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--Joseph Stalin

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Democrat Colorado Legislator: Women Afraid Of Being Raped MIght "pop … pop a round at somebody"

Will Malven

Your not going to believe this one . . . on second thought . . . if you're at all familiar with how the minds of liberals function, you will.

The Daily Caller reports that Democratic Colorado state Rep. Joe Salazar wants to disarm women on campus.  He stood on the floor of the Colorado state House and said:
“It’s why we have call boxes; it’s why we have safe zones; it’s why we have the whistles — because you just don’t know who you’re gonna be shooting at. And you don’t know if you feel like you’re gonna be raped, or if you feel like someone’s been following you around or if you feel like you’re in trouble when you may actually not be, that you pop out that gun and you pop … pop a round at somebody.”
Wake up ladies!  This is what all those liberal politicians actually think about you.  You can't be trusted with a gun, you're just not rational enough to use them safely.

When that 6'4" 300 lb. rapist is after you, take comfort ladies, you have a call box to keep you safe.  You have a whistle to keep him at bay.

"Don't you come near me or I'll blow this whistle" just doesn't quite have the intimidation factor of "Don't come near me or I'll blow your balls off" (note, ladies, don't aim for their privates, go for the center-of-mass shot and don't stop firing until they're down for the count).

Remember, when seconds count, your campus police are only minutes away--only as far as the nearest doughnut shop or dorm party.

Democrat liberals like Joe Salazar are motivated by fear; fear of their own imaginings.  He imagines a scenario in which one of you silly, irrational women (you know how prone to hysteria women are, don't you?) jumping at every noise and seeing rapists in every dark corner, cuts loose with her GUN (evil--dangerous--WMD--"DANGER, WILL ROBINSON") willy-nilly, killing who knows how many innocent bystanders, people passing by, and children playing in the park (at 1:00AM on campus) before she can be brought under control.

No, far better that she carry a whistle so she can alert all those people she might inadvertently shoot that she is being raped.  She can always whistle for help after she has been raped . . . if she is still breathing.

UTTER LUNACY . . . but then . . . that's what I've come to expect from the liberal anti-gun forces.

Funny, I'm a conservative and I don't know very many women (liberal or conservative) of whom I would be afraid if I knew they carried a pistol (I'm more of a mind to encourage them to do so).  They're all intelligent, rational, stable people who understand the world around them and would be most unlikely to "pop . . . pop a round at somebody" without knowing full well what they were doing and at whom they were aiming.

Actually I don't know very many hysterical, irrational women of the sort that Joe Salazar apparently does.

This is just another in a long line of dishonest, insulting statements being made by the anti-gun crowd in their dangerous efforts to impose their will on others.  Most of them know that the legislation they are pushing will not do what they claim it will.  Their motivations are two-fold, to appease those who live lives as full of fear as they, and to exercise greater control over their constituents lives, even if it means endangering those lives. 

The fact is, the legislation the (not so) estimable Mr. Salazar wishes to enact will have the opposite effect.  It will increase the likelihood that women will be raped on college campuses.

The data are quite clear that, in any concentration of people in America, the more available and accessible firearms are for the law-abiding, the lower the crime rate.  You can bet the rapists will be armed, so why shouldn't their targeted population also be armed?

And what is it about liberals that they feel impelled to lay the blame for being insulted on those whom they just insulted.  Representative Salazar later made the typical liberal non-apology apology.
“I’m sorry if I offended anyone.  That was absolutely not my intention. We were having a public policy debate on whether or not guns makes people safer on campus. I don’t believe they do. That was the point I was trying to make. If anyone thinks I’m not sensitive to the dangers women face, they’re wrong. I am a husband and father of two beautiful girls, and I’ve spent the last decade defending women’s rights as a civil rights attorney. Again, I’m deeply sorry if I offended anyone with my comments.”
In other words, according to Joe Salazar, "It's you own damn fault for being too stupid to understand what I was saying."

The concept of simply saying, "I'm sorry, I was wrong to say what I said" completely escapes a liberal.  They are so arrogant that they KNOW they can't possibly be in the wrong, so they offer that "This is what I was saying, sorry you didn't understand me" non-apology.

It's up to you women, if I were you, I would stop believing all the lies these gun-grabbers are feeding you and stop voting for them.  They don't have your best interests at heart, they only have their own political aspirations in mind.

Fact:  Universal background checks will not prevent criminals from obtaining firearms.  Those who sell to criminals are already breaking the law.  What makes you think that new laws will stop them?

Long Live Our American Republic!!!!

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