"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Death Of A Nation: Another Dose Of Crow

Will Malven

Well, I guess this isn't the America in which I grew up.  The Demographic swings and the huge number of people who now choose to depend on government for their existence have turned America into and admixture of a Euro-style state filled with people who prefer to live on the dole rather than work for a living and a third-world state comprised of people who have grown up in socialist, authoritarian pseudo-democracies.

Sour grapes?  You better believe it.  The very systems which created this most prosperous, vital, and free nation are being systematically supplanted with "shared sacrifice," subsistence economics in which industry is punished and sloth rewarded.

You voters want Greece, you're going to get it in spades.  When the national debt reaches $22 Trillion in Obama's second term and our healthcare system resembles Britain's infamous National Health Service, in which the old are "inadvertently" euthanized, because no one thought to give them water or food and "optional surgeries" like hip replacement require waiting until your name comes up in the 6 month long queue, I hope you are all as pleased as you seem to be now.

And all you college kids who brainlessly follow the preaching of your leftist professors suddenly find yourselves graduating with a built in $50 thousand in national debt burden on top of your tuition debts as  you flip burgers at the local greasy spoon, because there are no jobs available--have fun!

Don't say we conservatives didn't warn you ahead of time.  Don't say we didn't tell you that even if you tax the wealthy at 100% of income, there won't be enough money to pay our debts.

Me?  I guess I'll get on the dole and let all you socialist workers support me for a change.  We'll see how you like being on the receiving end of Obama's "big stick."

You can't tax and spend your way out of debt.  The math just doesn't hold up.  Every dollar you allow the government to spend on some program, is a dollar taken out of the private sector . . . and no matter what Obama says, it is that private sector, those small businesses that Obama wants to tax even more, that create jobs, not government.

It is a black day in America and perhaps the end of the Great American Experiment in self-governance.

As the saying goes, a democracy (or republic in our case) will only last until the people discover they can vote themselves money--we have now reached the point at which the majority of Americans have done so.

It won't be a quick death, it will be a slow, lingering, decline--look to Great Britain and the rest of Europe to see our future.  Happily, I won't be here long enough to witness the worst--I figure about 30 years--so you kiddies have fun.

Now where did I go wrong?  First, I forgot the lesson I learned so well when Clinton got reelected in 1996--I the America people would reelect Clinton after his disastrous first term, there can be no surprises in how foolishly they cast their votes.

Second, I failed to understand the significance of the DRI splits in the many polls I was dismissing.  Election night, Fox News Analyst Kirsten Powers gave the first intelligible explanation I have heard . . . and thus my first feelings of nervousness . . .

Pollsters didn't use party affiliation to select who they were calling, the party affiliation numbers (the DRI) is a result of people being asked which party most closely reflected their views.  Had I known that, I would not have been so dismissive of the poll results, because that means the DRI numbers were reflective rather than selective.

It also means that the models predicting turnout levels like that were accurate and thus the polls were equally accurate and all of us who were busy dismissing those polls were flat out wrong.

I freely admit it, I WAS FLAT OUT WRONG.

These results also demonstrate once more that no matter how much voters protest about not liking negative advertising, the respond to it more than they do to any other form of political advertising.  The hateful, dishonest anti-Romney campaign ads Obama spent tens of millions of dollars running back in early summer portraying Romney as an out of touch, uncaring, rich man and his time at Bain Capital as one in which he took great joy in firing people and destroying businesses paid off in the end.

It is truly a sad day for America and a sad day for American politics.  Don't look for any more candidates running "Morning in America" ads, look instead for the kind of cut throat, slash and burn ads that Bill Clinton so descried and labeled "the Politics of Personal Destruction."

So much for our Great American Republic . . .

EDIT:  By the way.  It appears that many folks wish to place the blame on Governor Chris Christie for embracing Obama in gratitude for his assistance following Hurricane Sandy . . . POPPYCOCK!

 This is a manifestation of an American populace who have collectively decided that dependence on government is preferable to industry and self-reliance. It is a manifestation (inevitable) of 60 years of welfare, Medicare, and Medicaid. It is a manifestation of Pell grants and other forms of middle class welfare. It is a manifestation of our changing demographics in which white, hard-working men and women of faith and traditional lifestyle will no longer determine the direction in which this nation moves . . . and it is the death knell of our Republic.

I wish we conservatives could blame this loss on Chris Christie or some other scape goat, but I fear that we have now crossed our national Rubicon and will not again cross it until we have "enjoyed" the dubious pleasures of Euro-socialism.

May God bless us and have mercy upon us all, for we are all sure to need His help.

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