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--Joseph Stalin

Friday, August 17, 2012

Mystery Republican Named For Democrat National Convention

Will Malven

HAH!!!   I'm not kidding here, folks.   The big mystery of who the "big-named Republican" Dems plan to feature during their national convention next month has apparently been revealed.

Lincoln Chaffee is going to place President Obama's name in nomination for re-election to the presidency.  No, I'm serious here.  Now, primarily in a pathetically weak response to Artur Davis' announcement that he would stump for Romney in his home state, the DNC has announced who their special guest will be.

The Democrats were bragging about this a couple of weeks ago--that they were going to have some mysterious, big-named Republican featured at their convention in September.  Speculation began immediately in Republican circles as to who the "big-named Republican" would be.  [Wanna know something funny?  Lincoln Chaffee's name never came up.  He was never reliably Republican enough or important enough to be considered a "big-named Republican."]

This is just too funny.

Ex-GOP senator to attend Dem convention

8/17/12 10:28 AM EDT

In response to the news that Artur Davis, the former Alabama Democratic congressman, will speak at the Republican National Convention, Democrats can now point to their own get – Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee.

From WPRI’s Ted Nesi:
Lincoln Chafee’s political migration is complete – eight years after he was a VIP at the 2004 Republican National Convention, next month he’ll be one at the Democratic National Convention.

Chafee’s office confirmed Thursday that the independent governor will attend “a couple of nights of the convention,” which takes place Sept. 3-6 in Charlotte, N.C., to formally nominate President Obama for a second term. “Not sure which ones yet,” Chafee spokeswoman Christine Hunsinger told WPRI.com in an email.
Chafee’s appearance at the Democratic convention won’t exactly come as a surprise: he left the GOP some time ago. He also appeared on an Obama campaign conference call this week.

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Look, I know Democrats plans for Chaffee predate Congressman Davis' announcement, but this hurried roll-out is their attempt to counter any impact Davis' defection might have.  Don't you just love liberal logic?

Senator Chaffee was NEVER in the mainstream of the Republican Party, Artur Davis was the man who seconded Obama's nomination, he was CO-CHAIRMAN of Obama's election campaign in 2008.  He wasn't just one of a crowd of Democrat Congressman, he was at the very heart of the Obama operation.

Chaffee counter-balances Artur Davis . . . only in the fevered, dimly lit imaginations of the Democrat Party leadership.   Chaffee has been totally out of the picture for 8 years and even before that, no Republicans took him seriously (except for the simple souls in his home state).

For Democrats to actually have the sort of impact they fantasize  about, their special guest would have to be someone like Liz Cheney (not in this lifetime :) ), Cofer Black (equally as likely), or Beth Myers (again, about as likely as snow here in Houston tomorrow).

Nope, this is just another in a long line of Democrat Party "FAILS."  Democrats need to stick with what they know, pandering, lying, and demagoguing.  That's far more familiar territory for them (Oh! . . . and slanderous accusations, as well--don't want to forget those).

Long Live Our American Republic!!!!

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