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--Joseph Stalin

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

President Obama's Acceptance Speech Moved Do To Weather? LOL!!!!

Will Malven

What if you were giving the biggest speech of your life . . . and nobody wanted to attend?

Another disappointment for President Obama's campaign, they are moving President Obama's acceptance speech from the Bank of America "Panther Stadium" (74,000 seats) to Time Warner Cable Arena (22,000 seats).

The reason the Obama Campaign gave for the move was the possibility of bad weather.  Only problem is, the weather forecast this morning was only a 30% chance of rain on Thursday night.

Does ANYONE really believe that Barack Obama would have cancelled his 2008 Colorado acceptance speech if the weather forecast was "30% chance of rain?" [The actual forecast was for "mostly sunny skies, with a 10% chance of rain."  The committee outlawed umbrellas (standard practice these days for both parties) and had stated that should weather turn bad, they would interrupt the proceedings until it cleared.]

The truth is evident for all to see, they were discussing the possibility of moving to the arena BEFORE weather was the issue.  Even the MSM couldn't hide the fact that the Democrat Party was UNABLE TO FILL THE STADIUM.  Even busing in students and labor union members from out of state, they couldn't find enough people to fill the empty seats.

Another broken promise.  Worse is the broken promise to his supporters.  The Obama campaign set up a program; work hard for the Obama Campaign for 9 hours, three different times, and you were promised a ticket to the speech.  One wonders, how many people were, once again, foolish enough to believe an Obama "promise."

Four years ago, this would NEVER have happened.   President Obama is having difficulty filling arenas that he wouldn't have even bothered to book, because they wouldn't have been large enough.

Folks, the bloom is off the Obama rose.  The fascination, the romanticization, and the near hypnotic effect the President had in 2008 has evaporated.  The blinds have been opened, and the American people understand who and what they mistakenly elected last time.

The hysterical attacks will continue to grow as will the number of lies and distortions Democrats tell.

Romney by 10%

Long Live Our America Republic!!!!

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