put in place by Democrats under the Community Reinvestment Act and later rules instated under Clinton requiring banks to loan money to people who could not qualify under reasonable lending regulations and created the entire atmosphere (Hey, Barney Frank: The Government Did Cause the Housing Crisis) that led to both the banking collapse and the collapse of the housing industry . . . and ultimately the economy.

During the last four years of President Bush's presidency prior to Democrats taking control of both houses of Congress in 2007, The federal deficit shrank at a greater rate than any economic forecasters predicted, from just over . . . from just over $400 billion in 2004 to just over $170 Billion in 2007 . . . this as the economy was beginning to slow in reaction to the housing bubble.  Once Democrats took control, all bets--and limits to spending--were off.

To be sure Republicans weren't blameless, but you assertion is pure fantasy.

Fantasy 3:  ". . . a private-equity baron lacking a sense of noblesse oblige, and preaching the gospel of deregulation and lower taxes for the rich . . ."

Wow!  Now we see the nastiness that all liberals keep hidden within their dark souls.  Hey Westen, how much of your exorbitant and hardly deserved salary do you give to charity--do you even have the slightest clue as to the meaning of that term you used, "noblesse oblige?"

It always has been the case that conservatives give far more to the less fortunate than liberals.

Romney has given over $18 million in charity and church tithes over the past 13 years A Look Inside The Millions Mitt Romney Has Given Away

If there are people who fail to comprehend the meaning of the phrase "nobless oblige," it is liberals. Liberals, like you, fail utterly to comprehend the meaning of the word "charity" and the concept of "nobless oblige." Both imply giving of ONESELF not taking from one group and giving to another group you feel more deserving.  Liberals believe that charity begins in someone else's pocket.

Mitt Romney has done more for the average American citizen by building his wealth than you, President Obama, and the whole Democrat Hee Haw gang put together.  Without his success in becoming "a private equity baron," there would be no Staples and none of the other myriad of businesses his company returned to fiscal responsibility.

Anyway, enough dissecting of this pathetic, lie-packed, mindless lefty screed. It's not worth my time to go through and debunk the whole FOUR PAGES of drek. I posted this and the link to it as a further example of the rampant dishonesty that so aptly characterizes the Democrat political machine, the Obama-touting MSM, and the Obama Campaign. LOL!!!

Democrats live in a fantasy world of their own imagining--sadly their warped world view impinges and affects our own far too adversely and often.

LOLOL!!! Found this at the bottom of page 4 of this endless--tome of liberal fantasies:
 Drew Westen is a professor of psychology and psychiatry at Emory University and the author of “The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation.” He is the founder of Westen Strategies, a consulting firm.
This at least explains why there is so little of worth in this article and why it is so interminable.  He's an academic, he knows absolutely nothing about reality.

I can't leave this article alone.  This joker punches every liberal button there is.  He hates Romney--I mean really visceral hatred--(and all free-market capitalists and freedom loving Americans) sooooo much.  Here is some of the language he uses in describing Romney et al.
"In an era when even conservatives are populists, enraged about the favors granted the rich and well-connected, Romney is running as a CEO who thinks his taxes are too high. Voters just aren’t warming up to a guy who enjoys firing people and attempts to woo the people of Michigan by referring to his wife’s “couple of Cadillacs.
Hey, Professor, I see being truthful isn't one of your concerns.  Lie much???

But, folks, here's the clincher.  The real reason Obama is struggling, the conclusion to which this august professor is inescapably led is . . . Obama wasn't liberal enough.

Yep!  Old Einstein Drew here thinks that if only Obama had been more aggressive in pursuing his insane Keynesian suicide plan and spent MORE stimulus money and acted in a more dictatorial manner (it's okay, Drew, we all know you liberals would be far more comfortable under a Stalinist form of government in which only the enlightened--people like you, of course--would be able to make decisions).

Professor Westen doesn't seem to realize that his point of view, his leftist, Utopian fantasy isn't what people want.  Only about 25-30% of the American people self-identify as "liberal" or "progressive," on the other hand, about 60% self-identify as "conservative."

The voters understand that liberalism, A.K.A.Marxism, as a socio-economic system leads to failure--as it has in every nation in which it has been attempted--and that capitalism, free-market capitalism, as practiced in America created the strongest, most prosperous, most powerful, most successful nation in the history of the world and did so in record time.    The voters understand what you reason-limited liberals seem incapable of comprehending.

 Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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