"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
--Joseph Stalin

Monday, November 12, 2012

What Republicans Should Do After Election Fiasco

Will Malven

Short and sweet: SIT ON YOUR HANDS!

This past week, the majority of American citizens made their desires and beliefs quite clear and the Republican Party should take note.  They voted for more spending--give it to them.  They voted for more government intervention--give it to them.  They voted for the Obama/Democrat Party Agenda--GIVE IT TO THEM . . . IN SPADES.

If Republicans ever expect to be in the majority again, they must be willing to sacrifice much to teach the America electorate why it is that the liberal policies of tax more and spend more will not, cannot, and have never worked.

For the next two years--and possibly the next four years--Republicans in Congress should propose rational policies and solutions and vote for them and watch them go down to defeat or stall in the Senate.

Once those proposals are on the record--and have been loudly and frequently touted to the American people as our alternative--THEN they should allow the Democrats in Congress their head.

On every Democrat proposal, on every agenda item the majority party and their president propose, vote "PRESENT."

It is the only way for people to learn.  We must become Greece if we are to prove once and for all that socialism and the redistribution of wealth is a failed philosophy that will only lead to economic ruin.

Not a very pleasant prospect, I admit, and I don't look forward to the privation and difficulties such a policy would entail, but sometimes pain is the only effective teacher.  When the wealthy disappear and the coffers are empty, and the Chinese can no longer afford to buy our debt, then PERHAPS the American electorate will learn a hard lesson . . . Santa Claus makes a terrible government.

Republicans would be very well advised to follow this advice.  A single majority vote in opposition to the Democrat agenda leaves Republicans open to more Democrat Party/MSM demagoguery of "obstruction" and "blocking the President's agenda."  More claims of doing anything they can to force Obama and the Democrats to fail--this we cannot afford any longer.

It may be too late.  It may be that those with their hands out to the government, those who vote with their emotions rather than their brains will learn nothing.  In that case, as I said in my earlier commentary, America is lost and there will be no rediscovery of our Founding Principles--no free market capitalism, no Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness--only shared lives of quiet desperation and sacrifice.

If I am wrong, then great.  The Democrat Party will lead us all into a new paradise of prosperity and freedom.  Perhaps their redistributive policies, their eternal devotion to Keynesian economics without end will work (though I doubt it).  If so, I will freely admit to having been wrong all my life in opposing the fairy dust promises of the left.

So Republicans SUCK IT UP.  Take one for the future.  Let Socialism Ring!!!

Allow the radical environmentalists destroy the coal and hydrocarbon industries.  Let's tax oil and gas into oblivion and spend hundreds of billions of dollars on solar and wind pipe dreams.  Give everyone free medical care, free housing, free televisions, free cars, free everything.

Give it to them in spades and let the Democrats take full credit--or blame--for the entire fiasco.

Just make certain the our alternative proposals are well publicized, and well explained.  Let the American people know that, though we have alternatives which we believe will solve our problems, we have heard their message loudly and clearly.

The people (the majority of them) have voted for Uncle Santa rather than Uncle Sam, so give it to them . . . and let them learn the consequences. 

Let's see if all those big talking, big spending liberals who have made a cottage industry of demagoguery and promises of cradle to grave care by big government have the courage of their convictions. See if they really will implement all of the items they have proposed as tools to bash "Republican obstruction." 

Let's find out if they truly believe that the government can spend and tax it's way out of this dead economy.  Allow them to explain why it is that, given their every wish, unemployment continues to remain at record levels, personal income continues to fall, and more and more people are left without resources for retirement.

Sometimes the only solution to stupidity and selfishness is tough love.  Following the election results of this past week, it is the only way.

A lesson learned of PAIN is always a lesson well learned.  It is just unfortunate that the sane must suffer from the ravages of the insane.  It is unfortunate that those of us who vote with their brains must suffer the devastation wreaked by those who vote out of emotion and ignorance . . . but there you have it.

Sometimes acquiescence is the best opposition.

Long Live Our America Republic!!!!

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