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--Joseph Stalin

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Were President Obama and the Democrat Party Responsible for the Death of Ambassador Chris Stevens?

Will Malven

Update:  God I hate being wrong, but I will always let you know when I make an error--especially one this big.  I apologize to all for mistakenly attributing this film to Pastor Terry Jones.  The man responsible for this film, The Innocence of bin Laden, was produced by a Sam Bacile and now it appears that "Sam Bacile" may be a fake name.

I also apologize to Pastor Jones for making that attribution.  I picked up some bad information on the internet and failed to research it sufficiently.

Rush received a phone call today in which a woman asked an interesting question . . . did the Obama Campaign and the Democrat Party inadvertently spark the attacks against the US embassies in Egypt and Libya through their continual spiking of the Osama bin Laden "football?"

Think about it.  Ever since Seal Team 6 went in and killed bin Laden, the White House has been "spiking the ball."  "Gutsy call" was a consistent refrain coming from the left-leaning pundits, and periodically over the past year, Team Obama has repeatedly attempted to present President Obama as a foreign policy hero who feels no compunction about bringing the war to the terrorists through the use of RPV's to assassinate them.

Well and good, killing terrorists is a good thing, but you have to take the heat if you're going to take the credit.  Especially over the last couple of weeks, the killing of Osama bin Laden has taken a front seat in the campaign.

In their eagerness to distract attention from President Obama's abysmal record on the economy, they have repeatedly touted the killing of Osama bin Laden, with the campaign even going to far as to print bumper stickers that say:
It's a catchy slogan, but I'll bet nobody in the campaign thought about the possible repercussions in the Middle East from President Obama and the Democrats taking every opportunity to spout off about how "heroic" Obama was for making that "gutsy call"(since when is doing one's job "gutsy?")

Now remember, what was it that the crowds were heard to chant?
Now I don't know about you, but there seems a much more direct link to what occurred Tuesday in Egypt and Libya with this unbridled and enthusiastic celebration of killing bin Laden, than any unseen film by an obscure, unhinged preacher.

The killing of Osama bin Laden was a great thing, long overdue and long desired and I give the Obama Administration a great deal of credit for being willing to do what Bill Clinton's White House lacked the courage to do, but if you're going to take credit for something, then you need to take responsibility for any and all repercussions from that act.

Team Obama has been burning up the airways attempting to portray Obama as an expert in foreign policy and Romney as the neophyte who lacks experience (governors, generally have a great deal of experience in dealing with foreign leaders on critical issues) leaping to attack anything he says.

Well, Barry old boy, if your going to take the credit, then you better face the fact that all that crowing you and your fellow Democrats did last week may very well have precipitated these attacks and the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens.

President Obama can claim superiority in his knowledge of foreign policy, but as yet there has been no evidence of that superiority.

If anything, Obama is a lamb in wolf's clothing and foreign leaders like Putin, the Ayatollah, and all of your "friends" ARE LAUGHING AT HIM.

The chant alone lays the death of Chris Stevens right at the feet of President Obama and the whole Democrat election machine.  It's as direct a link as one can think of.

EDIT.ADDENDUM:  It may not have been the match that lit the fire, clearly that was the film that congenital idiot Terry Jones (the pastor, not the former member of Monty Python's Flying Circus) Sam Bacile made.

I loathe people like Pastor Terry Jones--they are invariable self-righteous to the point of vanity -(Todd Akin is another one)--BUT this is the United States of America and I will defend to the death, the right of every American to speak his or her mind.


". . . against all enemies, foreign or domestic . . ."

Sadly the administration we now have seems more intent on appeasing our international critics than in condemning the terrorists.

It's true this time and it was true the last time when Pastor Terry Jones was trying to make a name for himself by burning a Koran.  The Obama Administration was fearful that such an act would be a provocation to the people of Afghanistan and around the Middle East (since when do these animals need a "provocation?"); so much so that they even got General Patraeus to issue a statement warning against such an eventuality.

I said it then and I'll repeat it.  General, Mr. President, it is precisely for the reason of defending our rights to free speech--defending the right of an idiot like Sam Bacile or Pastor Jones--to do exactly what he has chosen to do, that the office you hold and the rank the General held exists.

Rather than blaming Pastor Jones, Obama should be defending his actions.  Rather than attempting to silence him, you should be doing everything possible to ensure his continued right and ability to speak out. 

It is quite possible to reject the sentiment and yet still defend the man's rights.

Obama's first instinct was to criticize Sam Bacile.  Mitt Romney's first instinct was to condemn the monsters who launched the attack. One is the act of a cowardliness, the other the acting presidential.  One is interested in appeasing his critics, the other in defending the rights and privileges of American citizens.

Obama speaks out of fear, Romney out of conviction.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!!

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