"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vice Presidential Debate: Battle Between 70-Year Old Child (Biden) And 42-Year Old Adult (Ryan)

Will Malven

Liberals are immature.  That's been evident for some time.
  • They respond as children do to most situations.  
  • If they aren't getting their way, they lash out with personal attacks and lies directed at whomever they believe responsible.
  • They won't take responsibility for their failures
  • They want to claim credit for everything good that happens
  • AND they CAN'T handle criticism. 
We witnessed this childish behavior last Wednesday during the Presidential debate, with President Obama throughout most of the debate looking like a teenager being lectured by his parent--always looking down or away pretending that he can't hear what they're saying to him and too embarrassed at being caught that he can't look them in the eye.

Now, tonight we saw the other child, the child with A-D-D who can't sit still, who can't keep from making faces or mugging the audience, and who can't be expected to behave like an adult.

He was rude, childish, and dishonest.

It's sad, really, Mr. Biden has a wealth of information he could have spent his time communicating, but he was too interested in trying to score political point   Now, I know that it was his job to try and take Mitt Romney down a peg, but, just as I predicted, Democrats overcompensated for Obama's imitation of a somnambulist in the last debate and turned Biden into a CLOWN (and here I though Obama was the Clown Prince.

Over all, the debate was probably a tie.  I thought Ryan too timid and too reluctant to strike back at thing Biden said, but Ryan was really fighting two battles, one with his opponent and one with the moderator who seemed more than eager to interrupt Congressman Ryan and too willing to give Biden a chance to interrupt.

At the end, Biden complained about the time being given to Ryan . . . the tale of the clock, 41:30 for Biden, 40:00 for Ryan.  Just as in the case of the first debate, the Democrats seem to begrudge allowing Republicans equal time . . . this is interesting since Biden repeatedly asserted that he and Obama wanted a "level playing field for all Americans" (I guess that excludes Republicans).

The only really one-sided even was the closing statement by Ryan who absolutely knocked it out of the park, focusing solely on the failed policies of Obama and the need for a new direction, back to well known and established economic principles that will create a job-friendly environment.

Wish Ryan had been more explicit in describing who that 3% of small businesses are that Biden and Obama want to raise taxes on . . . those "small businesses" (they're actually more accurately described as mid-sized) hire about half of all small business employees, so the number of people the Obama/Democrat tax increase will adversely affect (and put out of jobs) is potentially quite high.

Any-who, it wasn't a great debate, nobody actually won and nobody is going to get much of a bump out of it.

My opinion only, we'll have to wait to hear the pundits and the polling.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!!

Romney by 10+

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