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--Joseph Stalin

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney: 47% Of American On Entitlements . . . Just Shoot Me!

Will Malven

Mother Jones has just released video it obtained at a private fund-raiser for Mitt Romney back in May of this year.  In it, Mitt discusses the entire spectrum of political topics, but the one that is creating the most stir is when he talks about Obama voters and who they are.

However accurate Romney's take may be, this does not make for good campaign optics or sound-bytes for the MSM.

So, here is the infamous clip, compliments of Mother Jones

Okay, there's no way to sugar-coat this and remain true to oneself; Romney expressed his core beliefs and while they may be partially accurate, taken as a whole his statement reflects the ideology of and can only serve to further the impression of a man who genuinely remains out of touch with the average American.

To claim merely an "inartful" wording, as his campaign has attempted, simply won't pass muster.  This was no mere slip-of-the-tongue, the ease and comfort with which these words were delivered belie his campaign's efforts.  This was a man speaking from his heart.

Do I still believe Mitt Romney is the only man running for President who can save this nation from the economic abyss to which Democrat Party policies have led us?  Absolutely!

Do I still believe that Romney can win the November election?  Yes, but this has made the job much more difficult.

In politics, more than almost any other endeavor, perception is reality, and how the public perceives this latest revelation is yet to be seen, but I suspect it will not embrace these sentiments whole-heartedly.

What is bothering is that the numbers he uses confuses several disparate statistics and conflates that into that magic "47% number."

Yes, it is true that 47% don't federal income taxes,* but that doesn't equate to 47% of the population being unwilling to take responsibility for themselves.  Many pay no taxes because their income is exempt, or because they have children and mortgages to deduct and are living on the ragged edge, struggling to avoid becoming dependent on government, many have been trapped by the poor job-market and the weak economy.  It is not their fault when companies lay employees off or cease building and manufacturing products, because it is no longer profitable.

Those on Social Security and Medicare paid into accounts to receive those benefits.  They are not asking the government to do anything, but give them what they have already paid for (the fact that Soc Sec is a Ponzi scheme isn't relevant, we were all forced to pay into it--no choice to refuse it).

Don't get me wrong, I am in complete agreement with most of what Romney said, in fact, I am a little astounded to here him espousing such a conservative take, but Romney must take the discussion to the next level and explain to those 47% why what he is campaigning for--Republican, free-market conservatism is good for them and America; that those conservative principles will allow them to lift themselves our of dependence on the government.

Many of those people are open to voting for Mitt Romney, BUT THEY MUST BE GIVEN A COMPELLING REASON!!!!!

You cannot win an election solely by telling everyone how bad the incumbent is, they already know that.  You MUST make a convincing case that you are the only man who can solve our problems and you must show us how you would do it.

It is as pollster Frank Luntz said following the two conventions, voters are already convinced that Obama is NOT the man for the job.  The are ready to vote for someone else.  Mitt has to make the sale that he is the one they should vote FOR.

The way the mistakes are stacking up, I'm no longer sanguine about my double-digits victory for Romney anymore.  If Mitt was a better candidate at conveying his message--along the lines of  Newt or Paul Ryan, it would be different, but we have who we have.

Romney will still win this, but it will probably be within 5%.  To me that is just astounding--astounding that the margin isn't 15%.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!!

*For the uninitiated, the FICA "Tax" is not a tax, but an retirement insurance premium and the Medicare "Tax" is not a tax, but a senior citizen health insurance premium.  The only reason they have been called "taxes," is for the same reason Justice Roberts recategorized the Obama-care penalties and fees as "taxes," to justify mandatory participation.

Update:  Gallop now says the the actual number of those

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