"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Monday, October 22, 2012

Debates Round Three: Obama By A Nose . . . But . . .

Will Malven

The one thing I always attempt to do, is be honest.  I don't believe in declaring victory for my candidate, just because he is my candidate--I fail to see any advantage in lying simply for propaganda purposes.   I am very partisan and conservative, but intellectual honesty is important.

So it is no thrill to me to say, I just finished watching the third and final Presidential debate and I have to admit, President Obama again got the better of Romney.

The victory was by a narrow margin and no knockout punches were thrown by either candidate, but by drawing or even coming close, as Romney did tonight, he once again proved himself a reasonable alternative . . . and in appearing to be an rational choice, Romney wins out in the end.  Why?

Mitt Romney just spent an hour and a half with the sitting President and didn't look incompetent or incapable of executing the duties of the office of President Of The United States Of America.  He didn't look dangerous--as the President and his campaign have repeatedly attempted to portray him, he didn't appear out of his depths.  He look entirely equal to the task.

That the President won rests solely on the fact that, as in any such debate, the sitting President has an enormous advantage and, to his credit as a clever politician, he used it to his advantage.

So, what will be the results of this debate?  I believe it puts Romney one step closer to the White House.

Remember, the President has spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to destroy Mitt Romney.  His campaign spent $150 million trying to portray Mr. Romney as some ogre who would snatch birth-control pills out of the hands of women as they were purchasing them, as an unfeeling uncaring corporate executive who would destroy American industry, export all of our jobs, and channel Marie Antoinette in saying as the people starve, "Let them eat cake."

The first debate destroyed that carefully constructed narrative and the American voter realized that Mitt Romney was not only a viable alternative to President Obama, but that he was a caring, feeling human being who was offering genuine experience in job creation and governance as an alternative to the drifting, directionless, spendthrift policies of this administration.

Nothing in the second debate altered that fact, therefore, though the President won that debate, it had no effect on the race other that possible slowing the growing momentum for Romney--but not very much.

Mitt Romney's ability not to appear as some trigger-happy war-monger, but as a reasonable strong leader who would work to keep America strong--AND AT PEACE--erased all of the Obama Campaigns spending on advertisements suggesting the opposite.

Romney wins, because he proved he can sit side by side with the current President and debate him on every issue and do so articulately and knowledgeably and, simply put, look PRESIDENTIAL--advantage Romney.

As I stated in an earlier commentary, the first debate was the deciding debate.  The fact that the President managed to battle back in the second two is immaterial--all of the damage occurred in the first debate.  The remainder were nothing but beauty contests.

Simply by making himself look like a reasonable, rational, capable alternative--Romney wins.  The American voter is ready for a change.  They are tired and scared after four years of huge deficits, horrible unemployment, and an economic "recovery" that looks a whole lot like one long continuous recession.

. . . and that will be enough.

I'm holding with my 54-46 Romney victory, but we shall see . . .

Long Live Our American Republic!!!!

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