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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Being Raped? Colorado University Suggests Vomiting Or Urinating In Lieu Of Firearms

Will Malven

UPDATED 2/21/2013

Well it just doesn't stop.  More liberal "gun-grabber" insanity for you women out there.
Colorado College Advises Vomiting Or Urinating To Stop Rapists After Lawmakers Pass Gun Control Bills

BY Connor Sheets | February 18 2013 10:36 PM

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Department of Public Safety has updated an online statement advising female students to consider a variety of unusual actions if they are attacked, including vomiting, urinating and claiming that they are menstruating.

The advisory was updated Monday evening, just hours after the Colorado state House of Representatives passed a package of gun control bills that includes one that would make it illegal for people with concealed weapons permits to carry guns on the campuses of public universities. The bills still have to go to the state Senate and governor.

Some of the pieces of advice which were updated Monday evening on the university's public safety website are ones that many would find familiar, from running away without looking back to "yelling, hitting or biting" your attacker.
You know, you just can't make this crap up.  How twisted must a person be to reach this far just to justify depriving women on campus access to the one means most likely to protect a woman from a rapist?

Now that the Colorado House of Representatives has voted to ban guns on campus in their abject terror that some hysterical woman might run amok, the University of Colorado has put forth their suggestions as to how you ladies can deal with a rapist. 
What To Do If You Are Attacked

These tips are designed to help you protect yourself on campus, in town, at your home, or while you travel.  These are preventative tips and are designed to instruct you in crime prevention tactics.
  1. Be realistic about your ability to protect yourself.
  2. Your instinct may be to scream, go ahead!  It may startle your attacker and give you an opportunity to run away.
  3. Kick off your shoes if you have time and can't run in them.
  4. Don't take time to look back; just get away.
  5. If your life is in danger, passive resistance may be your best defense.
  6. Tell your attacker that you have a disease or are menstruating.
  7. Vomiting or urinating may also convince the attacker to leave you alone.
  8. Yelling, hitting or biting may give you a chance to escape, do it!
  9. Understand that some actions on your part might lead to more harm.
  10. Remember, every emergency situation is different.  Only you can decide which action is most appropriate."

I especially like number 9--yeah, that's a great help . . . "everything we just told you to do may cause the guy to beat the crap out of you even more."

Tell the rapist that you have a disease? . . . um yeah . . . that's likely to work.  He's certain to believe you.  Odds are, if you don't have a disease, after he finishes with you you will.

Tell them you're menstruating . . . really?  Seriously?  That might be a turn-on for some . . . I just can't go there.

Certainly the above advice is good if you're trapped without a means of defending yourself, but there isn't any legitimate reason for that ever to be the case.

This demonstrates the absurd lengths to which the anti-gun lobby is willing to go to promote it's radical agenda.  It is just sick, twisted, corrupt rationalization in a sad attempt to excuse the inexcusable actions of liberals who are more concerned that a woman protecting herself with a pistol or revolver MIGHT, possibly, potentially go all hysterical--we all know you women are unstable, hysterical crazies--and shoot several dozen innocent bystanders (well, if they're "bystanders" in a rape then they deserve to be shot), than they are in her welfare and safety.

How pathetic must one be to think like these clowns?  A bunch of metro-sexual politicians and women politicians more frightened of strong, independent women who refuse to be victims than they are that you might be raped . . . that's your Democrat feminist for you.

You Democrat women out there, you really agree with this crap?  You VOTE for these clowns?   Really?  If so, you're as ignorant and gullible as I have always asserted.

Some Republicans may question your right to abort an unborn child, but at least we want you alive and unmolested and are in full support of your ability to do so.  "War on women?"  The real "war on women" is from the left, not from conservatives.  They want you strong and independent as long as you do what they tell you.

I want every law-abiding woman out there who so desires to arm herself with the most powerful handgun with which she feels comfortable.  Get yourself a CHL (concealed handgun license) and a gun and practice, practice, practice.  Take some lessons (this goes for men as well, of course).

Learn to use you weapon with authority and confidence. Don't be stupid and wander around dangerous places when you don't have to and for God's sake don't go bar hopping or partying by yourself, but whatever you do, do it with a concealed handgun. 

Follow the links on the right sidebar.  FateofDestinee and Falia Reviews are a couple of women who will point you in the right direction.  Falia is one very petite little lady and after watching her shoot .45 autos (yes, ladies, you are fully capable of handling any calibre firearm) I have to say that any guy would have to be an idiot to tangle with her.  Falia is also very wise, she maintains facial anonymity on the internet (as I said, don't be stupid, don't make a targets of yourselves).

Visit their pages, their advice works for men as well as women, but it's great that they're on YouTube to show that women can enjoy shooting as a sport and don't have to piss on some guys leg and tell him it's raining if they're being assaulted.

These liberal idiots have their heads so far up their own posteriors--or those of Sarah Brady and Barrack Obama that they can't see clearly or think beyond whatever the MSM liberal rags dictate to them.

Jerks like Mayor "Nanny" Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo in New York don't think anyone should have a gun . . . except for the phalanx of heavily armed security with which they surround themselves.

Don't be a victim.  If I was a woman on the campus at Colorado, I would be screaming my head off at the administration and starting a campus-wide protest.  Marching to the capitol and fighting this lunacy.

Your choice ladies.  Be a victim or be empowered.  Be smart, or be a gullible, foolish victim.

Guns are not just for rednecks who drive pickup trucks named Billy-Bob and dress up in camo-gear.  They're for any sensible citizen who refuses to be a victim.

BE SAFE, ladies, unlike liberal men, we conservatives are not about to put some nebulous, imaginary, arbitrary political agenda above your welfare.  We love you and want you to get home safe and in tact.
UPDATE:  Well as shocking as it may seem, apparently you can shame a liberal if enough people laugh at them and express outrage over their suggestions.

The University of Colorado has removed the offensive list of suggestions from their web page.  See those of us who were critical of their actions apparently misunderstood the purpose of the list . . . Yes, once again we are at fault for their idiocy.  We just didn't understand what they were trying to say . . . it “was taken out of context on popular social media sites.


Liberals have no shame . . . they merely turn everything around and make it your fault.  How pathetic is that?

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

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