"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Puppet President? Is Obama Actually In Charge?

Will Malven

Pure speculation, today, folks.

Given the absolutely chaotic messages coming from the White House in the wake of and continuing during this middle of this Middle East Crisis, given the scapegoating of the film's producer, given the attempts (sadly successful with the willing support of the MSM) to deflect attention from White House foreign policy failures to whether Mitt Romney spoke out of turn, given the Hodge-podge response to these events, and given the apparent inability of our State Department to incorporate warnings received that protests and riots might be about to occur into our foreign missions' security arrangements, given all of these concurrent events, one must begin to wonder, "Who's in charge?" 

The sorts of responses and reactions we have seen coming from this President and his White House are far more reflective of government by committee than of the firm hand of leadership of a competent chief executive.

The primary response from President Obama has been to attack Mitt Romney and go to campaign events and fundraisers.  He's not met with his security team or been to a "DAILY" intel briefing in over a week--neither during the days before, or after, has he been briefed by his team, but he has done an interview with Jay Leno and David Letterman and he has set up a fundraiser with Beyonce and Jay Z.

Actions coming out of this White House have never been very focused and their approaches to our problems have always seemed haphazard and disjointed.  This has been true of the push for "Obamacare" and the ill-fated "Cap and Trade" bill, this was true of their response to the initial uprisings in Egypt and Libya where they were slow to respond and then, without really knowing to whom they were giving assistance, a precipitous leap of faith to embracing the uprisings.

They even went so far as to celebrate the so-called "Arab Spring."  They leaped on-board without looking with whom they had climbed into bed.  They appeared to be completely blind-sided by this "sudden and unexpected" uprising of anger towards America even as they have spent the past year shouting from the roof-tops about how successful they have been in using drones to kill Muslims
NOTE:  I, again, wish to be clear.  I do not object to these strikes, nor do I condemn the President and the White House for conducting them.  They have been very effective and President Obama deserves full credit for pursuing an aggressive anti-terrorist campaign.

It is the wanton touting, celebrating, and victory lapping to which I object.  Seal Team 6 should NEVER have been named by Vice President Joe Biden.  These missions should NEVER be discussed publicly.

The American people do not need to know every detail of every strike our intelligence/military team makes.  That is the very purpose of having a covert operation is to prevent the enemy from ever learning of it.

This White House has expended a great deal of time and money crowing over ever single action they have taken to attack terrorists.  No one could possibly believe that all of that boasting wouldn't have negative consequences.
This complete lack of substance coming from the President has led me to wonder:
  • Nothing but empty rhetoric from the President
  • A pathetically slow response to events in Benghazi and Cairo
  • The initial timidity of the response and the apologetic tone thereof
  • The second stronger, more directed response
  • The determination by this President to continue his unceasing campaign for reelection even as this crisis continues to grow and evolve
  • The seeming Presidential preoccupation with golf--again even in times of crisis (he was golfing as they prepared to attack bin Laden and had to be sent for so that he would be present during it)
  • Lack of preparedness within our embassies
  • The effort to deflect attention from the riots to Mitt Romney (to camouflage their ineptitude).
  • No apparent coherent foreign policy
  • No apparent coherent energy policy
  • No apparent coherent economic policy
  • No coherent plan to deal with Medicare
  • No coherent plan to deal with Social Security
  • No serious budget plan in his entire term in office
Lack of focus, lack of coherence in policy agenda, lack of rapid, effective response, lack of leadership--these are all signs of government by committee.  It is a sign of a number of disparate interests--fiefdoms--battling to set policy.

Clearly there is no leadership from the top.  Whether this is due to the Clown Prince Narcissist in Chief's incompetence and neglect, or by plan of those who are running him, we won't know until well after he is out of office.

Are we, indeed, in the hands of a cabal of actual decision-makers who are using this empty-suit of a President as a figurehead to camouflage who is driving this extreme left-wing agenda.  Are the true setters-of-policy, Valerie Jarrett, Vann Jones, Bill Ayers, and the like?  Have the American people allowed themselves to be completely duped into electing a nobody, a pretty face who stands before them reading the scripts others write for him?

It is shameful that President Obama is so obsessed with getting reelected that he hasn't got time to address our very real problems (American has now been down-graded from AAA+, to AA+, to AA-, by Moody's--another sign of our problems) or to deal with this new Middle East crisis.

However, if he is nothing but the figurehead I propose, then his inattention is irrelevant and we are subject to the whims of this group of unelected, unvetted, unapproved by the Senate, unconstitutional "CZARS" who now run the White House.

Sure looks to me as though Obama is nothing but a puppet being controlled by Jarrett and through her, by Soros and a cabal of anti-American leftists.

Only "government by committee" could look this incompetent and disorganized.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!!

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