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--Joseph Stalin

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MSM Doing It's Utmost To Get Obama Reelected: Reality Be Damned

Will Malven

Happy Halloween to all.  Looks as though MSNBC and the rest of the Democrat propaganda machine are hard at work spinning the Obama victory tale.

Today, MSNBC's "Morning Joe" was citing over and over again the Quinnipiac/New York Time/CBS poll which, unbelievably, shows Obama maintaining a 5-point lead in Ohio, a 1-point lead in Florida, and a 2-point lead in Virginia.

Joe Scarborough actually claimed that the NYT/CBS has been one of the most accurate polling organizations.  One is forced to wonder if Joe's presidential aspirations aren't just clouding his judgment, but influencing his opinion (he's face a far tougher climb against an incumbent Romney than an open presidency).  The facts are far different.

According to an analysis done at Fordham University in 2008 the CBS/NYT polling operation scored an embarrassing 22nd out of 23 organizations.  Only Newsweek scored lower

As one ventures into the internals of this poll, it is easy to see why they are over estimating Obama's chances.  The DRI (Democrat/Republican/Independent breakdown) is D +7 in Florida, D +8 in Virginia, and D+8 in Ohio (it can be found on the last page--p. 18) of the detailed poll results here).

Even in The Great Obama Ascension of 2008, Obama would have struggled to reach +8 and no sane individual believes Obama will come close to duplicating the turnout or the enthusiasm he enjoyed in 2008.

For a more realistic DRI, I would be inclined to look at the 2010 elections (DRI = 35/35/30) even though there was no national candidate.  Given what happened in 2010, in Wisconsin with the recall election and the enthusiasm gap which is becoming more and more apparent, the actual Q/CBS/NYT poll numbers would be Romney +3 in Ohio, +7 in Florida, and +6 in Virginia . . . quite a different narrative than that being promulgated by the MSM.

Not satisfied solely with running skewed polls, MSNBC also began a full scale attack on Romney for holding a food donation rally in place of an already scheduled campaign rally in Ohio.  Romney spoke for less than 10 minutes and what he said was focused only on the victims of Hurricane Sandy and what people could do to aid them.

For his selfless generosity and efforts to aid victims, Romney was pummeled by MSNBC's aggressively partisan programming.  Katy Pavlich documents this well over at Townhall.com with 3 short video clips of Andrea Mitchell and Martin Bashir (possibly the worst, most partisan of all MSNBC leftist commentators).

I guess it's true that no good deed goes unpunished as far as the leftist camp at MSNBC thinks as they pursue their "Obama or Bust" anti-Romney crusade.

No big deal.  Liberals are simply incapable of understanding a man like Romney.  They can't fathom why a wealthy successful businessman like Romney would give so generously of his own wealth year, after, year after year, while they bend all their efforts towards assuaging their guilt at being rich by asking tax-payers to contribute more and more of their hard earned salaries to the poor and suffering.

For liberals, charity begins and ends with government.  The concept of personal generosity escapes them completely.  Conservatives believe in charity and they demonstrate that belief in their own personal actions and donations.  Liberals believe in charity using someone else's money.

Don't believe the hype in these horribly skewed polls; they have but little in common with reality no matter how intensely they are spun by the MSN and the Democrat Party.

Romney is still on course for a moderate blow-out of 8-11 percentage points.  Still predicting Romney 54, Obama 46.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!!

[Note to readers, I'm a little under the weather, so my posts are commensurately fewer, but I will be back with more soon]

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