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--Joseph Stalin

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Truth About Violent Crime: America vs. Britain

Will Malven

This guy's so good, I have only one thing to add to his presentation.  Both Britain and Australia have almost completely banned the sale and possession of firearms by private citizens.  What this gentleman says about Britain is even more pronounced in Australia.  Britain is considered the violent crime capital of the European Union.

Now to the video:

What more can be said? Yes, deaths by firearms are much greater in America, but the vast majority of those crimes occur in our urban centers and, as he says, only in certain neighborhoods of those urban areas.

Just to reaffirm the above commentary, here is an article from The Daily Mail, on of Britain's largest daily newspapers:

Violent crime worse in Britain than in US


Britain has a higher crime rate than any other rich nation except Australia, according to a survey yesterday.

The chances of having your car stolen are greater in England and Wales than anywhere else in the developed world, it said.

The international crime report was published as Tony Blair prepared to unveil plans to tackle persistent offenders.

The Prime Minister - who will next week become the first serving premier to visit a British prison when he launches his law-and-order package - said the crackdown would target the 100,000 worst offenders who are responsible for the bulk of crimes.

Read more at the above link

Wouldn't it make far more sense for our lawmakers to focus on the problems in those areas than in attempting to restrict the rights and freedoms of all American citizens? Since when in America do we pass blanket laws for specific localized problems?  If a problem is localized, then shouldn't the solution be localized as well?  Isn't that the prerogative and responsibility of state and local governments?  Shouldn't states and municipalities be the responsible parties to pass suitable legislation, rather than one law for the entire nation?

One thing more.  I keep hearing the talking heads of the MSM citing national polls which reflects that a majority--even a substantial majority--of Americans believe in some expansion of gun restrictive legislation.  Since when do we pass laws based on polls?  Since when do we pass legislation based on what "a majority" desires?  If that were the case, then wouldn't chocolate ice cream be free?  I assure you that were you to conduct a poll of the American people suggesting that chocolate ice cream should be a national entitlement, the polling data would reflect just that.

That is the sort of action our Founding Fathers attempted very carefully to prevent by setting up a republic rather than a democracy.  Our elected representatives in Congress and in our state houses are supposed to pass legislation on the basis of what they believe is necessary AND what is constitutional, NOT based on what "a majority of people" think.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!!

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